How To Restore Deleted ChatGPT Account?

How To Restore Deleted ChatGPT Account?

ChatGPT – one of the finest AI chatbots is on the air. People are not only loving to play with ChatGPT, but they are becoming dependent on ChatGPT for many things including research, writing codes, or essays! But, what if you have deleted your ChatGPT account and looking for how to restore deleted ChatGPT account? This article will guide you through. 

OpenAI created ChatGPT, a chatbot that went live in November 2022. It is constructed on top of the GPT-3 series of big language models from OpenAI. If are a dedicated ChatGPT user and somehow deleted your ChatGPT account, it’s time that you should find out how to restore deleted ChatGPT account. 

If you are looking to restore deleted ChatGPT account, it is disheartening to let you know that restoring deleted ChatGPT account might be more difficult than expected. You may send an application to request restoring the deleted ChatGPT account, the result is unsure! 

Let’s go through the article and learn how to restore deleted ChatGPT account in detail. 

What Is ChatGPT?

With the help of ChatGPT, an AI-powered natural language processing tool, you may converse with a chatbot in a way that is similar to that of a human being while also doing a lot more. The language model may help you with things like writing emails, essays, and code as well as provide answers to your inquiries. Because ChatGPT is still in the study and feedback-collection phase, usage is now available to the public without charge. There is also a paid membership model called ChatGPT Plus as of February 1. Saying that, if you are still not using ChatGPT, we recommend you create a ChatGPT account now!

However, if you have deleted the ChatGPT account, let’s learn how to restore deleted ChatGPT account. 

How To Restore Deleted ChatGPT Account?

It is unfortunate, but you cannot restore deleted ChatGPT account easily. There is no simple “Restore” or “Activate” option for the ChatGPT users who have deactivated their ChatGPT account. Hence, there are three ways to restore deleted ChatGPT account:

  1. Restore deleted ChatGPT account using email support
  2. Restore deleted ChatGPT account using the help chat 
  3. Open a fresh ChatGPT account using another email 

How To Restore Deleted ChatGPT Account Using Email Support? 

It is straightforward to reactivate and restore ChatGPT accounts using OpenAI email support. Simply send a message to [email protected]. The request cannot be canceled after it has been submitted, under any conditions. Within 1-2 weeks, the activation of the ChatGPT account will be processed (if the request is accepted). You can follow the instructions below to make sure the account can be successfully activated or restored.

Step 1: In the recipient field, type [email protected].

Step 2: In the Subject section, type Account Activation Request or Account Restoring Request.

Step 3: Type the following in the email’s body – My account needs to be restored or activated.

Step 4: To send the message, tap the Send option.

How To Restore Deleted ChatGPT Account Using Help Chat?

Simply follow these instructions to restore deleted ChatGPT account via help chat.

Step 1: Open any browser on your PC or mobile device and go to

Step 2: Open your ChatGPT account on OpenAI and sign in.

Step 3: Choose the Help link in the page’s upper right corner.

Step 4: Tap Send us a message.

Step 5: To complete the procedure, select Account activation if it is in the available options then follow the on-screen directions. If not, write a message requesting to restore your deleted account.

Your request will then be delivered to OpenAI. You’ll get a confirmation once they receive the message. You can only wait for a little luck to get a positive reply. There is no assurance to restore deleted ChatGPT account in some time!

Open Fresh ChatGPT Account Using Another Email

If you have tried both methods as mentioned before and got no positive reply from ChatGPT end, then it is advised to create a new account in ChatGPT using another email ID. It is easy to sign up for a new ChatGPT account if you have two or more email IDs as well as a phone number. 

Step 1: Go To OpenAI.

Step 2: Click on Sign Up.

Step 3: Add email ID and password. 

Step 4: Verify your email.

Step 5: Fill up personal data. 

Step 6: Verify the phone number.

Step 7: Go to ChatGPT and sign in using a login ID and password.

Wrapping Up

Hope, this article helped you with how to restore deleted ChatGPT account. We have discussed two methods to send a request to the ChatGPT team to restore or reactivate deleted ChatGPT account. However, it is not sure, whether the request will be answered or not since ChatGPT is not providing a “Restore” button. However, you can always create a new account in ChatGPT just in a few minutes with a new email ID and password. Go ahead, and try the methods discussed in this article. Share your experience in the comment box! Follow Deasilex for more updates on ChatGPT. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Save Conversation On ChatGPT?

To save a conversation on ChatGPT, simply open ChatGPT and begin the conversation to activate the history-preserving feature. Your chat history will be automatically saved in the ChatGPT conversation history section.

Q2. Does ChatGPT Save Chat History?

There is a limitation to how much knowledge ChatGPT can store, despite the fact that it can recall what the user has stated previously in the chat. All information beyond what the model can reference—roughly 3000 words (or 4000 tokens) from the present discussion not saved.

Q3. What Are The Risks Of ChatGPT?

The biggest risk is that discussions driven by ChatGPT might become too scripted and robotic, which would produce a very artificial experience. Also, when automated chats become commonplace, there is always a chance of misinterpretation.

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