Superb Methods to stimulate students to turn on their cameras

Superb Methods to stimulate students to turn on their cameras

You cannot force students to lift their hands during the class session. Similarly, you cannot force them to turn on their cameras during distance learning. The best way to do this is by deploying ways to encourage them. Being able to see your students’ faces will help to monitor them. What are these possible ways to encourage the act of turning on cameras to your students? In this article, we are going to discuss them all. We are going to outline these three general strategies and their methods of encouraging students.

A. The SEL methods of motivating camera usage

Social and emotional learning (SEL) methods are based on community values. Its approaches are:

Create friendship

Have a good friendship relation between the students and the teachers. When students have a good relationship with their teachers, they will be more comfortable turning on their cameras.

Do a quick research on the students

You can do some research about these students. Ask them individual questions, like if they love to be on camera? Why do they dislike the camera? You have to think about whether it is difficult for students to complete your tasks, whether it is possible that there is a heavy workload on students from the teacher, so they decide to use the help of and then come to class with excellent tasks. Once you have their feedback, you can try to motivate them to turn on their cameras. 

Online questions for answering and interaction

Have students answer questions by lifting hands and raising their pens. Have any method to make students active to discourage laziness.

Motivate best students and most loved students to turn on the camera

In every class, some best students do very well in their academics. However, there are those students who other students adore and want to imitate their behaviors. Encourage these students to turn on their cameras, making many other students yearn to follow the same.

B. ZOOM methods to motivate camera usage

Enroll students into class on individual bases

Turn on your ZOOM application early enough and wait for your students. As the students join the class, you can greet them and check if their cameras are on. The small group you interact with can encourage others to turn on their cameras since you cannot check on all of them. For example, some students from Canada who use writing services in Canada say that their teachers greet them very warmly and motivate students to turn on the camera.

Forwarding random private text in the chat

Use this private chat message to welcome them and encourage the students to turn on their cameras.

Demanding usage of virtual ZOOM backgrounds

Due to the pathetic nature of their places, some students may not turn their cameras on. Therefore, it is good for their teachers to encourage them to use the ZOOM virtual background. You can also show them the unscreened option.

C. Instructional methods to motivate camera usage

Teach your students about the time to turn on the camera and the time when to switch off. Let them understand camera options policies.

Some students do not like showing their faces to the camera. You can encourage them to show any part of their body which they are comfortable with.

Let students have alternative methods. For example, some students have alternative ways of interacting like TikTok, Instagram and Vimeo among others. 


Turning on the camera during online classes will help the educator to monitor the students. As an educator, it is good to use all means to encourage your students to turn on their cameras. It is your role as an educator or the teacher to apply these methods. 

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