How To View Archived Posts On Instagram In 2022

How To View Archived Posts On Instagram?

Sometimes, we neither want to keep the post up on our feed nor wanna delete it! Then what’s the solution to this? In such a situation, the best way to remove posts from your feed section is to archive them. Yes! You can also delete the posts, but by doing that you’ll be deleting your posts forever. But deleting your posts is not an ideal option, to be honest. Archiving is! Where you can view the archived posts later on. You agree, right? Amazing. But the question arises, how to view archived posts on Instagram? You will get to know about this below.

An American video and photo-sharing platform Instagram is one of the most utilized and popular social networking platforms. Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger were the founders of Instagram. Initially, it was released in October 2010 on iOS and on Android in April 2012. In April 2012, Facebook-owned Instagram for $1 billion in US$ (in cash and stock) approx. The users can alter and make changes in their content with AI filters and manage them by titles, hashtags, and geographical tagging and they can share them. And, at some point they do not want to flaunt a post anymore, they can archive them.

Archiving posts will only remove them from the profile temporarily until you recover them back. It’s sort of a temporarily deleting feature. One can always enter the archived section and restore the pictures and videos.

Instagram has a wonderful feature that allows you to hide any post and archive them. You may have also archived some of your pictures or videos and now you wanna restore them or just see them. But confused how? So, let’s learn how to view archived posts on Instagram in 2022. Viewing an archived post is an easy process but it might confuse people as it may be harder to find the archived section. So, now in this manual, we will be directing you as to how to view archived posts on Instagram and restore them on your feed.

How To View Archived Posts On Instagram?  

How To View Archived Posts On Instagram?

Instagram allows you to archive your feed posts whenever you feel like, and unarchive at the same time. If you want to just view your archived posts on Instagram kindly follow this given manual : 

  • Open the Instagram application on your mobile phone.
  • Go to the Profile tab at the right-bottom of your screen.
  • Click on the hamburger menu on the top right corner of your Instagram.
  • Next, click on the Archive option from the resulting list.
  • By default you will see the Story archive, tap on the same and click on the Post archive to view your Archived posts. 

Well, now you have successfully accessed your archived posts. Give your archived ones a visit whenever you feel like it.

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How To View Archived Posts On Instagram Web Or Desktop?

Currently, you can only view your archived posts on your application. You cannot view your archived posts on the Instagram web, mobile browser, or a computer.

If you really wish to view archived posts on a desktop, then you can utilize third-party software which allows you to download an Instagram application on Windows or a Mac.

How To Recover Archived Posts On Instagram? 

How To View Archived Posts On Instagram?

Let’s move forward to another doubt, how to archive posts on Instagram? Scroll down and read to know how to find and view posts on Instagram. Follow the instructions mentioned below to recover the archived posts on Instagram in a few clicks :

  • Open the application ‘”Instagram”.
  • Click on Profile symbol in the lower right corner of the base.
  • Click on the hamburger menu on the top right corner.
  • Next, you will automatically see the story archives. To view the archived posts, select posts archive instead.

Your archive will be shown here. You can restore your archived pictures from Instagram easily.

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Can You View Someone’s Archived Posts on Instagram?

Sadly, archived posts are only visible to the account holder. You can only view the posts that are archived by you and it’s not possible to see someone else’s archived posts until you have their credentials or you log into their account and vice versa.

If you have someone’s ID and password, then you can easily log in to their account and view their archived posts by the method which we have given above. If they have their two-factor authentication mode ON, then logging into their account would be a much more difficult task to complete, because in this case, they will be receiving an OTP whenever you try to log into their account.

Wrap Up:

That’s all on how to view archived posts on Instagram.

When Instagram launched the archive option, it didn’t receive the deserving attention of users and many were unaware of this feature for a long time. Instead of deleting your feed posts permanently and losing your reach, Instagram provides a feature to save and hide the posts temporarily.

You can view your archived posts whenever you want privately without letting anyone see or know. The archive feature includes different categories for stories, feed posts, and live activities. Live activities and stories are saved by default while you get an additional case to archive feed posts that you should utilize occasionally.

Do you appreciate the Instagram archive feature? Have you ever utilized it before? What is your view on it? Let us know in the comment section below.


Q1. How To Undo Archive On Instagram?

Ans. If you need to undo the archive and make it visible to everyone once again, then follow the given steps below :

  • Open Instagram application.
  • Go to Profile.
  • Select archive option from the resulting list.
  • Go to the Post archive, open the post that you wish to un-archive.
  • Click on the three dots above the feed post on the right hand side corner.
  • Click on “Show On Profile”.

Q2. What Happens When You Archive A Post?

Ans. When you enable the archive feature for any post, the post becomes invisible to the other users. It vanishes from your profile until the next time you unarchive it. It’s sort of a temporary delete feature for feed posts. 

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