How to Subtly Check Texts on People’s Phones

When your employees or lover starts acting suspiciously, you can only assume that they could be going through a hard time or hiding something. In such cases, opting to spy on text messages without installing software is a good way to know the truth without arousing suspicion.

Read Someone’s Texts without Installing an App

There comes a time when doing things in an old-fashioned way might just suffice. Old-fashioned spying techniques are sometimes successful, although they often involve plenty of effort and risk. That’s why no wonder why you want to know how to use a Skype spy app and other text monitoring apps.

Waiting for the Perfect Moment

Distraction can often be a good means, particularly when attempting to obtain another person’s phone. An enormous difficulty with this approach is that you always have limited time to check texts and call logs.

Borrowing Their Phone

Another way of getting hold of a target phone is by borrowing it under false pretenses. While you might successfully get it, the fact that almost everyone has a different password for every app poses a problem.

Waiting for Them to Sleep

Waiting for your target to sleep is another effortless way to get hold of their phone. However, if you don’t have their password, then all your efforts will be fruitless.

Are There Better Techniques to Read People’s Texts?

Yes, there are. To easily read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone, you should not rely on just one technique. When it comes to spying, what a man can do, spy software can do better.

While typical spyware can help view someone’s texts, most of them offer limited features. Gone are the days when it was necessary to go through other people’s phones to obtain information physically. The main advantage of using spy apps is that you don’t need technical expertise to operate.

The Best Method to Read Another Person’s Messages

Subtly accessing another person’s private texts isn’t even half as difficult as you might imagine. A simple search like, “how can I read someone’s text messages from my phone” will provide overwhelming results. One critical mistake many people make is attempting to make outdated spying methods work.

Today, many people have their phones encrypted with passwords on almost every app. Simply borrowing someone’s phone under false pretenses isn’t enough. An ideal approach would be to install spyware on their phones. mSpy is classic spyware that functions remotely even without being installed.

Like any other software, this remote version has a few limitations as well. First, it can only work on iPhones. Getting the most out of this spyware requires a user to jailbreak their iPhone. For non-jailbroken iPhones, one can:

  • Access WhatsApp chats and calls
  • Check their internet use
  • View the list of installed applications and Wi-Fi networks used
  • Read their text messages
  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface and 24-hour customer support

However, you would need the target’s iCloud login details to use mSpy.

For Android phones, on the other hand, this software functions differently since it requires physical installation onto the target’s device.

What Else Can mSpy Offer?

mSpy enables you to read messages on another phone easily and comes with plenty of other features. Unlike most hacking techniques, mSpy is supported on both Android and iOS gadgets.

Other features available on the mSpy spyware include access to:

  • All major social media apps
  • The target’s call logs
  • All the locations
  • Multimedia files, including what’s deleted
  • The list of installed apps
  • Their calendar, notes and contacts
  • The target’s browsing history


For anyone seeking to view text messages from another phone, using mSpy is not only safe but also genius. This spyware guarantees you access to the data you need without ever getting caught. mSpy is compatible with Android gadgets and iPhones, making it an ideal spying tool.

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