How To Use Copilot In Power BI?

How To Use Copilot In Power BI

Now chatting with AI bots is fun, but when it comes to work, you have to acknowledge that unleashing the true power of AI boosts productivity. Let’s use Copilot in Power BI, which is such one move that will blow your mind. 

Let’s set a new bar in your workspace and use Copilot in Power BI! Power BI is itself a tool to redefine the work culture, especially when it comes to working with huge data. Integration of the AI large language model (LLM) in Power BI will simply “turn your words into the most powerful productivity tool on the planet.”

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You can use Copilot in Power BI as an integrated feature. You can find the Copilot tab on the right hand of the screen. Type a question or prompt to analyze any data, Copilot will do it in just a few minutes based on the data available on the sheet.

If you are using Power BI and cannot find the Copilot on your screen, it means you did not have the privilege to test the newly launched beta feature. Yes, the Copilot is now still in the beta stage and only a few selected users are given access to the feature for testing. 

What Is Copilot In Power BI?

Like Google, Microsoft is also powering its workspace with AI tools. This May 2023, Microsoft announced the introduction of the Copilot AI tool in Power BI. Copilot is an AI-powered tool that will work as your personal assistant in Power BI. 

You can use Copilot in Power BI in a broader way than you can imagine. From analyzing data to creating reports, Copilot can do it in just a minute. All you need to do is instruct the AI tool with accurate prompts. Also, this AI tool can create a reflective graphical presentation, and write working codes that you can modify as required. 

You can use Copilot in Power BI and it is not condemned to analyze financial data or accelerate the analysis process, but also use the data set for the benefit of the users. If you want to make the most out of the data, Copilot could be your savior.

How To Enable Copilot In Power BI?

The first and foremost thing about the Copilot integration in Power BI is, this amazing AI feature is accessible for some selective users only. 

Hence, there is no definite way to ‘enable’ the Copilot feature in Power BI.

However, you can use Copilot in Power BI only if the update is given to you! Only selective users have the opportunity to access this feature. When you get the update, you can automatically find the Copilot tool activated and the Copilot tab is opened on the right side of the screen. 

How To Use Copilot In Power BI?

Using Copilot in Power BI is super easy. You do not need to master any special technique to use Copilot in Power BI. Here is what to do: 

Step 1: Log in to Power BI using your Microsoft account. 

Step 2: If you have any questions regarding the data set, just type the same in the Copilot tab on the right side of the screen. 

Step 3: Sit back and watch how Copilot analyzes the data set and fetches the answer to your question in just seconds! 

Step 4: Ask for a visually stunning report and you will find the screen full of graphs and charts that are all customizable. 

Step 5: You can also ask Copilot in the tab to generate a report or summary of the financial data set. 

How Finance Professionals Can Use Copilot In Power BI?

Power BI is a powerful toolkit that empowers the finance professional to play with data more efficiently. The introduction of Copilot in Power BI, not only amplifies the power of this tool but also simplifies data analysis, reporting process as well as compelling narratives. 

Copilot truly justifies its name and helps the user in many ways to have more control on data. If you are wondering how Finance Professionals can use Copilot in Power BI, here are some points for your consideration: 

1. Interactive Data Visualization

Stop wrestling with complex data sets. Welcome the new interactive way of data visualization with the Copilot AI tool. Just prompt Copilot your preference for data visualization and Copilot will show its magic in seconds, saving you from creating multiple tables and charts! Moreover, you can manipulate data and can watch the instant change in the graphical visualization. 

2. Fast And Customized Reporting

Creating a finance report is such a boring thing! It takes hours juggling with data and creating reports manually. You can use Copilot in Power BI to do the same task just in minutes! From all given data sets, Copilot can pick the insights and create reports according to your given instructions. 

3. Advanced Calculations And Financial Modeling

Advance data calculation is a headache, no doubt. But, not anymore! Now you can use Copilot in Power BI for advanced calculations and financial modeling with accuracy and in much less time.

Moreover, if you need complex code to create financial models, Copilot can generate workable codes for you. You can change or customize the codes according to your task. You just need to prompt the Copilot tab and this AI tool will generate codes in no time!  

4. Powerful Data Summaries

Create powerful data summaries with the Copilot AI tool. Simply ask Copilot to create data summaries and you will get all of it in just a few seconds. The best part of using Copilot is that it comes with NLP [Natural Language Processing] power. You can give your prompts in short and simple English sentences and the Copilot will answer in seconds! 

5. Inquisitive Data Exploration

Exploring data with Copilot is super easy and fun. You can use Copilot in Power BI for inquisitive data exploration. The power of NLP helps you to chat with a Copilot just like a human being. If you have any questions regarding the data and reporting, just ask the simple question to Copilot and your question will be answered in just a few seconds. Moreover, Copilot is capable of analyzing complex data as well as complex questions. 

6. Dynamic Report Narratives

Let’s style your report narratives. To impress your clients, you have to present very sharp and curated data, which is easy to understand. You can use Copilot in Power BI to generate dynamic report narratives just in seconds. Add the clear and concise narratives generated by this amazing AI tool in your report that is easy to understand. 

7. Create Accurate Financial Forecasts

By now we have a fair understanding of how Colab can improve productivity by analyzing financial data easily. There is more to it! You can use Copilot in Power BI and create accurate financial forecasts too. 

Copilot can use the advanced analysis capabilities of Power BI to analyze the key influencers and generate accurate financial forecasts. Smart, right?

What Are The Benefits Of Using Copilot In Power BI?

Now that you know how to use Copilot in Power BI, let us help you to jot down the benefits of using this powerful AI tool: 

1. Accelerated report creation: Copilot can assist you in creating reports in seconds. Also, it helps in accelerating your data analysis power and saves a significant amount of time. Moreover, it saves time by automatically generating code snippets, eliminating the need for manual coding.

2. Intelligent suggestions: Get insightful and intelligent suggestions based on your data from the copilot. For instance, you can use Copilot in Power BI to create finance forecasts! Also, you can ask for suggestions if you need to see significant changes in the data and Copilot will be happy to share insights with you! 

3. Code generation: If you are looking forward to generating codes to analyze some complex data, Copilot can help you with that too. It assists users by providing code templates, syntax suggestions, and autocomplete functionality and helps in reducing possible errors. 

4. Learning and education: You can use Copilot in Power BI for educating yourself with finance data. If you are new to Power BI and lack the knowledge of financial data analysis, just ask Copilot and the tool will answer all your questions along with explanations, tips, and contextual guidance.

5. Enhanced data exploration: Exploring finance data has become easy when you use Copilot in Power BI. Whether it is insights, correlations, and trends, Copilot can help you to explore more about your data. The tool can generate a summary of data and explore all the financial possibilities with the given data and share the knowledge with the users in simple words. 

6. Customization and personalization: If you need personalized suggestions and recommendations depending on your specific data analysis needs, Copilot can assist you with that. Copilot learns from user interactions as an AI tool and that reflects in the interaction with the user experience. 

7. Increased productivity: The last and not the least benefit that you can get is increased productivity. The use of Copilot in Power BI can increase the productivity and accuracy of the work by many folds. From generating summaries to reports and forecasts, Copilot can do practically anything with your data. Also, it helps the user save time from creating manual reports and gives the opportunity to spend more time on decision-making aspects of the business. 


Some of us have a chance to use Copilot in Power BI if not all. However, the demonstration of using Copilot in Power BI has already captivated us. It’s just about time that we all have the chance to use this amazing tool all by ourselves. Till then stay tuned and keep learning how to use Copilot in Power BI!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: What Is The Pricing Of Copilot?

The pricing for the Copilot is unknown as it is still not launched by Microsoft. 

Q2: How To Download Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is now in the beta stage and not anyone can download it. You have to wait for the feature update. If you are shortlisted by Microsoft, you will get the update automatically.

Q3: How To Use Copilot In Power BI Mac?

You can use Copilot in Power BI Mac, only after you get the update. If you are eligible for the Copilot trial version, you can find the Copilot tab on the right-hand side of the screen. You have to ask questions or place prompts in the Copilot tab to use the feature. 

Q4: Is Microsoft Copilot Available?

Yes, the Microsoft Copilot is available. But, this AI tool is in its beta stage and only selective users can access this tool. 

Q5: How To Install Copilot In Power BI?

We cannot install Copilot in Power BI for now. If you are eligible to use this beta AI tool, then you will get an update from the Microsoft team. Update the Power BI and you will find the Copilot tab on the right side of the screen. 

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