How To Block Message Requests On Instagram?

How To Block Message Requests On Instagram?

The texting function on Instagram has been there for N number of years. Instagrammers use DM functions to spread content with each other. Regardless of the way that Instagram is extremely easy to use stage, there is no authoritative approach to totally switch off the Direct Message feature. Nonetheless, there are workarounds that will ensure that you can’t be disturbed by direct messages from the unknown. If you want to do this, then this post on How to block message requests on Instagram is just for you.

Whenever an individual who isn’t on your contact rundown or whom you don’t follow sends you an Instagram message, it goes to the Request segment as a matter of course. The most recent Facebook Messenger and Instagram mix delivered many highlights, of which one is the capacity to switch off message requests on Instagram.

It permits you to obstruct message requests from outsiders as well as those spambots. Allow us to get straight in and figure out how to empower the ‘Don’t accept requests’ element.

Instagram app has its default setting. At the point when somebody that you don’t follow sends you a message on the stage, they will wind up in a different Requests Segment. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you don’t need message demands from obscure Instagram clients, you can switch them off. That’s how you can execute this.

Several Methods On How To Block Message Requests On Instagram

There are various arrangements to not get Direct Messages of all time. This is the way to move toward this on Desktops, iOS, and Androids. 

1. Limiting An Account

Assuming that you are worn out on hearing from somebody and need to have their messages guided directly to the Message Requests tab, you can continuously restrict any account you want. Also, you’ll gain influence assuming that others can see their remarks on your posts. 

Other than everything else, you don’t need to block or follow anyone, so the account holder will be left with no hint that you’ve restricted them.

How To Block Message Requests On Instagram By Limiting An Account On iOS And Android?

There are two methods for confining individuals on Instagram.

Here is the primary technique:

  • Go to your Direct Message discussion with that individual.
  • Click on the “i” icon on the top-right.
  • Select Restrict.

Also the subsequent technique:

  • Go to the individual’s profile.
  • Click on the “Following” option.
  • Tap on “Restrict”.
  • Then go for “Restrict Account

How To Block Message Requests On Instagram By Limiting An Account On Desktop?

  • Visit the person’s account.
  • Tap on 3-dot icon in the top right of the screen.
  • Tap on “Restrict”.
  • Go for “Restrict Account” to confirm.

2. Obstruct An Account

Obstructing a record will bring about that individual not having the option to track down your profile, story, or posts on Instagram. Obviously, this consequently goes for Direct Informing also. In spite of the fact that Instagram won’t tell the account holder that you’ve impeded them, they may discover when they can’t track down your profile.

How To Block Message Requests On Instagram By Obstructing An Account On iOS and Android?

Obstructing individuals on cell phones works the same way as Limiting them. Simply act in accordance with these steps: 

  • Tap on person’s Profile
  • Click on 3 dots on the top right
  • Select “Block.”

How To Block Message Requests On Instagram By Obstructing An Account On Desktop?

You can block a record on a work area from the menu you’d use for Limiting a record. In any case, an individual can be Impeded from the DMs page, also.

  • Go to your Direct Messages.
  • Select the discussion with the individual that you need to obstruct.
  • Tap the “i” symbol in the upper-right corner.
  • Select ‘Block.’
  • Affirm by clicking ‘Block.’

3. Private Profile

However, as long as your profile is public, anybody can send you messages. They need not bother with your endorsement to get it done. In the event that you track down this irritation, there’s an incredible arrangement. With a Private profile, just your followers can message you straightforwardly and you want to endorse adherents. Thus, this is the way to make your profile Private. Remember that Maker Records can’t be private.

How To Block Message Requests On Instagram By Making Your Profile Private On iOS And Android? 

  • Open the Instagram application.
  • Go to your profile by tapping your profile symbol.
  • Tap the hamburger menu (three-level lines).
  • Tap Settings.
  • Select Security.
  • Flip the switch close to the Private Account.

How To Block Message Requests On Instagram By Making Your Profile Private On Desktop?

  • Go to and sign in.
  • Click your Profile Symbol, situated in the upper-right corner of the program.
  • Select Settings
  • Explore Privacy and Security on the left board.
  • Around the highest point of the screen, under Account Privacy, really look at the crate close to Private Record.

4. Switching Off Notification

Alright, so you can’t switch Direct Message off. Yet, on the off chance that notices annoy you, you can turn these off rapidly.

How To Block Message Requests On Instagram By Switching Off Notification On Android And iOS?

  • Tap your profile symbol.
  • Tap ‘Your Activity.’
  • Explore to the ‘Time‘ tab.
  • Select ‘Notification Settings.’
  • To switch off notices for Direct Messages just, tap ‘Direct Messages‘ and modify the settings.
  • On the other hand, assuming that you need all warnings to be switched off, flip the switch on close to ‘Delete All.

As may be obvious, you can stop notifications for different Instagram features.

How To Block Message Requests On Instagram By Switching Off Notifications On Desktop?

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Go to ‘Settings.’
  • Select ‘Push Notifications‘ in the board to one side.
  • Look down to ‘Instagram Direct Requests.
  • Select Off.

Sadly, desktop choices are restricted. Assuming you need better customization, utilize your mobile/tablet gadget.

5. Disabling Story Replies

Perhaps the most straightforward way for individuals to send you Direct Messages on Instagram is by answering a story that you posted. They can do such straight by tapping the button on the lower part of the story posted. Fortunately, this element can be handicapped decently without any problem.

How To Block Message Requests On Instagram By Disabling Story Replies On iOS And Android?

  • Tap your Profile symbol.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select “Privacy.”
  • Tap on “Story
  • Press “Off” under the “Allow Replies and Reactions” Segment.

6. Declining Messages

Whenever somebody whom you don’t follow sends you a message, the Direct Message won’t land straightforwardly in your inbox. You will be informed (except if you’ve switched this choice off) prior. However, the message will land in the Message Requests tab. So, the individual won’t check whether you’ve perused the message. DMs in the Message Requests tab can be acknowledged or declined. On the off chance that you acknowledge such a message, it will be moved to your inbox and if you reject the request, the message will be erased.

Presently, the cool thing with this component is that you can erase some of these requests. Assuming you get many such demands, basically, tap ‘Delete All’ and all solicitations will be erased.

  • Go to your inbox by tapping the Direct Message bolt symbol.
  • Select the ‘Message Requests‘ tab (in the event that you have no requests right now, the tab won’t show).
  • Tap/Snap ‘Delete All.’

Wrapping Up:

In spite of the fact that you can’t actually switch Direct Messages Off on Instagram through and through, you can make some workaround strides that might work for you. Consider your choices among these above-mentioned ways how to block direct messages on Instagram, and attempt the strategies that we’ve referenced here.

Ideally, this guide has been of help to you. In spite of the way that the arrangement isn’t obvious and direct, we are certain that one of these arrangements will work for you. Assuming you have any extra inquiries or think that we’ve neglected to specify something, let us know in the remarks segment beneath.


Q1. Would I Be Able To Obstruct Just Explicit Records From Sending An Immediate Message On Instagram?

Ans. You can’t obstruct a record from sending you a DM without unfollowing the record and making your profile Private. However, as referenced previously, Confining/Obstructing a record might demonstrate a decent workaround.

Q2. How Long Does DM Obstruct Keep Going On Instagram?

Ans. On the off chance that you block somebody, they will stay impeded until you decide to unblock them. To unblock a record, explore the ideal Instagram profile and you’ll see an Unblock work. Tap and affirm unblocking by tapping Unblock. It works the same way in the work area.

Q3. Does Instagram DM Have A Breaking Point?

Ans. Authoritatively, there isn’t a cutoff in regards to sending messages on it. Be that as it may, a record will be obstructed from sending more directives for 24 hours in the wake of sending 50-100 DMs in a solitary day. The record doesn’t get obstructed, however, it’s simply delivered unfit to send messages for a day. Instagram has acquainted this cutoff with the counter-maltreatment of this component.

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