How To Pre Order Bluesky Social? Trending Updates 2022!

How To Pre Order Bluesky Social

You must have heard a lot about Bluesky Social till now in every headline. But do you know how to pre order Bluesky social? If not, then grab a seat and read the article thoroughly to find out the same in this blog post.

Bluesky was originally designed back in 2019. Recently the official Bluesky team declared that the social service app is gonna be rolled out very soon and has been calling users to join them. Currently, the application is available for a selected group of people for testing. But if you want to try it as soon as it launches, then you should know how to pre order Bluesky social. 

Here’s how to pre order Bluesky social: Open Browser > Official Bluesky Website > Bluesky Private Beta > Enter Email > Join Waitlist. And done! This is how you can pre order Bluesky social on your mobile phone.

Registering in advance for Bluesky social can be beneficial for an interested individual. This can help them access the application as soon as it launches than the ones who are unaware about the registration process. So you better catch on how to pre order Bluesky social now!!

How To Pre Order Bluesky Social?

If you have seen and heard enough about the Bluesky then it’s time for you to know how to pre order Bluesky social before you lose the chance to access such an amazing platform that allows its users to customise it’s algorithms. Yes you read that right! The Bluesky developers handed over the command for the Bluesky social algorithms in the hands of its users to customize. But it’s still not clear to what extent users have the liberty to do so! 

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Basically, Bluesky is a blockchain-based social media application which has an independent decentralised layout for social networking which is regarded as a “federated network” by the officials.

It’s nothing but a collection of different sites that promote the same network. 

This unique application is under progress so far, till it launches for everyone we will explore how to pre order Bluesky social so that you get a chance to access the application as soons as it gets available for everyone! 

The process of learning how to pre order Bluesky social is pretty simple just keep following the given instructions carefully: 

Open Browser > Official Bluesky Website > Bluesky Private Beta > Enter Email > Join Waitlist

Step 01: Launch any web browser on your Android or iOS device (we suggest Google Chrome or Safari for better experience).

Step 02: Enter into the search bar and hit the lens icon to initiate the search process. 

Step 03: Next, from the resulting page click on the first Bluesky official website and enter its homepage.

Step 04: Now scroll down a bit and find the Bluesky Private Beta  option. Once found click on it.

Step 05: On the next page, you need to enter your official email address and hit the Join Waitlist button.

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Consider yourself pre-registered when it shows “Your email has been saved”. It’s a sign that you have successfully learnt and practiced how to pre order Bluesky social. From now, you will receive every update related to Bluesky on your registered email address. Whether it be of application launch or any other software update.

Wrapping Up

The official Bluesky team assures that the ATP system will design a universal ID for the Bluesky users that may support different social media platforms with the help of the protocol model, depending on the regular blockchain cryptographic systems to offer privacy and security. 

The Bluesky is aiming to allow users to access different platforms in one another like accessing Instagram under TikTok any many more! Sounds interesting right? But one can only access it’s amazing features and services when they know how to pre order Bluesky social. Because it hasn’t been launched for everyone yet, so you need to pre register for it. 

If you are not sure how to do so, then our guide on how to pre order Bluesky social will help you in this. In case of any doubt or query, ping us in our comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Owns Bluesky Social?

Officially Bluesky is funded and created by its former brand Twitter. 

Q. What Is Bluesky Crypto?

Bluesky is a non-profit initiative launched by Twitter, announced in 2019s. It’s a decentralised social networking platform. 

Q. Is Mastodon Like Twitter?

Mastodon is a bit similar to Twitter in figure and functions. It features a feed with tools in place of tweets, where one can post anything under 500 characters including hashtags and mentions to find any content.

Q. Who Owns Mastodon Social Media?

Eugen Rochko born in Russia and based in Jena, Germany, is the founder of Mastodon. 

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