How To Update Meta Quest App? Ways To Update It!

How To Update Meta Quest App

We do know that any app after some point in time needs update so that its bugs are fixed and it works smoothly. So just like many apps Meta quest app also needs an update. However, there are many users who are confused as to how to update Meta quest app. If you are confused too, then this post will help you.

Well, the Meta quest app is giving people access to immersive mixed reality experiences that helps to provide a great sense of social presence in virtual reality. With the help of Meta quest’s advanced mixed reality tools such as spatial anchors, full-color pass through, hand tracking, etc. They are literally taking the app to a whole different level.

To update Meta quest app, follow these steps, click on the Oculus button > settings > thumbstick > about > download, install, install the update.

We have mentioned these steps that will help you to update the Meta quest app in the below section. You just need to scroll down and read about it.

How To Update Meta Quest App?

Well, here are a few steps that will help you to know how to update Meta quest app. So now without wasting any more time let’s get started.

Step 1: On the right controller the first thing you need to need to do is to click on the oculus button to open the menu.

Step 2: Choose the settings option which is the gear icon.

Step 3: Click on the right pointer at the settings column and then use the thumbstick to scroll through the settings menu.

Step 4: Choose the about option. Next, you need to choose the download, install or install the update.

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How To Turn On The Automatic Updates For Meta Quest App?

Now, that we have discussed how to update Meta quest app, let’s get to know how you can turn on the automatic updates for Meta quest app. If you want to get updates automatically and you are tired of performing the manual updates and you can easily turn on the automatic updates in the Meta quest app on your mobile device. When you turn on the setting then the quest headset will automatically download and will also install the updates when it is released.

Step 1: The first thing that you have to do is Meta quest on your device and then hit the settings.

Step 2: Choose the headset that you want to update.

Step 3: Then click on more settings.

Step 4: Next you need to advance settings and then choose the update software automatically.

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What To Do If Your Quest App Is Not Updating?

How To Update Meta Quest App

If you are missing the update turn on the automatic updates or manually force an update that will fix the issue. If you see that you don’t have the option to do the manual update or turn on the automatic updates. It could be that you need to contact Meta for further support. Here’s what you can do:

Plug In Your Quest: If you are stuck in the initial update a low level of charge can be a problem. Ensure that you use the charger that came with the headset.

Charge The Headset: Plugging the headset may not be the solution to fix the problem so just let the headset charge for at least 30 minutes and see if the update is working or not.

Check The Wi-Fi Network: Make sure that your quest app is connected to a valid, functioning Wi-Fi network. Verify that it has the correct password bad the headset is close to the router for a strong connection.

Factory Reset The Headset: Try to do a factory reset on your Meta quest app. A reset will remove all the data which also includes the saved data, and then return the headset to its original state.

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Wrapping Up:

Now, after reading this post you need to know how to update Meta quest app. Here we have mentioned a few ways by which you can update the Meta quest app. If your app is not updating then you can still follow the steps that will help you update the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do You Factory Reset Your Oculus Quest?

To factory reset the oculus quest you need to press and then hold the power and volume down buttons and choose the factory reset from the USB update mode menu. In the Meta app quest app click on the device and then chose the oculus. Click on the advanced settings followed by factory reset and then click on the reset button.

Q. How To Cat Oculus Quest To Your TV?

To cast oculus quest to your tv you can do that from the headset and then go to the share option followed by the cast button.

Q. How To Fix The Oculus Quest Black Screen Of Death?

If you see the black screen of death on oculus quest see if the headset is charged and then try to open the oculus menu with the mobile app. Then leave the headset on and then plugged in for 30 minutes. You can even perform a hard reboot.

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