How to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business

How to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business

Here is a crash course in how to build up your Instagram profile so that you can use your Instagram Stories with a fair degree of success. This is a smash-and-grab ugly method for building up your Instagram profile, but if you don’t have a few years to spare while you do it organically, then you need to use this hard hitting, moderately expensive, method. 

Let’s Start With The Hard Truth

If you do not have a reasonably successful Instagram profile, then it doesn’t matter what you do with your stories because nobody will be watching them. Your stories do have the ability to attract new people and new customers, but you need at least a partially active group of followers, otherwise the search engine systems and online bots will not focus in on your content. You need a healthy Instagram profile, and that can take years if you do it the fair and honest way. Ideally, you want a healthy Instagram profile now.

That means you need to do several things. You firstly need to buy a small bunch of followers from the usual click mills. Don’t buy too many or you will be flagged by Instagram and they will be removed. A few thousand is fine. People need to see your profile and “Not” be scared away by your low follower count.

You then need to fix up your Instagram posts by using traditional methods for Instagram promotion and success. This includes everything from a cleverly chosen profile picture to posting your best content and so forth.

Then, you need to buy a few other Instagram profiles so that can you cross promote their content with your own. You can buy a few profiles from Fameswap, and then post content that overtly promotes your primary Instagram profile. Draw their attention, using traditional Instagram marketing, and using your purchased followers as social proof, and you will quickly build a healthy Instagram profile. Once you have all that, your Instagram stories can start to have some impact.

Run Collaborations

There are some mediocre looking Instagram models online that are killing it at the moment because they are collaborating with other models. They are making a lot of money with their Only Fans profiles, so women have an incentive to collaborate and get as much attention as possible. The weird thing is that almost all collaborations seem to benefit both parties in some way. Even the nerds who share Star Wars figure designs are collaborating and seeing higher numbers, so find ways to collaborate with other people (even if they have far fewer followers than you). Run your collaborations through your regular profile posts and your stories. Run your stories and your collab’s stories at the same time for maximum impact.

Don’t Run Contests, Polls or Reaction Sliders

They only work on kids and so are only useful for marketing to kids. They may work well for people discussing fan-genre stuff, and reaction sliders may work well for comedy purposes, but they do not translate into sales. Plus, they may irritate your actual fans and customers. If you decide that contests, sliders, polls, etc., are a good idea, then find a way to monitor your success with the use of conversions and sales. Do not judge your success by how much engagement you got, judge it by how many of your contests/polls/sliders translate into actual sales or conversions.

Experiment Like Crazy

The reason Instagram expires the content is 24 hours is because they know how much content people and companies churn out with the hopes of getting attention. With Stories, the more experimental (and poor quality) stuff disappears. You may not be proud of the content you just created in a couple of hours, so use it for an Instagram story, get a bit of attention and forget about it. If something hits with a lot of impact, then experiment with those themes and ideas in later posts.

Count Down

Dumb people who call themselves online marketers will often tout the benefits of “FOMO” Fear of missing out. When in real life, FOMO is just a trap for buyers with a low IQ and said buyers don’t often have much money to spend. Do not run a count down with a FOMO tactic. Instead, treat it like game developers treat their game launch. Run a countdown story every day until your next big sale or product launch. A count down without any sort of FOMO tactic is still pretty useful when it is done correctly with Instagram stories.

Behind The Scenes

If you are getting a fair amount of traction with your current posts, then run a few highlights or “Behind the scenes” Instagram stories. If you are genuinely lifting the skirt of your operation to show the yet unseen private areas, then it can be quite a crowd pleaser. Just look at those viral videos of how a Big Mac is made, or how an F1 pitstop crew trains their staff. It is quite engaging and pretty cheap to produce since it is almost a byproduct of your current mainstream content creation.

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