How to Record Google Meet on Desktop with or without Permission

How to Record Google Meet on Desktop with or without Permission

Looking for easy ways to record Google Meet? Recording a meeting on Google Meet can be quite useful for those who could not attend the live meetings. In this article, we will discuss how to record on Google Meet meetings and where to download a Google Meet recorder.

How to Record Google Meet on Desktop As a Meeting Organizer

If you’re the meeting organizer or in the same organization as the organizer, you have the right to record Google Meeting meetings. The meeting organizer must turn on recording for your account to record a meeting on Google Meet, which can be done in an organizational unit or a configuration group beforehand. The recording can only be performed on a computer.

Note: You can record video meetings with the following Google Workspace editions: Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Workspace Individual Subscriber.

To learn how to record a meeting on Google Meet, read the guide below.

Step 1. After you start a meeting, click Activities, and then choose Recording.

Step 2. Click Start recording, then Start to begin recording.

Step 3. To stop the recording, go to Activities > Recording > Stop Recording. Then, click Stop recording when a window appears.

That’s all for recording a meeting on Google Meet. The recordings will be saved to the meeting organizer’s Google Drive account. However, what if the meeting organizer doesn’t enable the recording feature on Google Meet? In fact, you can turn to a screen recording tool to record Google Meeting meetings. Continue reading to learn about it.

How to Record Google Meet on Desktop As a Participant

If the organizer doesn’t turn on the recording feature on Google Meet, you can try AnyMP4 Screen Recorder, an excellent conference screen recorder tool with decent features that have been chosen finally. The program can record anything that is presented in the meeting, including the voice. The program can record any meeting made via some apps, like Google Meet, Zoom, Webex, etc. It’s much more convenient since it captures your or other voice through the mic, lets you schedule recording, cuts unnecessary sections, adds callouts, and many more.

Features of AnyMP4 Screen Recorder:

  • Screencast the meeting on Google Meet in HD quality.
  • Support grabbing the voice from the microphone at the same time.
  • Record the entire screen or particular areas you need.
  • Able to annotate the video footage and take screenshots while recording.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly.
  • The recordings can be saved as MP4, MOV, and many other popular formats.

To learn how to record a Google Meet conference, read the following how-to details.

Step 1. LaunchAnyMP4 Screen Recorder

To start with, you need to download AnyMP4 Screen Recorder from its official website and then install it on your Windows PC or Mac computer. Once the installation is done, launch it and choose the Video Recorder feature on the main interface.

How to Record Google Meet on Desktop

Step 2. Adjust your recording settings

Now, you will come to the recording window where you need to tweak the recording settings.

1. Set recording area:

You can choose to record the conference in full-screen mode. Or apply the custom mode to choose your desired portion.

How to Record Google Meet on Desktop

2. Enable audio:

To record system audio or voice from the mic, you need to turn on System Sound and Microphone.

How to Record Google Meet on Desktop

Step 3. Start Recording

When you join the meeting on Google Meet, you can click the REC button, and AnyMP4 Screen Recorder will begin capturing the meeting presented on your screen.


while recording, you can click Edit from the recording control panel to make drawings and add callouts or other annotations to your video footage.

How to Record Google Meet on Desktop

Step 4 Save and upload the recording

To stop the recording, click on the Stop icon, and then a new window will appear from which you can preview the recorded video. You can cut unwanted parts, take screenshots, and adjust the volume. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can click the Back button. Click the Export button to export the video to your computer.

How to Record Google Meet on Desktop

Then, you will see a new window where all recordings will be listed. You can watch the recording and share it with others.

How to Record Google Meet on Desktop

As far as we can see, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is quite easy to use. As a participant, it is a handy conferencing capture tool to satisfy your needs of recording Google Meet meetings. Also, you can use it to record Teams, Zoom, Livestorm, and any others with better quality and functionality.

Wrap Up

Capturing an online conference on Google Meet is a good way to review the meeting or share it with those who can’t attend. Even if only the meeting organizer can record the meeting, it is necessary to own a screen recording tool for participants. A screen recorder can be used in many scenarios, such as recording meetings for reviewing, showing concrete steps in a video, demonstrating products to customers, and more. Luckily, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is exactly the one that allows you to make high-quality recordings and lets you do every task easily and fast.

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