How To Protect Discord Servers From Raids? 8 Easy Ways!

How To Protect Discord Servers From Raids

Planning to onboard new members to your Discord server to interact with? Great, but first you need to make sure of the safety of your Discord server by exploring ways for how to protect Discord servers from raids.

Adding on members is a good idea but not until your Discord server is safe enough because with a insecure server you may go through a huge convergence of members in a single turn which may end up being a reason for raiding your server to avoid this you must know how to protect Discord servers from raids.  

To protect Discord servers from raids: Enable explicit media content filter, alter moderation verification level, alter default role permissions, add a meet and greet channel etc. To know the rest of the ways and their details read more!!

This article wraps different ways for how to protect Discord servers from raids in detail. So if you suspect that your Discord server is in danger of getting raided then do follow what this guide says and prevent your Discord channel from getting into such raids!

How To Protect Discord Servers From Raids?

A lot of new members joined your server recently? Well that’s great, until those new members cause your server a damage! And by server we mean raid. Such add-ons are a potential factor of your Discord server being raided or to a nuke when getting deleted or disabled either by the server holder or the platform itself. If you own a Discord server then you can understand how painful it is watching your Discord server getting raided. If you don’t want this to happen with your servers then follow these ways for how to protect Discord servers from raids and make sure the same!!

Method 1: Alter Standard Role Permissions

You can turn off different permissions from the default (@everyone) role to avoid raids on your Discord server. By doing so you would be able to prevent sending and reading messages in the @everyone role which will make it difficult for raiders to cause harm to your Discord server. 

Method 2: Bot-Controlled Auto-Moderation

Adding auto-moderation bots to your Discord server can be beneficial as these come with different features like text filters and anti-spam just like Discord’s in-built media filter. These filters will scan all of the messages thoroughly and will delete them on their own if it contains any suspicious element.

Here are a few auto-moderation bots that can be added to your Discord server:

  1. Gaius
  3. Carl
  4. Dyno
  5. Mee6

Method 3: Alter Moderation Verification Level

Making changes in the verification level is the best thing that one can do to protect Discord servers from raids. This can be done from the Server Settings in the Moderation tab. From the five verification levels (None, Low, Medium, High, Highest) a member must meet the server’s minimum level of verification to join the server or else they won’t be able to join.

As a server owner, one must keep the verification level up to the highest level to boost the server’s security which will be difficult for bots and spam accounts to break through and join the server uninvited.

Method 4: Add A Meet And Greet Channel

One can set up a public welcome or greeting channel which will allow new members to join but not cause any damage such as raids to the server as they will be lacking general access to the channels. These welcome channels will also let members align through a verification process to get access to other channels. A meet-and-greet channel can be added through bots or manually by server mods.

Method 5: Enable Explicit Media Content

The explicit media content is a feature in the Moderation tab under the Server Settings which can help you avoid raids on your Discord server. Turning on this feature will let Discord scan and process any message before being delivered to @everyone on the server. This also deletes a spam message being sent to a channel if found malicious. 

Method 6: Captcha Discord Server Verification

As we all know captchas are the best security practices one can make to secure their servers. This will help Discord server owners from preventing raids to occur on their servers if used in the right manner.

You can use for this and create a captcha system to examine your members in your Discord server. has a pair of verification methods, first through the web and the other through an image. 

Method 7: Set Invite Limit

One can look after the management of the server-invite links in your Discord server more carefully to avoid raids. To do so, we would suggest you to set a time limit for each Discord invite made and give a wide berth to making of Discord invites that do not have a time limit. Moreover, don’t forget to delete any older server invites which still might be active and unused as these may lead to a Discord raid.

Method 8: Turn Off Instant Invites

You are aware that you can invite your friends to a server of which you are a member. The same can be done for raiders and abusers. One can invite them through Discord invites as a regular user and damage your server effectively. Turning off instant invites will stop Discord raids from occurring and will prevent raiders from sending invites the very moment you turn off the first invite that allowed the raider at the very beginning.

So, this was how to protect Discord servers from raids. If you want to explore more about Discord and its servers then the below linked articles will help you out!!

Wrapping Up

Discord is a popular platform for chatting, calling, and gaming. Users come and create their channels and servers of different communities and join people up with themselves making it a large community of their favorite niche. But sometimes adding on people may cause harm to the channels and servers they have created and them into! If by any chance any wrong person or faulty user may get added then there are high chances for your server to face raids and nukes. 

To avoid such situations take the measures that we explained above for how to protect Discord servers from raids. Let us know in the comment section if you face any difficulty in taking any of the above measures for its intended use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Secure My Discord Server?

Set up roles and permissions, set a verification level, turn on server-wide 2FA, turn on explicit media content filters. These are a few measures that can be taken by a Discord server owner to avoid Discord raids. 

Q. How Does A Discord Server Get Raided?

A raid happens when a large number of users or bits join a server all of a sudden for malicious intents and purposes.

Q. What Is An Anti-Raid In Discord?

When a Discord bot protects your servers from being raided by scrubs. 

Q. Is It Bannable To Raid Discord?

Anyone found raiding any Discord server will be banned from the platform. Even in case of attacking the server in DDoS.

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