How To Load Cignal Using Web? Explained!

How To Load Cignal Using Web

Reloading your Cignal TV account on a regular basis is crucial if you want to keep getting the greatest satellite TV service available in the nation. Consider what would happen if your Cignal prepaid membership ran out right before a crucial occasion. You don’t want that, right? Fortunately, you can easily perform Cignal web loading using Cignal web loading and GCash. In this article, we will show you how to load Cignal using web.

Direct-to-home satellite TV service Cignal TV offers up to 134 free-to-air, SD, and HD channels. For homes and businesses that cable TV providers are unable to reach, it’s an affordable alternative. With a Cignal TV prepaid membership, you can recharge your account and gain access to premium channels based on your plan by purchasing Cignal reload cards and e-PINs.

To load Cignal using web, first, visit the Cignal web loading tool and enter the prepaid account number. Next, enter the PIN you received on your registered mobile number and type the text visible on the image. At last, hit Submit and enjoy the Cignal subscription. 

In this article, we have discussed how to load Cignal using web step-by-step! Let’s explore the article and learn using the Cignal web loading tool!

What Is Cignal TV?

Cignal TV was introduced to the Philippines in 2009 as the leading direct-to-home (DTH) satellite provider, transmitting 134 channels to homes and businesses across the country, including free-to-air, SD, and HD channels. Additionally, it provides on-demand services via pay-per-view channels in addition to a mix of 17 audio channels. It is owned by Cignal TV, a division of PLDT Group multimedia partner MediaQuest Holdings. For many Filipino families, the satellite is an invention of the tradition of the antenna. The user interface of the GCash program has changed recently. As a result, Cignal is loaded in a different method.

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How To Load Cignal Using Web?

To load Cignal using web, go to the Cignal web loading tool > Enter the prepaid account number > Enter the PIN you received on your registered mobile number > Type the text visible on the image > Submit.

Ready to load Cignal using Web? Here is how to do it. Follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Go to the Cignal web loading tool website.

Step 2: Enter the prepaid account number. 

Step 3: You will now receive the Pin on your registered mobile number.

Step 4: Enter the PIN.

Step 5: Type the captcha as shown in the image.

How To Load Cignal Using Web

Step 6: Click on the Submit button to reload the Cignal using the Cignal web loading tool.

If you run into any problems loading Cignal, ask the customer service staff for help.

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How To Load Cignal Using GCash?

Now that we have discussed how to load Cignal using web, let’s learn another popular way to load Cignal. Using the GCash App, loading your Cignal TV is quite simple. It is the simplest and most practical method after using the web because you won’t have to stand in line or travel to the center of the city or town only to reload your Cignal TV.

Step 1: Utilize your cell number and MPIN to log into your GCash app.

Step 2: Click Buy Load on the main dashboard or screen.

Step 3: After selecting “Visit Shop Lifestyle,” select Lifestyle Load. Your direction will lead you to Lifestyle Load. Tap OK.

Step 4: Enter your cellphone number in the “Shop for:” text box to receive the e-PIN for your Cignal TV. Select NEXT.

Step 5: Visit PayTV. Find Cignal Prepaid Load 175 if you can. Tap it when you find it.

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Step 6: Make the payment now. Then tap PHP 175.00 to pay.

Step 7: The e-PIN will be sent to your cell phone in a message.

Step 6: Use your browser to go to Cignal Web Loading Tool. You may accomplish it on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Step 7: Put the following in:

Your Cignal account number – which is often an eight-digit number, is listed under “Prepaid Account Number.”

PIN – This is the PIN that was sent to your smartphone when you purchase using the GCash app.

Captcha Code – Type the number or letter image to enter the captcha code. You can generate a fresh code if you can’t see it properly.

Step 8: When you’re finished, click SUBMIT. You will get a confirmation message stating that the loading is confirmed once your PIN and account number are verified as being valid.

If your prepaid load has ever run out, wait 1–5 minutes before starting the signal on your TV using Cignal TV.

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Wrapping Up

Hope, this article enlightened you on how to load Cignal using web. In this article, we have discussed how to load Cignal using the web loading tool as well as with GCash. Try one of the methods to load Cignal TV. Got a question? Let us know in the comment box below. Follow Deasilex for more tech updates! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Load Cignal Cable Online?

Use the Signal web loading tool to charge your chosen load to your Prepaid account for simple loading.

  1. Fill out the first box with your Prepaid Account Number.
  2. Enter the given e-Pin or the PIN on your Cignal Reload Card.
  3. Type in the image’s text.
  4. Wait for the confirming message to appear after clicking submit.

Q2. How To Register Cignal On Website?

Visit the website of Cignal TV, and then click the Account Portal icon in the top right corner of the page, or just type into your browser. Give the following essential information while registering: Cignal Account Portal and the serial number of a smart card.

Q3. What To Do If Cignal Load Is Not Working?

Contact CignalCare if a transaction’s loading attempts fail. Direct communication with your local Cignal distributor or dealer is another option.

Q5. Is It Possible To Load Cignal Using GCash?

Thankfully, there is no line to wait in to submit payment. Reloading while on the road is now feasible thanks to Cignal and GCash, which let you just pay for what you need, when you need it.

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