How To Use Hacked Hub Instagram? New Feature Launched!

How To Use Hacked Hub Instagram

Instagram is strengthening its platform and launching new features to prevent fake accounts. It has recently launched Hacked Hub Instagram feature to recover your Instagram accounts. But how to use Hacked Hub Instagram?

On December 15, 2022, Instagram launched a new hacked hub feature to help recover accounts having access problems. According to Instagram, “Hacked Hub” is a new feature where users can report and address access problems related to their Instagram accounts.

To use Hacked Hub Instagram, first, go to the Instagram Hacked Hub link, then select the appropriate reason and click on Next. Secondly, you have to enter the username, mobile number, or email for your account and click Next. Lastly, click on the Hacked Accounts tab, then follow the instructions to log back into your account.

If your Instagram account has been hacked or any fraud has happened, and you want to login back into your Instagram account? Then you are at the right place. This article will give you all the insights into the newly launched Hacked Hub feature, including how to use the Hacked Hub Instagram.

What Is Hacked Hub Instagram?

Instagram has developed a new one-stop Hacked Hub feature to assist users with account concerns, particularly if they suspect their account has been hacked. Users from all over the world may now access this Hacked Hub, which is already active. 

Instagram has combined all incidents related to hacking into a single platform that directs you to the right Instagram help center rather than asking impacted users to navigate between different support pages.

Instagram is opening up more access to a function that provides users with several options for recovering their accounts if they lose access. If your account is locked, you can select your two Instagram friends to confirm your identity and unlock your account.

Let’s now know when and how to use the Hacked Hub Instagram. Keep Reading!

When To Use Hacked Hub Instagram?

If you cannot log into your Instagram account for the following reasons, you can use the Hacked Hub Instagram feature:

  • The account has been hacked.
  • You forgot your password.
  • Unable to access the email ID or mobile number where the login code has been sent.
  • Someone used your personal information, name, or pictures to create a new account.
  • The account has been disabled.

Are you wondering how to use Hacked Hub Instagram? Continue reading the next section to get the complete step-by-step guide for it.

How To Use Hacked Hub Instagram?

To use Hacked Hub Instagram, go to Instagram’s Hacked Hub link > Select the reason > Next > Enter your username, mobile number, or email ID > Next > Hacked Accounts > Follow the instructions to recover your account.

Using your mobile and computer, you can use this new Instagram Hacked Hub feature on a web browser.

Here is the steps guide to using Hacked Hub Instagram to recover the hacked account:

Step 01: Go to Instagram’s Hacked Hub link.

Step 02: Now select the reason describing why you are unable to access your Instagram account and click on the Next button.

Hacked Hub Instagram

Step 03: Enter your username, mobile number, or email ID, and click Next.

Hacked Hub Instagram

Step 04: You will now see the Instagram help center. Go to the Hacked Accounts tab from the left menu.

Hacked Hub Instagram

Step 05: Finally, follow the instructions shown on the screen to recover your Instagram account.

You have now learned about the Hacked hub and the process for how to use Hacked Hub Instagram. So if you lose access to your Instagram account anytime, follow a few easy steps using Hacked Hub and log back into your account.

Wrapping Up

Instagram, a popular social media platform, has recently introduced several new features, such as dark mode, candid stories, archive reels, profile views, recover deleted messages, delete account, and Instagram shop. It has now launched a new feature, ‘Hacked Hub,’ for its users’ convenience, which would assist them in solving the issue of not being able to access their Instagram accounts.

This article will be helpful for you if you want to use Hacked Hub Instagram feature to recover your Instagram account. Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are The Signs Of Instagram Being Hacked?

Some common signs to check if your Instagram is hacked are:

  • Your login details are not accepted to access your account.
  • You receive new followers and direct messages from people you don’t know.
  • You see new likes or posts you haven’t posted on your account.
  • Your personal information in your account changed without your permission.
  • Unknown login locations and devices will appear in your activity log.

Q. What Is The Link For Hacked Hub Instagram?

You can click here to get the link for Hacked Hub Instagram to recover your hacked account.

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