How To Use Instagram Stories For Your Business? 17 Excellent Ways!

How to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business

Business and marketing share a super cozy bond. These two parallel universes are dependent on each other so much that you just can’t think of a business strategy without a marketing plan. And, when we are talking about marketing, Instagram stories for your business and reels play an important role in influencing social media and connecting with customers. 

Every business with a strong marketing team is also strengthening its social media stronghold. If you have an emerging company, the impact of Instagram reels and Instagram stories for your business can boost your branding. 

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To use Instagram stories for your business, you should:
1. Create engaging coontent
2. Use Hashtags and Location Tags
3. Post regularly 
4. Announcements and promote timely news on Instagram Stories
5. Collaborations
6. Use different Instagram Stories features  

As we all understand now, social media presence could be the cheapest yet best opportunistic platform to get in touch with customers, create branding and grow globally. If you have a startup, you have to consider Instagram stories for your business, and the result will reflect in your sales funnel. 

How To Use Instagram Stories For Your Business?

Instagram is not just a feature but a tool that you need to study. Instagram influencers have learned it throughout time and mastered all Instagram features to create impactful posts and stories. If you have not started yet, here are some simple tips to Instagram stories for your business: 

1. Create Engaging Content

Let’s begin with creating the content or Instagram story. The first and most important thing is creativity. You need to study other creators and follow the trends to create authentic content that can engage followers. 

To create engaging story content on Instagram you should choose the subject wisely which is more like reviewing or unboxing products, showing how to use the product, or the trendy features and specifications of the product. There are more ideas to improvise, but the main thing is that your story should have a soul or message and not just boring lectures. Also, you should use effects and AR effects wisely. 

2. Use Hashtags And Location Tags

Use hashtags and location tags wisely as using tags is the key to popping up in searches. For that, you research the trending hashtags that are related to your content and place them with a story. You have to make sure that the hashtags you are using are all relevant and justify your posts. Otherwise, Instagram stories for your business will simply not appear in the feed. 

3. Post Regularly 

To make Instagram stories for your business you need to start posting stories regularly. If you are not posting stories regularly, you will not be able to connect with the users. The more frequently your content will appear in their feed, the more your brand will become visible. Besides, if you are posting more than one Instagram story every day related to your business, it will be able to showcase more of your business to the users and influence them to convert into a customer. 

4. Announcements And  Promote Timely News On Instagram Stories

Posting stories on Instagram means promoting your brand timely and keeping your followers updated. So, if you have any special announcements to make or just need to update your followers regarding product launches, special prices, or any special event, the Instagram story works as the best reminder setting! 

5. Collaborations 

While creating your Instagram story, you have the opportunity to collaborate with other Instagram users. It is super cool to reach out to the other users via direct message and pursue them. Besides, when it comes to monetizing Instagram stories, you can convince influencers who share similar interests. 

6. Use Instagram Stories Features

To some Instagram users, creating Instagram stories is a very easy job. Most of them just tend to click a snap or create a random short video of the moment and post it! But creating effective Instagram stories takes time and strategy! There are many hidden features available on Instagram that can help you to create awesome content. Let’s have a glance: 

i) Highlights 

The story always leaves a better mark! If you are keeping a story in highlights, any of your followers can reach that story anytime! So, if there is an upcoming event, share it in your story highlight so that it can reach the maximum number of followers and influence them to join. 

ii) Use Poll Stickers To Conduct Instagram Story Polls 

Poll stickers are an outstanding way to keep your users engaged. Also, it is the best way to run short-term surveys and use the data to improve your business. For instance, if you are targeting teenagers through your marketing, create a poll accordingly that encourages the teenagers to react to your post to share their views. As you gain more attention from the users, your business will generate more ROI. 

iii) Questions 

As you are utilizing Instagram stories for your business, let’s try another important feature of Instagram – questions! Yes, throw your questions to the users in your Instagram stories as well as in your Instagram Reels. This will help the followers to interact with your brand more and the brand recognition will be increased. 

iv) Reaction Slider

The reaction slider is another element to make Instagram stories more engaging. Introduced in 2018, this feature became popular quickly. Using these features, the followers can react to your stories with emojis while scaling them larger as they wish. Encouraging followers to use the reaction slider to react to your stories will surely increase brand recognition.  

v) Countdown

If you are posting Instagram stories for your business regarding an event or product launch, then try using a countdown sticker on your post. A countdown clock on your post gives your followers a constant reminder of the deadline for the event or offers. 

vi) Links

Place links on the Instagram stories to make them more effective. People when finding links to any story tend to click it more and become more engaged. Besides, by placing the link on your story, you can easily drive traffic to your website! 

vii) Templates 

Thousands of custom templates are available on Instagram for stories. If you are short on time and looking forward to creating amazing Instagram stories, then just try any of the ready-to-go templates and impress your followers. 

viii) Contests 

Run contests using Instagram stories for your business. Entrepreneurs running contests on Instagram are getting more views and engagement! Run any contest related to your brand and encourage more users to take part. Announce exciting prizes and get more brand recognition through the process. 

ix) Go Live On Instagram Stories

Live interaction with the followers has always been proven efficient in increasing interaction with the users and converting them into loyal customers. Let’s turn on the Instagram camera and go live once in a week and interact with your followers, answer their questions live, and gain more trust than ever before. 

x) Use Product Stickers To Promote Specific Products On Instagram Stories

Now you can create and use your own product stickers on Instagram! Create your exclusive product stickers and use the same on your Instagram stories. It helps more product recognition and of course promotion of new products. 

xi) Employ Instagram Stories Ads

According to Instagram Business, Instagram Stories Ads are the paid ads that run between the Instagram stories. Instagram is considered one of the cheapest channels to promote a business effectively. Instagram Stories Ads will cost you a minimum of $0.70 to $1.00 per click on average; however, other parameters like the industry, ad running period (weeks), and targeted demography may change the CPC rate. 

What To Post On Instagram Story For Business? 

Creating content for your Instagram stories for your business is so easy. If you are not so sure what to post on Instagram Story for business, here are some ideas that you can give a try:

1. Behind the scene: Share the behind the scene story with your followers. Show them how you are manufacturing the product and introduce your employees in the reel. Entrepreneurs who introduce the physical structure of a company are more likely to gain trust!

2. Upcoming Product: Share the view of your upcoming products in Instagram stories for your business. Allure the followers with a sneak peek of the new product and they will be more curious to join you. 

3. Review: Share your business review with the users in your Instagram story. Showcase all the positive notes you are receiving from the users and that will influence the Instagram followers to convert into a customer. 

4. Promotion/Discount: If you are running any promotions or discounts on your products or services, share the news in your IG story. Let the users know what they are missing out!

5. Tutorials: Share the tutorials on how to use your product. People get bored reading the manuals! Show them how to use the product and how it is making a difference! 

How To Measure The Success Of Your Instagram Stories? 

To measure the success of your Instagram Story, you have to go through five parameters that can measure success. Here are the parameters that you need to consider: 

1. Views: Checking the number of views is one of the basic things to measure the success of your story or IG post. Check the number of views, and you will have a fair idea about how many people you have reached with the story. 

2. Reach: If you are interested in finding out how many new views you are gaining per post, this is the metric you need to consider. 

3. Impression: The rate of the impression of the Instagram stories for your business will always be higher than Reach and Views. If people from the same account are opening your story multiple times, it will be counted as impressions. Impression numbers help you to understand how many times people opened your story, whether they chose to interact or not. 

4. Completion rate: This unique parameter helps YouTube find out how many times people have watched your story full-length. A completion rate indicates higher engagement of your Instagram story. 

5. Click-through rate: The click-through rate indicates how many people clicked on a link or CTA button in the post. CTR helps you to understand how many viewers visited your website or product by clicking the CTA.  

How To Use Instagram Story Effectively?

You can use Instagram stories for your business effectively and, moreover, positively! When it comes to increasing customer engagement or increasing brand awareness, Instagram stories and reels serve the best! Here is how to use Instagram stories effectively: 

1. Create authentic content: The first rule of making Instagram stories effective is to come up with authentic content. Come up with new ideas and implement them in the story to impress more followers. 

2. High-quality visual: Just like the matter of the content, the quality or the resolution of the story should be high. You have to make sure that you have focused on the right product and that every element in your video/picture is focused and not blurred. 

3. Trending Hashtags: One of the best ways to make Instagram reels more effective is adding trending and relevant hashtags including location tags. It helps to reach the maximum number of people at the same time. 

4. Add Text and Stickers: Always be creative and more informative by using more interlink and stickers on your post. People get more information and clarity with Text and Stickers. 

5. Post regularly: If you have chosen Instagram to promote your business then it is a long-term process with consistency. You have to post stories and reels in a regular intervals so that your followers do not miss out. Besides, more posts mean more brand recognition. 


If you chose to be social media popular and bring your business on the table, then you should try Instagram stories apart from Instagram reels. Instagram stories for your business are effective and you can see as in the number of conversions. However, posting random silly posts won’t do the job. You have to be strategic and creative at the same time! Short in time? Consult with Instagram influencers or get professional help. Instagram is still the cheapest way to reach the maximum number of customers. Share your thoughts! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: How Do I Make My Instagram Business Story Shareable?

To make your Instagram Business Story Shareable, go to settings and then tap on Privacy. Here find story and tap next to ‘Allow Sharing Story’. 

Q2: How Often Should I Post Instagram Stories For My Business?

You should follow a regular interval while posting Instagram stories for your business. However, you have to post more than once every day and the ideal time is after regular office time as people tend to scroll social media in their leisure time. 

Q3: Can I Use Instagram Stories For Advertising?

Yes, Instagram Stories can be used for advertising. You can choose your product and services to advertise on Instagram. However, make sure you are not jeopardizing any Instagram rules. 

Q4: How To Promote Friend’s Business On Instagram Story?

To promote a friend’s business on Instagram, you should share and comment on stories. Shout them out in your IG stories and tag as many people as you know who might have an interest in that business. Spread the word! 

Q5: Can I See Who Viewed My Instagram Stories?

Yes, you can see who viewed your Instagram story. Swipe up the story and you will find the list of the viewers. Whether they are your friend or not, the person viewed your story, will appear on the list. 

Q6: How Often Should I Post Instagram Stories?

Ideally, you should post more than once daily to be more effective. However, you have to go through the interaction parameters (analytics) and decide whether you need to post more content or not. 

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