Guide For Users to Recover Their Photos Across macOS 12 Monterey

Guide For Users to Recover Their Photos Across macOS 12 Monterey

In this digital era, all the photos are stored on electronic devices like mobile phones or computers. But this doesn’t guarantee that you will never lose your favorite images from your device. For example, if you are using macOS 12 Monterey and you accidentally delete your old photos covering major memories of your childhood, what would you do? We shall find this out.

On the safer side, there are different photo recovery tools that will help you to recover permanently deleted photos under all data loss scenarios. In this article, we will introduce Wondershare Recoverit and how it recovers photos. We shall be looking into the following points:

Part 1: Why Do Photos Get Deleted or Lost from the Mac with macOS 12 Monterey

In some strange events, people lose their important data, including old photos from the macOS 12 Monterey Mac. Sometimes, the data can be retrieved back, but in most cases, the lost data cannot be restored. Here, we will learn the reasons why photos get deleted or lost from macOS Monterey. This would surely help.

1. Human Error

While using your macOS 12 Monterey, you might mistakenly delete something by accidentally pressing the “Command + Delete” button. Moreover, you might have selected the wrong files to delete from your device, which caused you to lose essential photos. Therefore, it is advised to always check before deleting files from macOS 12 Monterey. It can become quite a pain.

2. Malware& Viruses

Malware and viruses make unannounced transformations and vulnerabilities to the devices. Therefore, the reason behind photos deletion from your macOS 12 Monterey could be active malware. To remove malware and prevent automatic deletion of your data, you can install updated antivirus software and stop using weird surfing websites. This would keep you safe.

3. Power Outage

A power outage could be the actual cause behind data loss from your macOS 12 Monterey because it can cause software crashes and disrupt business operations. A sudden shutdown can remove the unsaved data and cause corruption in the existing files. Moreover, if macOS 12 MontereyMac shuts down while writing data to the hard drive, it might never start a backup. This is a complete loss.

4. Software Causes

No software is perfect, and all of them are prone to malfunctioning and errors. For instance, you might be editing a picture on your macOS 12 Monterey,and the editing software crashes. It can cause data loss of your edited photos from that software. Moreover, incomplete file transfer and error while backup or file conversion also led to complete data loss.

Part 2: Introducing Wondershare Recoverit – The Savior Toolkit for Recovering Photos Across macOS 12 Monterey

Wondershare Recoverit provides an easy and quick solution to recover lost or recover permanently deleted photos from macOS 12 Monterey. This application recovers images from different formats, including PSD, PNG, JPG, POD, etc. If your system has crashed, you have accidentally reset the macOS 12 Monterey, or a virus has hit your device, causing data loss, Wondershare Recoverit will recover your data. This looks good for it!

This application has a 95% recovery rate in restoring data from all the data loss scenarios. The application possesses a comprehensive scanning feature that scans the macOS 12 Monterey Mac thoroughly to find hidden or deleted photos. Want to know more about it? We will also guide you on how to recover pictures via Wondershare Recoverit by following steps:

Step 1: Choose the macOS 12 Drive

To recover the lost photos from macOS 12 Monterey Mac, you need to select the drive below the “Hard Disk Devices” tab or “Desktop” below the “Quick Access” section. Or, if you know the exact path of your deleted photos, choose “Select Folder.”

Recover Photos Across macOS

Step 2: Scan the macOS Monterey Location

Now, an all-around scan will be started. The application will run the advanced scanning and searching algorithm to find the deleted, lost, or formatted data. The scanning process can also be paused if you have found your target data.

Recover Photos Across macOS

Step 3: Recover the Lost MacBook Photos

Now, Recoverit will allow you to preview the files before proceeding to recover them. Once you have reviewed the files, select them, and tap on the “Recover” button to retrieve the lost or deleted files. It’s all done for you!

Recover Photos Across macOS

Bonus Tip: What to Do If I Have to Repair Corrupted Photos on Mac?

We have introduced Recoverit software that helps retrieve lost or deleted photos from macOS 12 Monterey. But if your photos are corrupted, you can repair them with the help of the photo repair tool, Repairit. It repairs images of PNG, JPG, JPEG, CR2, NEF, SR2, etc. Moreover, you can fix any level of corruption, such as photos with grey areas or even pixelated images.

Recover Photos Across macOS

Even if your photo cannot be opened, the application will fix it for you. Wondershare Repairit also offers an advanced repair tool that repairs photos with severe damage. You need to add a photo sample, and the software will restore a better version of the corrupted photo. This is surely great!


In this article, we have introduced the best solution to recover photos under 500+ data loss scenarios. Wondershare Recoverit helps in restoring data from macOS 12 Monterey MacBook. This article has also explained the step-by-step guide for carrying out the photo recovery process. Have you gone through it?

Moreover, if you are looking for a repair tool that repairs image corruption, Wondershare Repairit is the finest solution to fix corrupted photos. You won’t be disappointed.

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