How To Use Pokemeow Bot Discord? Pokemeow Bot Commands!

How To Use Pokemeow Bot Discord

It can’t be possible that you haven’t watched Pokemon! If you really haven’t then we must say, your childhood had missed an important segment. Yeah, but don’t worry if you missed the fun in your childhood, this bot is offering you your childhood once again through a Discord bot, “Pokemeow Bot”. Come on hurry, let’s learn how to use Pokemeow Bot Discord, so that you may feel your childhood again.

This bot is entirely based upon Pokemon, Clans, Market, Battle, Trade, Eggs, and many related factors. In this bot, you’ve to catch legendary and shiny Pokemons. It’s an addictive bot that you can play with your mates. You can show off the legendary Pokemons, only if you’re lucky enough to have them.

Before learning how to use Pokemeow Bot Discord, you need to know the setup process. And for that, go to the Official Website of Pokemeow Bot >> click on the Add On Server >> select Server >> give Authorisation checkmark Add Bot >> click on Authorize button >> apply Command >> Customisation Process. Proceed further to learn the basics of Pokemeow Bot.

Learning only Set-up of Use won’t be enough ever dude! You need to learn the entire piece to run that bot on your server properly without any hassle because commands, features, and settings all are interlinked. Go, and start reading the post on how to use Pokemeow Bot Discord.

What is Pokemeow Bot On Discord?

What is Pokemeow Bot On Discord

Before jumping on how to use Pokemeow Bot Discord, let’s know more about it.

The show Pokemon has always been an addiction for the kids and even adults of that era. Well now, everyone has forgotten it, but whenever the name comes, a bunch of fans still arise from the crowd. If you’ve watched Pokemon then you must know that the Pokemon battles, Pokemon catching, and the vibe developed during the game were much more than the other shows and dramas. But then, kids become adults, adults become men, and everyone gets busy in their lives. People have left watching Pokemon on TVs but still, there are other ways through which they can recall their childhood and get connected to the Pokemon again. The way about which we were talking is Pokemeow Bot on Discord.

There are a number of bots related to Pokemon on Discord that influences our minds with epic nostalgia. The Pokemeow Bot is an amazing nostalgic bot that brings back our childhood memories. The bot has been getting more explored by users during the past couple of years. This bot has existed on Discord for the past 11 years and is still counting. It was launched in 2010 and got popular instantly. It was designed and developed by the Pokemeow community and they’re the ones who are having all the rights to this bot. 

We’ve learned the basics, now let’s sink into the amazing features that the bot provides to its users and explore how this piece can engage you for hours.

What Are The Features Of The Pokemeow Bot On Discord?

What Are The Features Of The Pokemeow Bot On Discord

Considering you are familiar with the basics, we’ll directly jump on the main features. The battles in Pokemeow can be confusing initially but once learned they will be thrilled for you. The bot is in the English language and is accessible 24×7. Here you have to catch Pokemons and then battle, gamble, and vote with them and for them. There are also some daily quests and daily activities to perform to avoid a monotonous game.

It has a subscription plan, where its premium version includes mostly free stuff although they’re included in the premium subscription. Let’s get back to the features, its main concept is catching a particularly given Pokemon and earning PokeCoins. But other than this, you will explore teams, clans, fishing, buddies, adventures, and many more to unveil.

Pokemeow Bot Discord Commands

Pokemeow Bot Discord Commands

The Pokemeow is the best bot over Discord for getting entertained through Pokemons. This bot has few of the best battles on the server and battles are nothing without commands. So here are all your Pokemeow Bot Discord Commands list:


  1. ;pokemon
  2. ;pokedex
  3. ;box
  4. ;trade
  5. ;release
  6. ;item
  7. ;shop
  8. ;catchbox
  9. ;quest
  10. ;vote
  11. ;news
  12. ;lootbox
  13. ;list
  14. ;checklist
  15. ;eggs

Trainer Battles

  1. ;battle
  2. ;team
  3. ;buddy
  4. ;evolve
  5. ;moves
  6. ;rarecandy
  7. ;gym
  8. ;elitefour
  9. ;champion
  10. ;challenges
  11. ;megachamber
  12. ;battletower
  13. ;PokeCoin

Account & Economy

  1. ;coins
  2. ;give
  3. ;stats
  4. ;streaks
  5. ;achievements
  6. ;highscore
  7. ;perks
  8. ;patreon
  9. ;checklist
  10. ;join
  11. ;contests
  12. ;sync
  13. ;unlocks
  14. ;suggest
  15. ;privacy

Dailies & Events

  1. ;daily
  2. ;vote
  3. ;catchbot
  4. ;events
  5. ;promo
  6. ;swap
  7. ;hunt
  8. ;bonuses
  9. ;unlocks

How To Use Pokemeow Bot Discord?

How To Add Pokemeow Bot On Discord

Pokemeow is an entertaining and addicting bot that one can play with their companions! Capture Pokemons and overshine your legendary Pokemons in front of other users. 

But all that after setting the bot up, for which you’ve to follow the guide:

  1. Open Pokemeow Bot Website on your web browser.
  1. Click on the Add To Server option.
  1. Next Sign-In to your Discord server.
  1. Now, select the Server from the given options, where you want your Pokemeow bot to be.
  1. Permit the Authorization to control the server.
  1. Checkmark the Add Bot to a server and click on the Authorization button.
  1. Now, implement the Command and move to Customisation Process.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for how to use Pokemeow Bot Discord.

Pokemon is included in the list of main features of the Pokemeow Discord Bot. Pokemon are caught by users after which they battle for them and when the time comes, the owner of the Pokemon hatches the egg too, in the hope of a healthy, shiny, and legendary Pokemon. Pokemons are available here in a number of varieties, which offer them different specialties.

There are two rare types of Pokemon found in the game, Shiny and Golden Pokemon. One can catch these and show them off to others. If you wish to know more about these Pokemons on Pokemeow, then;pokedex will definitely help you.


Q1. What Is The Role Of The Pokemeow Bot?

Ans. Here, users catch Pokemons and use them in battles. It recalls the childhood of every Pokemon lover through the nostalgia of the 90s when Pokemon used to be an addiction.

Q2. How To Battle In Pokemeow?

Ans. To fight, first, create your team, and upgrade your Pokemon. After having 3 Pokemon on your team and making your move set, you will be ready for the battle.

Q3. How To Get A Premier Ball In Pokemeow?

Ans. These can only be achieved through Quests and rewards earned from challenges.

Q4. How To Purchase A New Rod In Pokemeow?

Ans. For this, get an old rod from catching Pokemon and buy a new rod and other stuff from fish shops.

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