WhatsApp New Document Sharing ETA Feature | What Is It?

When it comes to sending messages and files, which app comes to your mind first? Without a doubt, it is WhatsApp. And the recent announcement about WhatsApp allowing to send files up to 2GB has added up to the satisfaction of WhatsApp users. But now, it is about time for WhatsApp ETA feature. 

The easy accessibility and simplicity of functioning make WhatsApp one of the most preferable social media platforms for users across the globe. But WhatsApp doesn’t settle for limited development. Every few days, WhatsApp tries to add some new features to make the app better and easier to use.

Now, WhatsApp is testing the new document-sharing ETA feature on its Beta version. ETA stands for Estimated Time Of Arrival. This feature will show you the expected time in which a file will be sent to a user on WhatsApp. Let us know more about the WhatsApp ETA feature.

What Is WhatsApp’s New Document Sharing ETA Feature?

The new document sharing ETA feature that WhatsApp is testing on their Beta version is for the ease of users to find out how much of a file has been transferred to the other person and how much of it is remaining. Not just this, WhatsApp will also mention the amount of time that is expectedly to remain for the file to be completely sent to the recipient. 

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What Is The Use Of WhatsApp ETA Feature?

WhatsApp ETA feature

The new WhatsApp Document sharing ETA feature will be useful for people as it will give an approximate idea of the time left for a file to be sent to the other person on WhatsApp chats. You will also be able to keep track of what percent of the whole file has been sent at a particular time. 

It is not necessary that the estimated time of arrival will be exactly the same as it will appear on the app. The time left for the file to be transferred may vary depending on your internet connection and speed. 

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Where Can You See ETA For The Documents You Share On WhatsApp?

After the feature is launched for all the WhatsApp users, the ETA for the file you are sending will be displayed right in the chats. When you will send a document to someone on WhatsApp, right below the name of the document you will see how much percent of the whole document has been sent, and right next to the percentage you will be able to the number of seconds or minutes left to send the whole file. 

What Are WhatsApp’s New Drawing Tools?

Whatsapp is also going to provide a new update wherein there will be new drawing tools for WhatsApp users. These drawing tools can be used for editing images on WhatsApp that you have to send to someone. 

The new drawing tools for WhatsApp will include two new pencils and a blur option. The pencils can be used for drawing purposes while the blur option will be used to blur out the parts of an image that you do not want the receiver to see in that image. 

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Who Can Use WhatsApp ETA Feature And Drawing Tools?

The new features on WhatsApp which include the document sharing ETA feature and the new drawing tools are yet to launch. The features are being tested on the Beta versions of WhatsApp and will soon be available for all the WhatsApp users on its main application. Once the feature is launched, everyone who will update WhatsApp to its new version will be able to access these features without any issue. 

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Wrap Up:

We hope that you liked our post about the WhatsApp ETA feature. If you want to keep yourself updated with the latest features introduced to your favorite social media applications then keep reading more articles on our website Deasilex. 


Q. How Large Files Can You Share On WhatsApp?

The new update of WhatsApp is going to let users send and receive files up to the size of 2GB at maximum. 

Q. What Is The Size Limit Of Sharing Videos On WhatsApp?

If you want to share videos on WhatsApp, you can not exceed the file size of 16MB. WhatsApp will not allow to send you any video clip larger than 16MB.

Q. How To Share Videos Larger Than 16MB On WhatsApp?

If you want to share video clips on WhatsApp whose size exceeds 16MB, then you will first need to use a third-party application to compress the file and reduce the storage size of the video. Another option is to convert your video clip into a document file and then send it. 

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