How To Use Hashtags And Descriptions For YouTube Channel

How To Use Hashtags And Descriptions For YouTube Channel

Today, video blogging is one of the most promising spheres for personal development and success. Having a youtube channel allows people to self-express and share important ideas with the audience. Your decent content can bring you popularity and recognition as well as good money, connections, and new acquaintances. 

YouTube is a big video platform with enormous traffic and user engagement. It’s reported that there were about 2,2 million users, and this number is projected to reach about 3 million users by 2025. If you learn how to properly attract the audience and get noticed by viewers and engines. Descriptions and hashtags can help your channel stand out and get more viewers. There are lots of great tips for successful blogging, and here we will focus on how hashtags and descriptions can help your youtube SEO.

Let’s read the article and find tips for effective descriptions and the best tags for youtube channels. 

How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

But firstly, you should note that your youtube channel optimization is a multifaceted process with different activities involved. Consider that the most important thing is you and your talent as, despite optimization efforts, dull content will not attract the audience. Your video will become viewed and popular only when you create content consciously, paying attention to many details like music, effects, lighting, transitions, sound and image quality, and many more things. 

You should choose one of the greatest video editing apps for PC or smartphone that will enable amazing output. Very often, it’s vital to convert video to mp4 online as this video format works the best on YouTube. When it comes to video creation, sometimes we need unique music content, and in this case, YouTube Video downloader apps can help you a lot to find a catching melody.

How to Create a Catchy YouTube Description

Your channel description is crucial as it helps YouTube and Google understand your content and show it to the people. The proper description boosts your video rank and brings many views. 

You should tell the audience who you are and what your channel is about. Be brief and stick to a friendly, conversational style. It’s recommended to share links on your social media profiles or a website for more details. And there has to be a call to action so that people watch your videos, subscribe, share, and like. 

Speaking about YouTube videos description, you need also to be clear and concise. The first three lines play a crucial role as a person sees them immediately before clicking Show More. You must add keywords in the first 25 words, but do not overuse them. Include them wisely for an efficient SEO. 

Another important aspect of an engaging video description is timestamping that assists in navigation through the video. You can add links to relevant sources mentioned in the video that may be used for promotion or useful information for viewers. And finally, do not forget about credits if you use someone’s video fragment or music in your video.

Tips to Use YouTube Hashtags 

You probably know that many social media services, including Instagram and Twitter use hashtags that help to search for and make popular channels/content on a specific theme. If you want to make your youtube channel popular use personal hashtags and use them in your videos. It’s recommended to use hashtags in your video title and description. Once you create a unique channel hashtag, you should find your niche and add specific topical hashtags to the videos. Further in the article, we’ll provide you with the most popular broad tags. 

Hashtags help bloggers with youtube SEO, making the video ranking one of the first in the search list and trends. However, there are certain rules to consider before optimizing your title and description with popular tags. So the most important thing is to add a perfect number of hashtags so that youtube algorithms do not ignore the video. It is recommended to use about six-seven tags in your description and several in the title. There should be no space in your tags as it’ll not work. 

Another crucial aspect of hashtag use is their relation to the channel and video topic. It means that you should not over imbue the description with the best tags for youtube you find on the Internet but stick to the topic. Thus, if your channel and content are about music, you should add the appropriate tags, so that viewers and algorithms can easily find your video. There are universal hashtags for making a video trendy you will find in the article. And finally, avoid using illegal tags including sexual or illicit words. 

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Hashtags are an effective youtube SEO solution as people can easily find videos when they are interested in a specific topic. Let’s look at the list of the best tags for youtube based on the channel theme, ensuring a high video ranking.

Gaming channels: #gamers, #gaming, #amongus, #gameplay, #livegaming, #gamereview, #twitch, #xbox, #playstation, #playfortnite. If you run a food channel consider such tags as #tastyrecipes, #cook, #chef, #homemade, #healthylifestyle, #homemadecooking, #homemadewithlov. Vlog channel hashtags include #life, #lifestory, #lifehack, #lifetips, #lifestyle, #lifestylevlog. Trending hashtags for funny meme videos are #meme, #lol, #funny, #funnymemes, #youtubememes. Those who create youtube shorts must add to their videos: #shorts, #live, #youtube, #funnyshorts, #memes, #newvideo, #tiktok, #explore.

Consider that video on any topic will become trendy if you add universal tags that work for any content: #youtubechannel, #youtube, #youtuber, #youtubers, #subscribe, #youtubevideos, #viral 

#newvideo, #share, #subscribetomychannel, #explorepage, #love, #smallyoutuber, #youtubecommunity, #likes, #explore, #youtubelife, #youtubecreator. 


Thus, you can see that your youtube channel’s success is determined not only by decent content but some tricks that help to be visible and attract viewers. You can use the best editing tools and camera for YouTube videos and hope for success and many views. However, insufficient youtube SEO may lead to failure. We hope that this article will help you make the most of your YouTube content and get a high video ranking due to effective tags and descriptions. 

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