How To Win Reinforce Matches In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare is hard already, but it takes a higher level with the Reinforce mode. Players must battle to capture flags or kill all the other enemies, but the challenging aspect is that everything happens in the dark. That’s why many players fail in this mood. 

So, if you’re struggling to win, don’t feel bad because you’re not alone. The good news is that pro gamers have decoded the secrets to winning the night-vision fights. In this article, we will explore the important things that can ensure your winnings. 

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Reinforce Winning secrets. 

  1. Choose suitable weapons 

It is usually better to choose the right weapons to match your play style. But in this mode, you need to target the one that works better. For instance, you need weapons that kill faster than others. You don’t want to give the enemies any chance to kill you, given that respawning is not sure in Gun Games

Also, pick versatile weapons. As you play the matches, many scenarios will come up to push you hard. If you use versatile weapons, staying alive will be easier. Also, the nature of the map should guide you on the weapons to use. So base your choice on versatility, map, and fast time-to-kill. But if you’re confused, check weapons such as M4A1 for versatility, MP7 for quick kills, 725 for more damages, and HDR for long-range shots. 

  1. Set Traps near Objectives 

Capturing the flags is the objectives players pursue to win this mode. Any team that holds all three or kills all the enemies wins the game. So, if you want to get the upper hand, set traps around these flags to stop other teams from grabbing them. 

You can use Mines and Claymores to hinder the enemies. The Clamore is activated once an enemy gets near to it. It is an explosive mine that can take down many enemies, even the ones reviving others. But even if it doesn’t go off, other teams can avoid the flags once they notice the traps. Even a weapon like the “Proximity Mine” can destroy vehicles. So, use them. 

  1. Heartbeat Sensor is important. 

If you want to know where the enemies are, use this equipment. It enables you to discover the positions of your opponent on the map. Once you identify their locations, you can kill them or completely avoid them. 

Remember, this mode is played in the night mode. So, if the lights are off, the heartbeat sensor becomes really useful. But, most importantly, the equipment operates quietly and won’t give away your position. 

  1. Bait the enemies 

Don’t just wait for them to find you. Lure them out and finish them off. If you have some grenades, put them to good use. If you are ready to take down enemies, throw some grenades towards a particular location where you want them to go.

 Once their attention is towards that area, move in behind and finish them off. Your team can flank them to push them into the spot you want them to be. 

  1. Don’t play solo

It is better to play Reinforce with other players. If you prefer playing alone, it won’t be easy to win. You need others to help capture the objectives. Also, if you die or a team member dies, others can continue until they have achieved victory. Having said that, don’t wander around alone when you’re playing as a team. Another important thing is to target the home flag to gain more advantage over the other team. 

  1. Stick with the game after death

One good thing about this mode is that players can respawn after death if their team captures a flag. So, try to remain alert even after death to know what’s happening. Then, if you get the respawn opportunity, it will be easy to continue the game without dragging the team back. 

By following the game also, you can know the objective your team is pursuing. That means the flag they have and the one they’re targeting. Also, you will know the score and the moves your team is making. All these will help you ease back into the game. 


Reinforce is challenging, and that’s why action-seekers love it. However, if you also love adventure games, you can still enjoy this Warzone mode. It is entirely different from other modes, and you get to explore many options to win. For instance, you can capture the three flags, hold more than one, or kill all the enemies to win. You can also take help of modern warfare 2 hack or smooth movements in the game.

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