How To Withdraw Money From Easy Steps To Follow!

How to withdraw money from

If you are a newbie to the cryptocurrency world you must have a number of questions in your head and one among them must be how to withdraw money from Crypto platforms. Well, if this is the scenario then here we are with a post that will tell you how to withdraw money from is among the most popular exchanges. It has a huge range of cryptocurrencies available for trading. You must have thought about withdrawing your funds from that platform. If you need information about how to withdraw money from, you need to have a verified account for withdrawal from this platform. doesn’t support fiat withdrawals until now, you won’t have immediate access to your money. You need to sell your cryptocurrency and store the USD you receive from selling it in your USD fiat wallet. This will help you access it. After this, you can move your money to a US bank.

We have a complete guide that will help you know how to withdraw money from You can go through this post to find out the steps that are needed to be followed to know how to withdraw money from So, let us dive into the post to know how to withdraw money from

What Is is a crypto exchange platform that is hugely popular and among the trustworthy platforms since 2016. The platform has an enormous range of cryptocurrencies available for trading. These cryptocurrencies can be accessed by people from over 80 countries. Some of the popular cryptocurrencies traded on the platform are as follows. 

  • Ethereum 
  • Bitcoin 
  • Uniswap 
  • Litecoin 
  • Enjin Coin 
  • Terra
  • Cardano 
  • USD Coin
  • Nano
  • Axie
  • 1inch
  • Rarible 

It is one of the best choices for experienced traders. The platform is not the toughest to use however, it can be a little overwhelming for the first time because of the website. It is well-known for the security features it provides to its users. It is one of the cheapest alternatives to other cryptocurrency exchanges. Let us now discuss how to withdraw money from 

How To Withdraw Money From

How to withdraw money from

If you are worried about how to withdraw money from, you must know that you need to follow some steps for this. Here are the steps that must be followed to get an answer to how to withdraw money from 

  1. Open the app.
  2. If you haven’t linked your bank account, do that. If you have linked it, you will find the transfer button below the crypto account balance
  3. Tap the Transfer button. A pop-up will appear with two options which are Withdraw and Deposit. 
  4. Click on Withdraw.
  5. Two options will appear that are Crypto and Fiat.
  6. Choose the Fiat option which will have a description of Withdraw fiat to your bank account. 
  7. Choose the currency preferred by you.
  8. After you have chosen your desired currency, fill in the amount of money you would like to withdraw.
  9. Hit the Withdraw button after entering the amount. 
  10. A confirmation screen will appear once you tap the withdraw button.
  11. You can find the possible fees if any along with the recipient, time, and the total amount withdrawn by you.

With these simple and short steps, you can successfully withdraw money from Withdrawal may take some time, so you need to wait for that much time. This was the whole process of how to withdraw money from

Things To Consider Before Withdrawing Money From 

If you want to withdraw money from, you need to keep certain things in mind. You require an external cryptocurrency wallet address to receive money or funds. This wallet will have your money sent during cryptocurrency transactions. You can put your wallet address instead of the address provided by the exchange at the time of signing up. You can keep a check if any restrictions are there to withdrawing money from or not.

Check out such restrictions before the withdrawal. Take care of these things before you withdraw money from 


This post covers all the relevant information about how to withdraw money from You need to follow the right steps to successfully withdraw money from You can try out these steps and withdraw money from easily. You can ask us in case of any queries related to this.

The platform also has good customer service and the app can be easily used for customer support. It will help customers immediately solve any issues or problems. You can share the post with your friends and help them know how to withdraw money from  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Get Money Out Of

A. Yes, you can easily withdraw money from by following some simple steps.

Q2. Can You Withdraw To A Bank Account From

A. Yes, you can withdraw USD, crypto, and other currencies to a bank account or other withdrawal addresses from

Q3. Partners With What Bank?

A. partners with the Silvergate bank, a Federal Reserve member bank and one of the leading providers of innovative infrastructure solutions and services for the growing crypto industry. 

Q4. Why Did Disable Crypto Transactions? 

A. If the platform detects any unusual action or activity from a user’s account, disables all transactions for the user’s safety. 

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