How To Remove Yourself From A Twitter List? Get Rid Of the Trolls!

How To Remove Yourself From A Twitter List

Twitter lists are very much misunderstood. No one is aware of how to use this feature. Do you know what are Twitter lists? What does it mean to be added to a Twitter list? What if someone adds you to a Twitter list you don’t want to be a part of? Here are the tricks on How to remove yourself from a Twitter list?

Twitter has been there for around 15 years. However, there are some features that are still under trial, such as the search bar home tab for Twitter. It seems like these are in the start-up mode. It’s like they are trying to figure out what are some of the sections that need to be worked on.

One such feature is Twitter lists. It seems like Twitter itself is not sure about the working of Twitter Lists. There is actually no way by which you can keep a track of your lists. Be it from a web-based version or mobile app. Any feature of the Twitter list needs some time or searching to know about it. So if you get added to any list here’s how to remove yourself from a Twitter list.

Though the Twitter engineers did not actually think about it when they created this feature. Here are some different ways that you can try.

How To Remove Yourself From A Twitter List

How To Remove Yourself From A Twitter List

For the past few years, we have seen so many new additions to online platforms like the Instagram paid subscriptions and the newly created alternatives to Twitter. Twitter Lists is like an online group where you get suggestions from different users. Although, if you don’t want to be a part of any such group, then here are some steps that you need to follow in order to remove yourself from a Twitter list.

  1. Click on the “List Info” icon. You will find this on top-right section of your screen.
  2. Next click on the Twitter profile of the list creator.
  3. Then you need to block the count of the list creator on Twitter.
  4. Now unblock the account immediately.

The list creator will not notice that you have blocked them. However, you will be released from all their lists. If you think that you are added to an offensive Twitter list or a bad group then you can follow the steps and remove yourself from the Twitter list.

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How To Remove Yourself From A Twitter List On A Smartphone

Removing yourself from the Twitter list using the mobile app can be a bit difficult. This is because you will not find any “List Info” icon. This becomes difficult to get to the page of the owner’s profile to block him/her. However, here are some of the steps that you can follow:

  1. Note down the name and profile picture of the list when you see it from your Lists page.
  2. Next, to open the list click on it.
  3. Lookup for the list owner either in the Subscribers or members section.
  4. Click on the name of the user or their profile picture to open the profile page.
  5. Tap on the three dots on your screen.
  6. Choose Block and confirm.
  7. Whether you undo the blocking or not you have been removed from the list of the user.
  8. You can even go to your lists to be sure that you are no more on that list.

How To Find What Twitter Lists Are You On?

How To Find What Twitter Lists Are You On

If you want to find out what twitter lists you are on then here are some steps that you can follow to find out.

  1. Click on the Lists option on the right.
  2. Next press on member.
  3. Now you will be able to see all the Twitter lists that you are added.

However, if you have been added to a private list then you cannot see it. A private list will only be visible to the owner of that list.

Find Out What Twitter List You Are On A Mobile

Here are some steps to follow to find out what twitter list you are added on your mobile.

  1. Open the Twitter app on your mobile phone.
  2. Select on your profile icon.
  3. Now click on lists in the left-hand menu.
  4. Click on Member Of.

Here you can see all the public Twitter lists that you are added to. Moreover, you can even remove yourself from any of the lists by temporarily blocking the owner.

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What Does It Mean To Be Added To A List On Twitter?

What Does It Mean To Be Added To A List On Twitter?

Twitter lists are the lists or groups that the user creates. These groups can be by a common interest, city, topic, profession, and many others. There can so many reasons why people love creating Twitter lists.

Could be that someone adds you to a list because they want to remember to contact you. Could be that you post some great content and your friend does not want to miss any of these so you are added to a group.

 Just like other features, Twitter lists are also very flexible. Here are no strict rules on how you can use the lists. However, if you do not use them then you can miss them. But nobody till now knows whether twitter uses the information of the list somewhere else. Like if two users are present on the same list lists then are they similar?

How Will You Discover New And Interesting Twitter Lists That You Can Subscribe To?

This is another thing that you will miss out on Twitter. As they have listed in place then you would think that there should be a search option that allows you to find an interesting public list. In this way, you can discover more people that you can follow and interact with. However, there is no simple way by which you can find out cool lists on Twitter. You can find the lists that your friends have created or are added to. Here are some steps that you need to follow:

  1. You can either Click on twitter name or go to their profile page.
  2. Next click on three dots adjacent to Follow or the Following tab
  3. Now choose View Lists.
  4. Here you will see the list that the owner has created or is a member of. You can choose and subscribe to any of those lists.

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Wrapping up:

So these are some of the steps that you need to follow to know how to remove yourself from a Twitter list. But you need to keep in mind that if you block someone then you can erase yourself from the Twitter list. It will stop them from following you. But if you want to be removed from a list that someone has created then you will not want them to follow you anyway.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How Can You Reorder Pinned Lists?

To reorder your pinned lists here are some steps to look at:

  • Go to your profile menu
  • Tap on lists
  • Here you can see the lists that you have created or other people’s lists that you follow
  • Click on the edit option
  • Press and hold on to the reorder icon of the list cell. Then drag the list into the position you want to.
  • Press on done and submit the new order. You will see the changes in your home timeline

Q. How To Follow Other People’s Lists?

 If you want to follow other people’s lists then look at some of the steps that you can do it.

  • Click on more icons on a user profile
  • Click on view lists
  • Choose which list you want to follow
  • Now from the list page click on follow to follow the list. You can even follow the list without following any individual account in the list.

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