How to Print Multiple PDFs at Once with PDFelement

How to Print Multiple PDFs at Once with PDFelement

While sitting in the office, you might get some documents in bulk that you have to print. Rather than giving a print command for every file, one after another, you might prefer it to happen instantly. As this takes up your time, the best thing to do while printing PDF documents is to do it in batches. For that, you will need a perfect tool that can help you print multiple PDF files at once.

Part 1: An In-depth Introduction to Wondershare PDFelement

The use of PDF documents is quite common in professional scales, as the file format provides a variety of features that proficiently improve the user experience. To manage PDF documents, the existence of PDF editors was definite. However, finding the best free PDF editor in the massive list of tools is a complicated process. For that, we have put forth the perfect PDF editor for you in the discussion. Wondershare PDFelement is a PDF editor designed to cater to the needs of a vast audience.


Whether you are a Windows user or a Mac enthusiast, you can enjoy the services of PDFelement. This PDF editor app is also available on Android and iOS, providing smartphone users with a platform to manage their PDF documents without shifting them to the computer. PDF documents have a wide utility, which can be found in documents that are used for work and study.

Amidst the wide use of PDF files in the market, the need to print documents will also be common. For that, this article presents a comprehensive guide, answering the question of how to use Wondershare PDFelement for printing PDF documents in batches.

Part 2: A Guide to Print Multiple PDF Files with PDFelement

What to do if you want to print multiple PDF files on your computer? Worry not, as Wondershare PDFelement provides a complete solution for printing documents in batches. Find this out in the steps provided below:

Step 1: Launch PDFelement and Access Batch Tool

Make sure you download and install the latest version of Wondershare PDFelement on your device. As you launch it, proceed to select the “Batch Process” button available in the “Quick Tools” section.

How to Print Multiple PDFs at Once with PDFelement

Step 2: Add All Files or Folder

As a window opens, scroll down to find the “Print” option for batch printing PDF documents. You will be redirected to a new window where you have to select the option of “Add Files.” Click the arrowhead if you want to import a complete folder of files. 

Step 3: Specify Printer Settings and Print All Documents

Once you have added the required documents, click the “More Settings” button to access the Printer settings. There, you will have to define the parameters for printing the documents, including the number of copies, page size, orientation, and other options such as “Print Content’ and “Print Option.” Afterward, hit on the “Apply” button to send the command to print the multiple PDF files.

How to Print Multiple PDFs at Once with PDFelement

Part 3: How Will You Combine Multiple PDF Files and Print with PDFelement

Do you have multiple PDF files sent separately to you that are to be printed? If you want to make printing quick for yourselves, you can consider combining the PDF files and then printing them as a single document. Rather than going for batch processing, this is another approach that looks plausible. To combine the PDF files with the free PDF editor, look into the details provided below:

Step 1: Start PDFelement and Access Combine Tool

You need to launch PDFelement on your device and proceed to select the “Combine” button in the “Quick Tools” section.

How to Print Multiple PDFs at Once with PDFelement

Step 2: Add Files or Folder and Combine

This will open a new window on your screen where you can click on “Add Files” to import the PDF files that are to be combined. You can also select the arrowhead and click on the “Add Folder” option if all files are in a folder. As you import the PDF files, checkmark the option of “Add a new table of the content page generated from bookmarks” on the right. As you click “Apply,” the added files are combined into a single PDF.

How to Print Multiple PDFs at Once with PDFelement

Step 3: Print Out the Combined PDF File

The combined PDF opens on a new window on PDFelement. As it opens, click on the “Print” icon on the top-left menu bar to proceed to print the document. Specify the printing options and select “Print” to proceed towards printing PDF.

How to Print Multiple PDFs at Once with PDFelement

Part 4: Other Prominent Features that Make PDFelement Special

The batch processing and PDF combining tool offered by PDFelement are exceptional. As you have had your experience with these tools, there are other features that make your PDF management easier. Let’s look into some of the most prominent features offered by PDFelement:

1. Read and Annotate PDF Files

PDFelement has made reading PDFs easier, providing a wide variety of reading options within the platform. You can set different page views and use the dedicated “Read Mode” to read PDF documents easily. You can also annotate the PDF files with various elements such as highlighter, comments, stamps, and signatures. The annotation feature in PDFelement is quite extensive, with a complete interactive system.

2. Redact PDF

As you might have some essential documents with you, there are details that need to be hidden from other users while sending or sharing files. You can black out the content with the redact tool offered by PDFelement, which is one of the easiest tools to protect your PDF files. You just have to mark the areas and redact the PDF document. 

3. Edit PDF Forms

Wondershare PDFelement is an excellent PDF filler that provides a dedicated toolkit for editing PDF forms. You can easily add data in the fillable fields and create PDF forms from scratch. The proficient toolkit offered by PDFelement allows you to recognize the forms and extract data from them if required.


4. Perform OCR

You can consider using the OCR tool offered by PDFelement for changing the scanned PDF documents to searchable and editable text. This helps you to change scanned documents directly and develop proper PDF files out of them without any difficulty. Along with a wide variety of language support, this tool is one of the best featured in PDFelement.

Part 5: Verdict

We have reviewed the batch processing and other essential tools of PDFelement that allow you to print out multiple PDF files instantly. It can be seen that the proficiency offered by PDFelement is the best PDF editor app that you can seek, which makes it an excellent option for printing documents in batches. Along with other prominent features, PDFelement sets itself as one of the best PDF management tools in the market.

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