How To See Who Voted You In Fizz Social? Trend Unlocked 2023!

How To See Who Voted You In Fizz Social?

Are you on Fizz? The new interface seems confusing to you? Wanna find out how to see who voted you in Fizz social? Then don’t go anywhere else because this article is gonna give you all you need to know related to this concern of yours!

The Fizz social is a safe place where one can create communities in their college or universities and help create or build a bond between the rest of the students. All one needs to do is register their college in the app and start posting comments, statements, polls, vote up or down and done! If you are aware of all these and now are curious to know how to see who voted you in Fizz social then here is it.

Open Fizz Social > Home Page > Notification Bell > Recent Notifications. This was how to see who voted you in Fizz social. If you want to know how many up votes you got in total then dude, read more! Cuz this is worth reading!!

In this article we will be discussing how to see who voted you in fizz social and how many up votes you got in total from the day of posting it. 

How To See Who Voted You In Fizz Social?

Fizz app is developed safely for all the students allowing them to interact with each other and share all of their feelings of joy and fears! Literally anything they want to share they can! At the same moment, Fizz also creates a barrier between students of two different universities to catch up on the app! As every community on the Fizz app is identical to their own college or university. 

The Fizz community in each university has a set of fifteen moderators who know much about the local culture and therefore can make better decisions than a technology itself like what’s appropriate and what’s not or what’s considered as an insult! Up vote or down vote also decided the same but in a decent way!

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If you post a statement or a poll on the Fizz social app then the rest of the users have the option to share their reviews or their opinions on your statement in the form of up or down vote. The number of the votes decides the relatability and decency of your post. Now, many of the students crave to know how to see who voted you in Fizz social, well that’s exactly not possible! But you can know how many votes you got on your posts.

Here are the instructions for how to see who voted you in Fizz social. Follow each step carefully! 

Open Fizz Social > Home Page > Notification Bell > Recent Notifications

Step 01: Open the Fizz Social App on your device and register your university if you haven’t already.

Now from the home screen of the app click on the Bell Icon on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. You will find this button next to the Lens icon.

Step 03: After clicking on it, you will find a series of recent notifications popping one after the other related to the activities performed on your Fizz app. 

If you have posted something on the app you will find notifications like “three people have recently liked your post/poll…” kind of notifications. This indicates that your post is reaching out to the other students of the university and is gaining likes from them.

Now you know how to see who voted you in Fizz social but if you want to know the exact number of up votes at once instead of viewing them in parts then here’s a fix for you!

How To View The Number Of Votes On Your Fizz Social Post?

How To See Who Voted You In Fizz Social?

After how to see who voted you in Fizz social if feel unsatisfied and know the exact number of votes that your post got till date then follow the given steps:

Step 01: Launch the Fizz Social app on your device and head to the Profile section from the Profile button at the left bottom of screen.

Step 02: Once you reach there you will find the series of posts that you have recently or previously published.

Step 03: Open any post whose statistics you are interested in knowing.

Step 04: Look at the Right side of the posts, you will find two opposite or parallel arrows to each other in between them a number will be written. That number is exactly the number of interactions your post got since the day it was published.

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So this was how to see who voted you in Fizz social in just a couple of minutes. Also make sure that you don’t post anything offensive or hurting for others or else there are chances that your Fizz Social account can face too many down votes, reports or even permanent ban is also possible. 

If your account is blocked on the Fizz Social by someone then your account will be permanently banned from the platform by default and you won’t be able to sign up for any community online on the Fizz Social app ever!

Other than learning how to see who voted you in Fizz social if you find any difficulty in anything on the Fizz Social app or any other platform like Instagram or Facebook like social medias then you can ping us in our comment section and visit our website @Deasilex for every solution!

Wrapping Up

At first you might also have thought that this Fizz Social app and the GAS app are more than similar to each other but no! They are not! Once you will learn how to see who voted you in Fizz social and about its features in detail that make this platform different from others you will instantly change your mind! 

For now, we have focused on how to see who voted you in Fizz social in this article. We hope that you won’t face any difficulty in doing so! If you do let us know in the comment section below.

People Also Ask

Q. Is Fizz Anonymous?

According to Fizz Social officials, Fizz’s aim is to provide authentic conversations, interactions and contacts while being anonymous and being moderated by other members of the community. 

Q. Who Created Fizz App? 

This app was created by Teddy Solomon and Ashton Cover in 2020. These two were freshmen at Stanford University but due to lockdown and COVID they weren’t able to come to campus and felt separated which motivated them to develop this app.

Q. What Is Fizzin? 

Fizzin is a private conversation and news feed for your school with a pack of features like polls, DMs and images. The privacy of your Fizz communist is maintained via the requirement of a valid university email address.

Q. How To Register On Fizz Social?

All the students can sign in for Fizz with their college or university email IDd where they won’t be able to contact students of other universities.

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