How To View Wi-Fi Password In Windows 11?

Have you ever tried to connect your device with your friend’s Wi-Fi, but forgot their password? Or, have you ever forgotten your secret keyword for a Wi-Fi network that you previously logged into? There’s a fix to these troubles in Windows 11. If you’re also curious to know how to view Wi-Fi password in Windows 11, then keep reading.

Wi-Fi has become crucial for advanced life. Whether it’s a local restaurant, a cafe, workplace, home, university, or a dorm, Wi-Fi is in use everywhere. Multiple Wi-Fi connections with multiple passwords! With so many connections, it’s logical to be confused with the password of all these Wi-Fi connections you have connected to.

If you have altered your Wi-Fi password recently or set your password a long ago, and now you have to give it to someone or utilize it on a different device, but you can’t remember your password, no issues. Your Windows 11 or other systems keep the history of all the connections you have connected to in the past days along with their passwords. There are multiple ways you can view Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 11.

If you haven’t altered the default keyword given by the Wi-Fi device or just format your router, then you can simply go to the password on the back of the modem near the SSID. As we earlier said, if you have changed or forgotten your password, then stick with us because we’re going to discuss how to view Wi-Fi password in Windows 11.

How To View Wi-Fi Password In Windows 11 In Control Panel?

How To View WiFi Password In Windows 11?

For this solution to function, you need to be connected to your Wi-Fi account of whose password you want to recover. This is helpful for the guest connectors. Since you’re always linked to your Wi-Fi network, you don’t remember the password you’ve shared with a visitor.

  • Go to the Control Panel.
  • Tap on Network and Internet.
  • Next, click on Network followed by Sharing Center.
  • You will find your current network in the “View your default network data and set up networks groups“.
  • At the right side of networks, click on the name of your Wi-Fi connection.
  • The Wi-Fi status tab will appear, Click on Wireless Properties at the base of the network group.
  • Your network’s Wireless Network Properties will come, tap on Security Tab.
  • Mark tick in the box to view the keywords.
  • Your Wi-Fi password will appear next in the Network Security box.

How To View Wi-Fi Password In Windows 11 By Using Windows Terminal?

If you’re not in connection with your Wi-Fi network, but you’ve connected your device once in the past, then you can make use of Windows Terminal to get the password. This is the most useful solution to view your Wi-Fi password in Windows 11.

  • Open Windows Terminal as an admin.
  • Run this command :

netsh wlan show profile “[Wi-Fi name]” key=clear

NOTE: Exchange the Wi-Fi name in the command with the name of your Wi-Fi connection.

Numerous data about your Wi-Fi network will appear, password included. You can view the password near the Key Content in the Security settings group.

How To View Wi-Fi Password In Windows 11 By Third-Party Tool?

How To View WiFi Password In Windows 11?

In addition, you can make use of a third-party tool to view saved passwords of your Wi-Fi connection easily. If you’re seeking a one-tap fix, then you can use WirelessKeyView from Nirsoft. It’s a free-of-cost tool that allows you to view all Wi-Fi security passwords saved in your system.

All you require to do is go to the official website and download the portable zip. Install it and open the application. It will show you the passwords and names of all your Wi-Fi network without doing anything.

Or else, you can use Wi-fi Password viewer by MagicJellyBean.

Wallah! You’re done here.

Wrapping Up:

Password maintenance is a crucial step in keeping your home network and router safe. If you lose your secret keyword, the ideal step to take is to change it. If you don’t remember your Wi-Fi password, then you can easily recover it from the Settings of Windows 11. Make sure, with this trick, you can only see a password of a Wi-Fi connection if you are already in connection with that network.

You have multiple options to find the lost password of your active or saved Wi-Fi networks on Windows 11 by using the Settings application, PowerShell, or Command Prompt. Typically, this will be required when you will be trying to connect your mobile or another device or require help to connect to someone else’s laptop to your Wi-Fi, or want to pen down the data for the future.


Q1. Can We Find Wi-Fi Passwords On Windows 11?

Ans. Fortunately, yes. You can find Passwords of your current and earlier Wi-Fi connections through the Settings app, Command Prompt, and PowerShell of Windows 11. 

Q2. Passwords Of How Many Connections Can We Find At Once In Windows 11?

Ans. Data of every connection with whom you’ve connected your device in the past will be shown while recovering the password, later on, you can choose whose password and information you want specifically. Then your system will show the data of that device.

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