How To Play Kahoot By Yourself? Latest Detailed Tutorial 2022

How To Play Kahoot By Yourself

Kahoot is a gaming site where everyone can play quizzes, true and false, polls and many more and gain their knowledge of their lessons. But do you know how to play Kahoot by yourself when nobody else is there to play with you? If not then allow us to help you out!

Kahoot is a game played in groups but what about situations where you don’t have anyone by your side to play with? Or if nobody’s interested in playing with you at that moment, then what? Will you be able to compromise? Well there’s no need to do so! We have a guide which will help you in learning how to play Kahoot by yourself so that from next time you don’t have to wait for others to start playing a game.

Here’s how to play Kahoot by yourself: Open Kahoot Website > Log In > Open A Game > Three Dots > Preview > Enter Pin > I’m In > Start. And there you are, all set to play against yourself on Kahoot! 

If you are interested in a bit more than just learning how to play Kahoot by yourself then stick to the post till the end or else you will lose more than you will gain! 

How To Play Kahoot By Yourself?

How To Play Kahoot By Yourself

Kahoot is an amazing and engaging quiz site where students can revise their lessons and learn theories in a very entertaining way! It’s more like playing and learning altogether. Usually, Kahoot is played in groups, for instance a teacher prepares and hosts a Kahoot in his class for the students to play and solve all the quizzes mentioned in it under a certain period of time. 

But sometimes students don’t find players to play Kahoot with them. In such situations one can invest their time in learning how to play Kahoot by yourself. Many of you might be thinking if it’s possible to play Kahoot alone, well absolutely it is! All you need to do is follow this given set of instructions for knowing how to play Kahoot by yourself.

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Open Kahoot Website > Log In > Open A Game > Three Dots > Preview > Enter Pin > I’m In > Start Playing 

Step 01: Launch any web browser (we’d recommend using Google Chrome or Safari) on your device and open the official Kahoot website

Step 02: Signup or Login to your Kahoot account using your credentials or you can directly use your Google account for signing up.

Step 03: Next go click on your Kahoot link. Next you will see a Kahoot game launched on your page.

Step 04: After that, find three dots below the Kahoot and click on it. 

Step 05: From the quick pop up menu click on the Preview button with an eye icon.

Step 06: Next you will be directed to a fresh screen where you will find both screens, a desktop one and a phone’s. You have to select what type of game you want to play, Standard or Team Mode. 

How To Play Kahoot By Yourself

Step 07: As soon as you select one, you will receive a pin on your desktop screen which you have to enter in the phone screen. After doing so you will be given a name, for example: crazy tiger.

Step 08: Next you will be provided with two options, among them you have to click on the green one saying “OK get”. 

Step 09: At last, you will find a Start button at the right side of the desktop screen on which you have to click. 

Once you click on the Start button, a count of three questions will start appearing on your desktop screen with a timer under which you have to answer that question. The number of correct answers will get you scores. The higher the score the higher will be your rank! 

So that was how to play Kahoot by yourself. Good for your solo game! 

Wrapping Up

If you also enjoy playing Kahoot and learning new things from it but could not always play it because you don’t have friends to play the game with! Then say goodbye to the need as now you can learn how to play Kahoot by yourself. Yea, now everyone can play in a group or all alone on Kahoot. Make sure you have a Kahoot account and if you don’t have one then sign in now and have the benefits of their subscription plan. For this you can head to the Official Kahoot Website and buy their premium membership from there.

If you don’t know how to make a Kahoot game then you can visit @Deasilex for a detailed manual. After creating a fresh Kahoot game  in Challenge mode, set it up to various days. A longer duration for being accessible will help students to play the game whenever it will be possible for them to do so!

In case of any doubt, query or suggestions you can always reach out to us in our comment section and on your site, @Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do You Play Your Own Kahoot Game?

Open Kahoot Website > Log In > Open A Game > Three Dots > Preview > Enter Pin > I’m In > Start Playing 

Q. How Do Students Play Kahoot On Their Own? 

Login to your Kahoot account and select a Kahoot to share. Head to your web browser and play and select Assign. Next on the app, click on the Play and the Assign challenge. Next follow the instructions promoted on the screen and set a timer as a deadline for students to answer the quiz.

Q. How Can I Play Kahoot Without An Account?

It’s not necessary to own an account on Kahoot to play quizzes. You can either select one of the publicly accessible Kahoots to play or you can directly play the ones which are shared with you or are created by yourself. 

Q. Is Making Your Own Kahoot Free? 

Fortunately, yes. Kahoot is free to use for students. One can create and conduct games for free. Whereas Kahoot!+ Study Plans come with a price. To access their premium features you have to buy their subscription.

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