How To Stream Netflix On Discord Without Black Screen!

How To Stream Netflix on Discord Using Simple Steps

Netflix has become a default entertainment service for hundreds and millions of users around the world. From classic library titles to Netflix originals, there’s something up for everyone on the streaming service. If you like watching your favorite movies and shows with your friends rather than watching them alone, streaming a watch party over discord is a great way to get everyone involved. This post is all about how to stream Netflix on Discord?

When discord announced that the watch limit for the viewers has gone up from 10 viewers to 50 viewers, we all were so happy. This means now you can stream to your favorite shows, movies, and games with your whole gang (childhood chums)! Isn’t it amazing? Now, how to get started with this? How to stream Netflix on Discord?

This post contains everything you need to know about screen sharing Discord. We have disclosed the simplest steps on:

  1. How to Stream Netflix on Discord With Sound
  2. How to Stream Netflix on Discord Without a black screen
  3. How To Stream Netflix on Discord using Android
  4. How to Stream Netflix on Discord using iPhone.
  5. How To Stream Netflix On Discord On Mac and Windows.

Although this function of streaming more than 10 viewers at a time was made to ease the working of people who have to work from home. But along with using this app for a professional purpose, we can use it for entertainment points too. It’s not that hard to stream Netflix on Discord. You just have to follow some basic steps and you are good to go. 

How to Stream Netflix on Discord With Sound?

How To Stream Netflix on Discord; How to Stream Netflix on Discord
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Discord is the best platform to try your hands on. It has millions of users out there. Earlier used only as a gaming network, discord is now worldwide famous for streaming movies and shows by connecting with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney. 

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1. Download Discord App

The first and foremost step is to ensure that you have downloaded the Discord App on your desktop. You can easily download the app through its official website After you finish the downloading process, you need to sign in to the app to use it further.

2. Stream Netflix On Discord App

You can easily stream Netflix on discord, it’s not that complicated. For this follow these simple steps and get started:

  1. From your web browser open the Netflix app and log in to Netflix. 
  2. Sidewise open the discord app and make sure the network connection is good. 
  3. In the bottom left corner, you will find the settings option. Click on it. 
  4. Now select the Game Activity option on the menu bar from the left. 
  5. An option saying “Add it” will appear on the top screen. Select it. 
  6. Now choose whichever network you wish to add like Netflix. 
  7. After selecting Netflix, you need to select Add Game. 
  8. Close the settings menu and go on the screen button visible on the bottom left of the screen. 
  9. Now select the browser window or the app you wish to stream on discord. 
  10. You can also choose your preferable streaming settings. 
  11. The next step is to select “Go Live” to begin with the streaming service. 
  12. Have fun streaming Netflix on discord with your friends. Double-tap on the screen to get a wider view. 

How To Stream Netflix On Discord Without Black Screen

How To Stream Netflix on Discord; How to stream Netflix on Discord Without Black Screen
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It’s a common problem faced by many Discord users that many times the screen goes black while trying to stream other networks on Discord. Your graphic drivers can be a reason for this glitch.

1. Disable Hardware Acceleration

If you are facing this problem very often and want a simple solution to get over it then there are few things you can try to improve your application performance. 

  1. If you haven’t updated the Discord for a long time then this might be one of the reasons why you keep facing the blackout problem. Take the first step and update your Discord. 
  2. Try turning your hardware acceleration settings on and off. This might help. 
  3. While you are streaming any service on discord, try to turn off all the other unnecessary programs. 
  4. Clearing the cache folder from time to time on discord may add to its smooth functioning. 
  5. If none of the above solutions work then you may have to reinstall Discord. With the new and updated version of discord, these problems will not be faced. 

How To Screen Share Netflix On Discord

Streaming Netflix through Discord allows you to communicate with your friends while watching something together, even if you’re far apart. In the “Screen Share” pop-up, select the browser tab you want to stream. Adjust the streaming settings. Click on “Go Live” and start streaming Netflix.

How To Stream Netflix On Discord Using Android

How To Stream Netflix on Discord; How To Stream Netflix On Discord Using Android
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Unfortunately, you don’t get such an option by using which you can stream Netflix on Discord using an Android phone. But there is always a possibility that you can make voice calls or video calls with your friends.

  1. Install Discord on your mobile phone.
  2. Sign in to create a new account.
  3. Now create a public or private server so that you can invite your friends to join in.
  4. You can also opt. for a public group. Public groups are quite interesting. You get to meet new people. learn new tactics and other stuff.

How To Stream Netflix on Discord Using iPhone

Just like android users, iPhone users face the same problem of not being able to stream discord on Netflix on iPhone. How to overcome this problem? Is there any possible solution?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature yet. You can not screen share using your iPhone. But you can always have a top-quality video chat with your friends using discord on your iPhone.

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The video calls and voice calls go smoothly on discord on iPhone. There is hardly any lagging in between. Hope to have the screen share feature for discord available on iPhone in the future.

How To Stream Netflix On Discord On Mac And Windows?

How To Stream Netflix on Discord; How To Stream Netflix On Discord On Mac and Windows
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Missing your friends lately? Don’t worry enjoy the watch party together by streaming Netflix on discord on Mac and Windows. Follow these steps and get started!

  1. Open the Netflix website on your web browser.
  2. Sidewise open Discord and make sure it’s connected to good internet connection.
  3. On the Discord window, click on Settings. Now click on Game Activity. Select any game activity you wish to use.
  4. After that click on “Add it”. Choose the “Netflix” option from there and click “Add Game”.
  5. Now before leaving the settings click on Screen Icon at the lower left bottom.
  6. From there a Screen Share pop up menu will appear. Select any browser tab you wish to stream. For example right now you want to stream Netflix, so select Netflix.
  7. You can adjust the streaming settings anytime.
  8. Now click “Go Live” and enjoy Netflix On Discord On Mac and Windows.

Interesting and Easy right!!

How To Stream Your Own TV Shows And Movies On Discord?

Wish to stream your favorite shows and movies on discord? It’s simple. Follow these easy steps to get started.

  1. Instead of opening your window browser, open the content you wish to view on discord from any desired video playing app.
  2. Add this application to the discord using the Game Activity menu.
  3. You are now ready to stream.

Audio Not Working While Streaming Netflix On Discord

Many people have complained about Audio not working properly while streaming Netflix on Discord. So, here we have mentioned a few Troubleshooting methods for this purpose.

  1. Check Discord Server Status
  2. Restart Your Computer
  3. Reset Discord Voice Settings
  4. Use Discord Legacy Audio Subsystem
  5. Add Your Program to Discord
  6. Update Your Audio Driver
  7. Clear Discord Roaming Data
  8. Update Discord
  9. Disable Your Antivirus Temporarily
  10. Reinstall Discord


Now that you know how to stream Netflix on discord, you can easily enjoy streaming movies and shows with your loved ones. Also, do keep the privacy measures in mind before streaming to any unknown site. The best way is to have your own subscription and enjoy uninterrupted services. You can install a number of Discord Bots like Koya Bot, Arcane Bot, and many others to enjoy unlimited features. Or you can create your own bots and start streaming Netflix right away!! Happy Streaming!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you screen share on Netflix Discord Mobile?

No, unfortunately right now there is no such feature. You can’t use Discord’s mobile screen sharing to watch Netflix with your friends.

How do I stream movies on Discord?

Discord is available with a streaming option for those who are in the coverage of the server. All you need to do is join a voice room and select the “Go Live” option and select the browser from where you want to stream. Make sure you have already loaded the movie or show you wish to stream.

Is it illegal to stream Netflix on Discord?

Yes, ethically it’s illegal to stream any streaming service sites like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. Unless you find it on a legal site, it’s illegal to stream Netflix on Discord.

Does Netflix block Mirroring?

Some apps block mirroring to preserve their privacy. It means that the developers of the application can choose on their own whether they want to block the mirroring or not. Recently it was in the news that many sites including Netflix, Apple TV, and Disney + have decided to block mirroring.

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