How To Sell On Using Your PC Or Phone?

How to sell on is a widely used platform by various users due to its transparency and other features. Apart from offering some common services, the platform also allows users to sell crypto and turn it into fiat money. How? Here is a complete step-by-step guide to learning how to sell on You can easily understand the procedure to sell your crypto by focusing on the steps involved.

If you are into cryptocurrencies, you always look for a platform that has an uncomplicated selling method. is also one of these common platforms for crypto investors. You can keep up with the changing market trends using the platform. It supports trades, stakes, investing, NFTs, and much more.  

Selling crypto using these cryptocurrency platforms is a straightforward process. Worried about how to sell on You just need to follow some simple steps to easily sell crypto on the platform. Log in > Markets > Transaction Pair > Trade > Order > Sell. Confused? We’ll help you get a detailed overlook of these steps further in our post. 

Want to know more? Here is a guide covering all the crucial details about how to sell on You can sell crypto on this platform by using your smartphone or a PC. So, without wasting much time let’s jump into the post and start by discussing how to sell on using your PC.

How To Sell On Using A PC?

How to sell on using your PC

Want to learn how to sell on using your PC? Here are the simple steps you need to follow. Let’s check out these steps.

Step 1: Log In

The first thing you need to do is open and hit the Login button on the top-left corner. You can log in to your account by entering your credentials. You can now use the platform for trading. Move towards the next step after you’ve successfully logged in.

Step 2: Transaction Pair

Go to the Markets page in the top-left corner. Choose the market where the transaction is to take place. Choose your preferred transaction pair. Select the coin you’d like to sell. Then, simply press the Trade button.

Step 3: Sell

You can hit on the type of order you’d like to initiate from the lower part of your screen. Once satisfied with the estimated value, tap on the red Sell button at the bottom of the screen. You can also withdraw your money once enough sales have been made.

As we have understood how to sell on using your PC, let’s find out how to sell on using an iPhone.

How To Sell On Using An iPhone? iOS is quite popular and used by many people. Are you an iPhone user and want to learn how to sell on using your iPhone? Let’s check out the steps to sell using the platform.

  1. Navigate to Account Balance
  2. Click on the Trade button
  3. Select Sell
  4. Choose the currency you’d like to sell
  5. Select Crypto wallet and initiate the transaction
  6. On the Confirmation page, select the number of tokens you are selling
  7. Confirm the transaction by tapping the blue Confirm button.

This is how to sell on and store funds in your crypto wallet. You can also transfer these funds to your credit card. Want to see how? Here are the steps to check out!

  1. Navigate to the Balance tab
  2. Press Trade and then click on Sell 
  3. Select the type of Tokens you wish to sell
  4. Select Card wallet option
  5. On the Confirmation page, adjust the Token amount
  6. Hit the Confirm button

This is how to sell on easily. Let’s check out how to sell on using your Android device.

How To Sell On Using Android Device?

How to sell on using Android device

If you are an Android user, we’ve also got steps you can follow to sell on Let’s quickly check out what you need to do for selling on with a Crypto wallet.

  1. Navigate to account balance
  2. Choose Trade and then press Sell
  3. Select the currency you’d like to sell
  4. Click on Crypto wallet
  5. Adjust the amount you want to sell
  6. Hit the Confirm button

This is how to sell on and store it in a Crypto wallet. You can also move it to your credit card. Let’s check out the steps you need to go through!

  1. Go to the Balance tab
  2. Press Trade and then select Sell
  3. Choose the Tokens you wish to sell
  4. Hit the Card wallet
  5. Type the Amount you’d like to sell
  6. Hit Confirm to confirm the transaction.

This was the whole process to sell on Follow the above-mentioned simple steps and easily sell on the platform.


This guide was all about How to sell on allows users to sell their crypto using a PC or a smartphone. Selling crypto on is a straightforward process. You need a Fiat wallet to sell crypto using this platform. We have mentioned all the steps that are needed to be followed and understand how to sell on You can also learn how to withdraw money from if you want to take out your funds from your account. Got any doubts regarding how to sell on Drop them in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Get My Money Out Of

A. You can easily withdraw money from by following these steps:

  • Open the application
  • Link your bank account
  • Select Withdraw from the pop-up.

Q2. How Much Can I Sell On

A. If your account is verified through SMS, $500 is the weekly card limit. However, if your NFT account is connected to app, $1000 is the weekly card limit.

Q3. Is A Wallet?

A. Yes, is also a wallet where you are the custodian. You can enjoy full access and control of your crypto private keys.

Q4. Is Free To Use?

A. Yes, the platform doesn’t charge any trading fee but you need to pay certain trading fees if you use a debit/ credit card.

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