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When Will Truth Social Android App Launch?

Initiating a practice to give the social media space, an application known as Truth Social has rolled out as a competitor of Twitter and Facebook. Social platforms are an aspect of the internet that’s just next to impossible to ignore. From interacting with companions, being in touch with office colleagues, or having conversations with family members, it’s an important mediator in many lives. But what the application is exactly? What are the Terms and Conditions? Can it be trusted? To know the answers to these questions let’s know together what is the Truth Social Privacy Policy along with its Terms and Conditions.  

Currently, few applications are leading the whole social media market. Facebook remains to be a popular application for interacting, Instagram is still a famed application for sharing pictures and images, Twitter is still going strong. Now Truth Social has entered the market as a tough competitor in the field.

Even if you are not well familiar with the world of social media, you must have heard about the Truth Social media. This platform is led by the former president of the US, Donald Trump himself. He ensures that it’s going to be a free, open, and truthful platform, none like Twitter and Facebook. Soon after the President got banned from popular platforms in January 2021, the rumors of a Trump-backed platform started spreading.

Along with being a true social media platform, it ensures its users are free from political discrimination and judgments, it’s clear that it’ll favor the fans and supporters of the Former President the most. Truth Social is going to beat sites similar to itself like Parler and MeWe, because of Trump’s promotion and support to it. But not sure about applications like Facebook, Twitter, and other Silicon Valley companies. With Truth Social out in market for the iOS users, let’s check whether is it trustable or not by peeking through Truth Social Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Truth Social Privacy Policy

The Truth and Trust Online Conference (TTO) is responsible for keeping safe the privacy of its users and members with whomever they communicate.

The Privacy Policy briefs how they utilize and manages the privacy of personal data they gather online while communicating with anyone on Truth Social or any linked website like the WordPress edition website, the EasyChair website, and the registration website. TTO Conference Ltd. is the data manager for users’ personal information for any relevant data protection legislation purposes.

This Policy will be applicable to personal data that TTO gathers or receives about third parties and TTO members involved, including TTO organizers, Program committee members, and participants of the conference when you utilize their website or engage with them anyways. Personal data which is provided to them or obtained by them, by which you can be recognized will be only utilized in the described way. By connecting them via the website, you must be careful that they may gather, utilize and transfer your personal data according to the policy.

Alterations To This Policy

Any alterations that may create to this Policy in the upcoming times will be updated on our website. It’s under your responsibility to make sure that you are aware of the latest update of this Policy and continuing to utilize their website or engage with them anyways you will be required to accept the new Terms and Conditions.

Truth Social: Is It Safe Or Not?

However, it’s based on Mastodon’s code, Truth Social might be bound not to interact with other Fediverse services, effectively isolating it. Mastodon also has strong refining, blocking, and moderating tools inbuilt. These are accessible to both users and admins. These might not be available in Truth Social.

Alternate security hints can be found in Truth Social’s documentation. Advertisements and third-party advertisers are mentioned in the Privacy Policy, still, it’s unclear how privacy policy will be affected by this, through the commercialization is the main target. Truth Social’s Terms and Conditions clearly say that anything that will tarnish, disparage or harm anyway according to their opinion, them or the site will be restricted by the Truth Social App.


Just like the Truth Social privacy policy, the security of personal data is crucial to TTO. TTO manages all personal information with physical safeguards, technical, administrative, misuse, modification, destruction, and improper disclosure. No information or computer system can ever be entirely protected against every hazard. TTO ensures appropriate and reasonable security measures to keep personal data safe from predictable dangers.

Wrapping Up:

That’s all for the Truth Social Privacy Policy and Term and conditions.

The only thing Trump loved the most was posting on the internet, which was then snatched away from him by the Big Techs in January 2021. He had around 90 million followers on Twitter and 34 million on Facebook, before getting banned.

Instead of accepting defeat, he created his own platform, known as Truth Social. He moved all of his followers and supporters to his social media. The current status proves that Truth Social can leave Facebook and Twitter behind. Statistics show that the days are not far. Truth Social is more than 60 percent ready to kick other platforms out of the way as this one offers a lot more than the rest.


Q1. Who Is Leading Truth Social Media?

Ans. Truth Social App is leaded and managed by the former president of the US Donald Trump along with TMTG and DWAC.

Q2. Is Truth Social Available For Free?

Ans. As the application calls itself “America’s Big Tent” that appreciates an open and judgment-free platform, it provides service all for free, no subscription model launched as of now.

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