Is Pinterest TV Free? Pinterest’s First Live Stream Shopping!

Is Pinterest TV Free

Are you someone who recently came across Pinterest Tv and wants to try it, but are not sure whether is Pinterest Tv free or not? Well, In this article, let us see whether is Pinterest Tv free.

Pinterest TV, the live streaming tool has helped creators develop tremendously. One live episode airs at a time, so you have everyone’s attention when they tune in. In general, hosts of episodes on Pinterest TV experience a significant increase in viewers.

The common question that pops up in our heads is whether is Pinterest Tv free. Yes, it is absolutely free to use and it is currently available for selective users where you need to fill up an application, if it is accepted and you meet Pinterest’s requirements, you will receive an invitation to create content on Pinterest Tv.

Continue reading further to understand in detail whether is Pinterest Tv free, how it actually works, and how to access it.

Is Pinterest TV Free?

The common question that pops up in our heads is whether is Pinterest Tv free. Yes, it is absolutely free to use and it is currently available for selective users where you need to fill up an application, if it is accepted and you meet Pinterest’s requirements, you will receive an invitation to create content on Pinterest Tv.

Pinterest introduced Pinterest TV about a year ago on November 2021, for the US audience featuring real-time product releases from popular companies like Crown Affair, Melody Ehsani, All Birds, and Outdoor voices. Pinterest Tv is available for both Android and iOS users based in the US and now the feature is been made available to users in Canada. The platform enables creators to include shoppable tags, provide temporary discounts, and display the number of products available to viewers during the presentation. 

How Does Pinterest Tv Work?

The Pinterest Tv free feature provides a selected mix of live, shoppable shows offered by various content creators. Every day, creators share their thoughts on fashion, beauty, food, home, DIY, good vibes, and a wide range of other topics from Monday to Friday at 3 PM Pacific Time / 6 PM Eastern Time and on Fridays, the episodes are transformed into a shopping program similar to QVC, where viewers can buy high-end products at discounted prices. During the show, creators can link to products and provide discounts and the viewers are allowed to talk with hosts via a chat interface, ask questions, and receive live responses.

The Pinterest Tv free feature also allows you to rewatch the show the following day if you miss watching the live show. The Pinterest TV page will include both current and past episodes. To receive a push notification once the creator goes online, select “Remind me” on an upcoming episode and you will receive a notification both ten minutes before and immediately after a creator goes online. Shoppable items or product drops will be included in some episodes. When you order something, you will do it through the merchant’s website, and the creator might get paid by the shop.

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How To View Pinterest Tv?

Is Pinterest TV Free - Pinterest Tv

To watch the Pinterest TV free feature, upgrade your Pinterest app to the most recent version.

To View Live Episodes On Pinterest Tv:

To View Live Episodes On Pinterest Tv, Launch Pinterest > Tap TV symbol > Live episode > Click watch > You can respond, comment or save the video.

Step 1: Register for a Pinterest account.

Step 2: In the top-left corner, tap the TV symbol.

Step 3: On a live episode, click Watch.

Step 4: You can either post a question or a comment in the comment section while you’re watching an episode.

Step 6: To respond to a video, tap and hold the heart icon.

Step 7: To save the video to a board, select Save in the lower right corner. The episode will either become a static or video Pin to replay after it has completed airing.

Step 8: If a product is mentioned in the episode, tap it to shop.

To Watch Previous Episodes On Pinterest Tv:

To Watch Previous Episodes On Pinterest Tv, Go to Pinterest app > Tv icon > Play episode by tapping it > you can forward, reverse or save the video

Step 1: To watch the previous episode, tap the Tv icon on the Pinterest app.

Step 2: To pause or play the episode, simply tap it.

Step 3: To advance or backward through the video, tap the episode and utilize the picker.

Step 4: To save the episode to a board, click Save underneath it.

With these quick steps, you can watch live episodes and previous episodes on the Pinterest TV  free feature.

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How To Set Up Shows On Pinterest Tv?

Like other social media apps, it is not necessary to have a specific follower count or monthly view requirements to start a live show on Pinterest Tv. You just need to be active on Pinterest, must have an online video presence and the live episodes must be filmed in English. Creators are asked to go through an application process and upon meeting Pinterest’s requirements, you will be receiving an application to create content on Pinterest Tv free feature and it will ask you to share a link to a video of yourself on camera. Pinterest works with creators to select a time that works with their schedule by offering them options from a variety of open time slots and the Pinterest Tv live usually lasts for about 30 to 60 minutes.

Is Pinterest TV Free - application form

To create an episode on Pinterest Tv you will need:

  • An episode title
  • Category of the video
  • A cover image
  • Selected date and time

Finally, submit your episode for review and you will upload a preview video showcasing the content of your episode once it has been approved. The possibility to link affiliate links, product links, or links to your website will be available to you. After approval, a laptop is required to access your Virtual Creator Studio, and the free Pinterest TV Studio App on your phone is required to go live.

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What is Pinterest Tv Studio App?

Is Pinterest TV Free - pinterest Tv studio app

In an effort to make it simpler for creators to Livestream to its platform, Pinterest has released a new app called the Pinterest studio app. According to the program’s description, the new Pinterest TV Studio app for iOS and Android will enable a small group of creators to go live on Pinterest and use numerous devices to achieve various camera views.

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Wrapping Up

Pinterest is constantly improvising its user experience by adding new features to the app and Pinterest Tv free feature is one among them which gained popularity recently. We hope this article has provided you with detailed information on whether is Pinterest Tv free and how to access it. For more such informative and interesting articles, check out us at Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is Pinterest Watch Tab?

Ans. A fullscreen stream of Idea Pins that are pertinent to you is available under the watch tab. It presents you with Idea Pins from creators you follow and potential followers one at a time, up close. 

Q2. Is It Safe To Be On Pinterest?

Ans. Like every other social networking site out there, Pinterest is completely secure. When you log into your Pinterest account, you need a password in addition to your specific username and ID. Additionally, Pinterest does not request any financial information, such as bank account information.

Q3. What Does The Tv Mean On Pinterest?

Ans. By tapping the TV button in the mobile app, you may access episodes of Pinterest TV from your home feed. The TV icon will have a red dot while a creator is live. When you hit the search icon, you can also find episodes on the search page and in your following feed.

Q4. Does Pinterest Show Who Visited Your Account?

Ans. You will receive information on the people who interact with your Pins even though there is no opportunity to view who visits your Pinterest account. Knowing all of this helps you identify your target market.

Q5. Do Pinterest Users Get Paid?

Ans. If you are a member of the Creator Rewards program and your content satisfies the qualifying standards and objective requirements, Pinterest will pay you directly. Other forms of monetization, such as product tagging, affiliate links, and commercial collaborations, are not paid for by Pinterest.

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