How To See Twitch Recap On Mobile? 2022 Recap!

how to see Twitch recap on mobile

The year 2022 is about to end in just a few days, and unlike past years Twitch has added a new feature to see your Twitch recap for 2022. You may wonder how to see Twitch recap on mobile.

Twitch has recently become one of the most popular streaming platforms and has amassed a large following. Most of you watch live video streams and have no records of them. For such users, Twitch has recently launched a Twitch recap feature for the viewers to get insights into their usage.

To see Twitch recap on mobile, first, open the Twitch App on your mobile, then log in to your Twitch account. Secondly, you must tap on the Profile icon to see the menu. At last, choose the Twitch Recap option to see your Twitch recap 2022.

Are you trying to see your favorite Twitch streams from your mobile phone, but you don’t know how? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This article will explain how to see Twitch recap on Mobile.

What Is Twitch Year Recap 2022?

One of the best things about Twitch is that it has a very active and friendly community interacting with the streamers. As a result, many memorable moments are created on the platform. 

Twitch year recap 2022 provides inside data about which channels the viewers watched in the year, the total time they spent using the Twitch App, and more interesting details.

In the last few years, Twitch sent recap emails to the viewers. But from this year, no one will receive the official email from Twitch stating their recap of the year 2022.

Those who want to see their Twitch recap 2022 can see it online on their Twitch account. Twitch year recap 2022 will be available from 13th December 2022 to mid of January 2023.

Earlier, Twitch gave the yearly recap for only viewers, but this year in 2022, Twitch launched the Community recap. 

Twitch Community Recap 2022

Twitch community recap shows Twitch’s recap of the year 2022 covering the following details:

  • Hours watched
  • Categories watched
  • Chat messages sent
  • Hours streamed
  • Unique tags
  • New streamers count
  • Favorite emotes
  • The year in tags
  • Most watched categories

To see the Twitch community recap, you must visit the link to the Twitch website. But from where to get this Twitch recap link? Keep reading!

Twitch Recap Link 2022

A Twitch recap link has been recently added to the tweet on the Twitch Twitter account. You can also check the Twitch recap tweet here:

Click Here To Go To The Twitch Recap Link

What Will Twitch Recap Show?

The Twitch recap will show the following details of their users:

  • Broadcast count
  • Hours watched
  • Days watched
  • Highest CCV
  • Total subscribers
  • Total followers
  • Channel points
  • Chat messages count
  • Top categories
  • Top emotes
  • Favorite streamers

Are you looking for a step-by-step guide to how to see Twitch recap on mobile? Then read the next section. It will give you the complete process for doing so.

How To See Twitch Recap On Mobile?

To see Twitch recap on mobile, go to Twitch App > Log In > Enter login details > Log In > Profile icon > Twitch Recap. 

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If you are a mobile user and want to check Twitch recap on mobile, you can do so by following the below steps:

Step 01: Open the Twitch App on your mobile.

Step 02: Tap on Log In button.

Step 03: Now, enter your login details and tap on Log In.

Step 04: Tap on the Profile icon on the top left corner of the screen.

Twitch recap on mobile

Step 05: To check your recap, tap the Twitch Recap option from the menu.

Twitch recap on mobile

Step 06: You will now see your Twitch yearly recap of 2022 on mobile.

Note: You can also see the Twitch recap notification on your home screen. If you want to see your Twitch recap, you must click on Show Me.

Twitch recap on mobile

Once you get your Twitch recap, you can share it with your friends and family by posting it on your social media accounts using the #TwitchRecap tag.

You have now got all your doubts related to Twitch recap 2022 clear. You have learned about the Twitch recap link and got the steps guide for how to Twitch recap on mobile.

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Wrapping Up

Every year, Twitch launches the recap option for its users. The Twitch recap is live from mid-December to mid-January. To see the Twitch Recap on mobile, you must be on a supported device and have installed the latest version of the Twitch app. The process is simple and only takes a few clicks. 

After reading this article on how to see Twitch recap on mobile, you can easily see a Twitch Recap showing all of your activities. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Get Twitch Recap On My Phone?

To get Twitch recap on your phone, Open Twitch App > Log in to your Twitch account > Profile icon > Twitch Recap.

Q. How Do You See Your Viewer Count On Twitch Mobile?

Viewer count on Twitch mobile can be seen in red, above or below the video.

Q. How Do I View My Viewers On Twitch Mobile?

To view your viewers on Twitch mobile, first, open your Twitch account, then go to the Channel on which you want to see the viewers list. At last, click on the viewer count to see the viewers list of the Channel.

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