How To Use Friendship Profiles In Snapchat? A Complete Guide!

How To Use Friendship Profiles In Snapchat

Have you heard of friendship profiles in Snapchat app and do you want to know how to access them? Well, you have reached the right place. In this article let us see how to use friendship profiles in Snapchat.

Snapchat is a multi-media instant messaging service and software created in the United States by Snap Inc., formerly known as Snapchat Inc. One of the main characteristics of Snapchat is that images and messages are frequently only accessible for a brief period of time before they are no longer viewable by their recipients.

To use friendship profiles in Snapchat, Open Snapchat > Select Chats > Long press the chat window > Select view friendship > All the chat’s links, usernames, videos, and photos are located here.

Continue reading further to understand in detail how to use friendship profiles in Snapchat, how to access them, and what steps are involved in it. 

How To Use Friendship Profiles In Snapchat?

To use friendship profiles in Snapchat, launch Snapchat, then select chats by long pressing the chat, and selecting view friendship. Now you can access the photos, videos, and attachments that you have shared with your friend. 

Since its 2011 release, Snapchat has grown to be one of the most widely used social media platforms worldwide. Users of their platform can now record moments spent with friends and family. With its filters, it has offered countless hours of entertainment. Snapchat continuously works on providing new features for its users and one such addition to Snapchat is the Friendship profile feature. Friendship groups now have a central location to find Snaps, messages, photos, videos, links, and other content that was preserved in their individual Chats. Everything that you have shared on Snapchat with your best friend will be visible in your Friendship Profile. This will ensure that you have access to anything that was saved between the two of you. To use Friendship Profile in Snapchat, simply touch on a friend’s Bitmoji. 

Swipe right from the camera screen, tap a friend’s Bitmoji icon, and you will be sent to their Friendship Profile. Just for you and your friend, these Snaps and messages are displayed. The Snap Map location of your friends is another feature that each Friendship Profile has where you can access a profile and see where each of your friends is. If you want to know your friends’ whereabouts without opening Snap Map and seeing everyone else’s, the location tool on Snap can be useful. Similar to Snap Map, Friendship Profiles only displays the locations of your friends who have opted to share it on Snap. You probably won’t be able to see their whereabouts on their Friendship Profiles, for example, if they are in Ghost Mode.

How To Use Friendship Profiles In Snapchat - Snap Map

How To Use Friendship Profiles In Snapchat On Android?

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app.

Step 2: From the bottom menu, select Chats.

Step 3: To view the friendship profile, long-press the chat window where you want to see it.

Step 4: Under your friend’s name, select View Friendship.

How To Use Friendship Profiles In Snapchat - view friendship

Step 5: You can browse the images stored in your Chat using the Friendship Profile. All of the chat’s links, addresses, usernames, and other attachments are located here.

How To Use Friendship Profiles In Snapchat - chat attachments

Hence, by following these steps, you can use friendship profiles in Snapchat. You won’t have to stress about losing data or going all the way to the top to find the pictures you shared with your friends. Additionally, you might notice specific emoticons on your friends’ avatars. Emoticons for friends change over time based on your interactions with them.

  • You and they both have the most snaps from each other if there is a yellow heart next to your name.
  • Any avatar with a red heart next to it indicates that you have been best friends with that person for two weeks.
  • If that status is kept up for two months, you will receive two pink hearts as a sign of your dedicated friendship.

How To Use Friendship Profiles In Snapchat On iPhone?

You can use friendship profiles in Snapchat on iPhone just like you did on Android devices and use the same features. Depending on your friendships and how you engage with one another, you can earn various charms. The charms feature is currently available only on iOS devices. 

How To Use Friendship Profiles In Snapchat - charms
  • You can come across Charms that are connected to birthdays, display names, Bitmoji, friends, and more!
  • Open a Friendship Profile or Group Profile and scroll to the bottom to see Charms. To find out more information about each Charm, tap it. Simply tap outside of the Charm or swipe down to return.
  • Group Charms showcase your Groups’ most engaged members.

How To Manage Friendship on Snapchat?

Open Snapchat >  Long press the chat > Manage Friendship appears > Edit, report, or block a friend.

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app and select Chats.

Step 2: Long press the chat.

Step 3: The Manage Friendship option appears.

Step 3: You can edit the friend’s name with this option, as well as Remove, Report, or Block the friend.

How To Use Friendship Profiles In Snapchat - manage Friendship

With these steps, you can manage and use friendship profiles in Snapchat.

You won’t have to worry about anybody else seeing all of the stored Snaps between you and your bestie because Snapchat friendship profiles are shared privately. 

Wrapping Up

We have come to the end of the post. Finding your favorite experiences and the crucial information you have accumulated over time is simple with friendship profiles. We hope this article has given you a clear explanation of how to use friendship profiles in Snapchat. For more informative and interesting articles, check out our website at Deasilex. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Many Snaps Does It Take To Be BFF?

Ans. This mostly relies on how many contacts you have and how many of them you speak with regularly. If you only know a few people on Snapchat, sending them a Snap might make them your Best Friend right away. You will probably have many Best Friends if you have a large social network and many active Snapstreaks.

Q2. What Is The Highest Friendship Charm On Snapchat?

Ans. Snapchat will award you with the Super BFF emoji if you maintain your friendship streak for two months or longer. The name of your friend will have two pink hearts next to it. This is the best possible endorsement for your Snapchat buddy.

Q3. Can Someone See When You View Their Friendship Profile On Snapchat?

Ans. They aren’t informed if you browse their Snapchat profile, for example, to see their username, score, or any photographs and messages you have saved from your chat with them.

Q4. How To Take Screenshot Of Friendship Profile On Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

Ans. Using this technique, a Snapchat screenshot will be taken without the sender being informed. Open Snapchat and go to airplane mode on your phone. After that, immediately snap a screenshot and restart your device.

Q5. How Do You View Someones Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

Ans. Half-swiping the Snapchat app or using a parental control app will allow you to see messages without opening them. The best way to read Snapchat chats without running the danger of exposure is with a parental control app.

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