How To Use The Seed In Midjourney?

How To Use The Seed In Midjourney

Midjourney rephrased the creative world with AI images. If you have already been introduced to the Midjourney AI image generator, it’s time to master Midjourney by using the seeds. Yes, now you can use the seed in Midjourney. How? We will show you in this article. 

When you are creating an image on Midjourney, you will find that the AI bot uses seeds to create “a field of visual noise.” you can use the seed in Midjourney to create similar ending images. Also, you have to understand that each image has a specific seed number. 

To use the seed in Midjourney, you can use the seed number in the prompt using ‘–seed’. For instance, you can try ‘/imagine a black cat under a tree –seed 4031079018’ this prompt to prompt Midjourney where to start with. If no seeds are specified, “Midjourney will use a randomly generated seed number, producing a wide variety of options each time a prompt is used.”

Yes, you can play with the seed number just to get more variation in the images or simply queue Midjourney to generate similar images starting with a specific seed number. Moreover, you can find seed numbers for any images and save the seed number so that you can use the seed in Midjourney to bring back old jobs! 

Why Is The Seed Number Important?

If you are familiar with Midjourney jobs, you must have experienced that even if you give Midjourney the same prompt repeatedly, Midjourney comes up with new variations of images every time. This is simply because the Midjourney AI bot picks seed numbers randomly and generates images. 

However, if you use the same seed number in every prompt, the Midjourney will generate identical images every time. Hence, you can use the seed in Midjourney to test small changes with your prompts. If you are using the same seed number, you can easily identify which part of your prompt is responsible for bringing the changes in the image. 

Also, you should know that “Seed numbers are not static and should not be relied upon between sessions.”

How To Find The Seeds Of Your Images In Midjourney?

Now that we are discussing how to use the seed in Midjourney, you should know how to find the seeds of your images in Midjourney, so that you can use the same to regenerate the image again. 

All you need to do is react to the selected image with an ‘Envelope’ emoji and the AI bot will send you the Seed details. Here is the step-by-step guide for you:

Step 1: Open your selected image.

Step 2: Click the emoji icon to find the ‘Envelope’ emoji or just type Envelope on the search bar to find the emoji. 

Step 3: React with the emoji and the Midjourney AI will send you the Seed details. 

When To Use Seeds In Midjourney Prompts?

If you are experimenting with Midjourney, there will be hundreds of reasons to use the seed in Midjourney and generate alike images. However, there are two valuable professional reasons that we need to consider when we choose to use the seed in Midjourney prompts. Here we go: 

Creating A Consistent Character

If you are building a series of images for some professional work with the consistent character, then using a seed number will be a great choice to keep the symmetry among the images. 

Building A Prompt

If you are trying to make your prompts more perfect and wish to make sure that each command works exquisitely and it’s your command that is bringing the changes in the images, then use the seed in Midjourney prompts. This is the only way to guarantee that the changes in the visualization are the result of the prompts only. 

How To Use Seed In Midjourney?

You can use the seed in Midjourney using the seed parameter in the prompt. For example, if you are trying to generate images of a “celadon owl pitcher”, you can use the following prompt to instruct Midjourney to do the same. 

Prompt: /imagine prompt celadon owl pitcher

How To Use Seed In Midjourney?_1

However, this prompt does not specify any seed number, hence, Midjourney will come up with various sets of images using random seed numbers. Each time you use the prompt, the result will differ from the previous one. 

Then, specify the Seed Number by following the prompt here:

Prompt: /imagine prompt celadon owl pitcher –seed 123

How To Use Seed In Midjourney?_2

Now that you have specified the seed number, Midjourney will create one specific image. And, next time if you change the prompt but keep the same seed number, you will find the changes are done based on the prompts. 

How To Recover A Seed From An Image?

You can not only use the seed in Midjourney, but you can also recover a seed number from an image so that you can use it further! 

You can simply use the envelope emoji to retrieve the seed number; however, there is another way to! You can use Midjourney Discord to recover the seed number. 

Use Discord To Find An Image’s Seed Number

Yes, you can recover a seed from an image from Midjourney Discord. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Login to your Discord account and go to the Midjourney Discord channel. If you are not subscribed to the Midjourney Discord server, join Midjourney Discord now. 

Step 2: React to the selected image with the envelope emoji in Midjourney Discord. 

Use Discord To Find An Image's Seed Number_1

Bingo! You will receive the Job Id and the Seed of the image from the Midjourney bot. 


Midjourney AI image generator is an amazing AI bot that can help us to create an image that we can have only in our imagination, just by using simple prompts. Now that you have learned how to use the seed in Midjourney, you can consider that this is the basic step to mastering this AI bot. Let’s explore Midjourney more and share your creation with us! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Fix Midjourney Seed Not Working?

To fix the Midjourney seed not working you can log out and log in to the software again. Also, you should refresh and reinstall to check if it is working fine. Still, if the issue is not resolved, you can clear the system cache. If that also fails you, contact Midjourney customer support or Midjourney Discord. 

Q2. How Do I Use Seed Midjourney V5?

When Midjourney V5 was introduced, users found that seeds are not available for individual pictures anymore. You can only find it when you use the grid mode. However, this issue has been resolved and now the seed functions are as good as the previous versions. 

Q3. How Do I Get The Seed Number In Midjourney? 

To get the seed number in Midjourney, just select the image and react to it with the envelope emoji. As soon as you react to the image, the Midjourney AI bot will send you the image details including the seed number. 

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