How To Write Long Tweets On Twitter? Easy Ways Revealed!

how to write long tweets on twitter

The character limit for tweets has long been a problem on Twitter. Although the tweeting character limit has increased over the years, but when we still have some unsaid words to say, the limit becomes a pain. So what to do in such cases? How to write long tweets on Twitter? Well, keep reading to find out!

Twitter was initially released in 2006 and since then, the platform has experienced a surge in the number of daily users (especially in the Covid pandemic). Today, Twitter stands to be one of the largest social networking platforms in the world. You can engage, promote your small business and earn on Twitter.

In the early years of Twitter, users could write a tweet with a limit of 140 characters alone. However, back in 2017, this character limit was increased (doubled) to 280 characters. Although we can now write tweets longer than we used to, it still isn’t enough! Especially for writers and other authors who tweet their long analyses on Twitter.

If you’re one such fellow Twitter user who wants to post long tweets on Twitter without worrying about the character limit, then this is the post for you! Below we have mentioned all the possible ways by which you can write long tweets on Twitter.

Limits on Twitter

how to write long tweets on twitter
Limits on Twitter

Twitter is filled with limits! From the accounts you follow to your tweets to even your tweets characters, Twitter has set a specified limit for every activity so that you don’t exceed the per day limit. There are per day, per account, and characters per tweet limits on Twitter that you have to make sure you don’t go past them and end up falling in the Twitter haters list. (we know what happens if we end up there, don’t we?)

If you never knew about these limits on Twitter, then below we have mentioned some of the limits that are mentioned in Twitter’s privacy policy which you should follow.

  • Characters per tweet – 280 characters
  • Direct Messages – 1,000 per day
  • Tweets – 2,400 per day
  • Changes to account email – 4 per hour
  • Following (Daily) – 400 per day
  • Following (Account-based) – 5000

These are some of the limits that you need to know if you want to stick to Twitter for the longer run. If you go past these said limits, especially the per-day limits set by Twitter then this will be counted as spammy user behavior and you might even be banned from the platform.

Thus, you should always engage in moderation when it comes to Twitter or any other social media platform.

How To Write Long Tweets On Twitter?

We wouldn’t be surprised if you have proofread your tweets for the zillionth time just to cut short the sentences to match the character limit. We all have done and we still do that if we don’t know the right tricks to write longer tweets on Twitter.

There are many workarounds to write longer tweets and yes tweets longer than 280 characters!! If you don’t know these methods, then follow the below-mentioned ways and write long tweets without worrying about the set character limit.

Way 1: Create A Thread

how to write long tweets on twitter
Image Credits: Podia

One of the best ways to write long tweets on Twitter without worrying about the character limit is by creating a thread of posts. If the content of your tweet is long and if you think it won’t fit in a skimpy box with a 280 character limit, then you can create a thread on Twitter.

Threads on Twitter appear as normal tweets on the timeline. However, once you open the tweet, you will find a list of follow-up tweets that appear just as Twitter comments.  

If you don’t know how to create a thread on Twitter to write long tweets, then follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.

1. Open the Twitter app on your device and make sure you are logged in.

2. From your home feed, tap on the blue-color “+” icon on the down-right to write a tweet.

3. Write a Tweet and then click on the “+” icon on the bottom-right to add another Tweet.

4. Keep tapping on the “+” icon until the tweet is complete and you are satisfied. 

5. Tap on “Tweet All” at the top-right to post a thread of your tweets.

After you tap on the “Tweet all” option, the thread containing all your tweets will be successfully posted. 

This was all about posting a long tweet on Twitter by using a tweet thread.

Way 2: Take A Screenshot

how to write long tweets on twitter
Image Credits: Sprout Social

Another way to post long tweets is by posting a screenshot of your long post on Twitter. All you have to do is open your mobile notes or word document and write the tweet that you wish to post. Once you have written the tweet, take a snapshot, edit it and post it! Voila, problem solved!

Here’s what you need to do to post long tweets by the method of screenshots.

1. Open the notes application on your mobile or any other application that you use to write notes.

2. Type your tweet in the chosen application and take a screenshot once you are done.

3. Open your Twitter app and make sure you are logged in.

4.  From your home feed, tap on the blue-color “+” icon on the down-right to post a tweet.

5. Add the image of the screenshot that you recently took and edit it before posting it.

6. Once you are done, hit “Post”.

After you have edited the screenshot, your long tweet in the form of an image will be available for people to see.

Way 3: Web Clients

how to write long tweets on twitter
Image Credits: ShoutMeLoud

Some of the other renowned ways to write long tweets on Twitter include using web apps. Applications like TwitLonger, JumboTweet, ControlC, TweetCompressor, Twishort, etc lets us write longer tweets.

Web applications like ControlC even allow us to format tweets before posting them on Twitter. You can bold, italicize, or add colors to your tweets to beautify them and make them more engaging. 

However, one thing about these client applications is that they shouldn’t be used if you’re skeptical about your privacy on the internet. As we are supposed to authorize these apps to access our Twitter data and information, it isn’t always advisable to do so. But if you’re fine with it, then go ahead and use these web applications to write longer tweets on Twitter!

Wrapping Up

Character limits on tweets are agonizing, especially if you have so much to tweet about! But hey! Don’t worry! There are many workaround methods with which you can write long tweets on Twitter without a hassle.

From all the methods that we mentioned in this article, creating a thread is perfect to write long tweets. This method is safer and extremely easy to follow. So without a doubt, you should always create a thread when it comes to writing long tweets.

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