Crypto-Friendly Banks | Which Bank Accepts Cryptocurrency?

Crypto-friendly banks

Crypto-friendly banks are forward-looking entities that accept cryptocurrencies as a medium of monetary trade. Cryptocurrencies are, without any doubt ruling the world like anything. Every other person can be seen involved in trading cryptocurrencies. If you are still unaware of such banks, here is a complete guide on Crypto-friendly banks that will help you get complete details.

We can view blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies accepted by people. They allow them to make transactions with privacy, decentralized systems and lower fees. Financial institutions like banks are also expanding their services. The high growth in the crypto industry has led banks to integrate cryptocurrencies and blockchain into their core services.  

Cryptocurrency was created as a substitute for banks aiming to be a trustworthy and reliable source of investments and transactions. However, many people see cryptocurrencies as threats to the traditional financial industry. Thankfully, we have got crypto-friendly banks! Many banks allow their users to buy digital assets and deal with cryptocurrencies. 

Curious to know about these crypto-friendly banks? If yes, here is a post for you. This post will help you get complete details about crypto-friendly banks and the top crypto-friendly banks that are worth taking a glance at. These banks have varying degrees of crypto-friendliness. We will help you get all the necessary information about these here. So, without any further ado, let us begin the post and get details about crypto-friendly banks.

What Are Crypto-Friendly Banks?

As the name suggests, Crypto-Friendly banks are the banks or financial institutions that freely let their customers deposit or withdraw funds from their accounts to crypto-related platforms. It lets you use a debit or a credit card issued to purchase and sell cryptocurrency freely. If you use these banks, you can cash out funds from your crypto investments and complete wire transfers to crypto exchanges and similar entities. You must have got a clear overview of these banks. Let us now check out the pros and cons of crypto-friendly banks. 

Pros And Cons Of Choosing Crypto-Friendly Banks

Let us see what the advantages and disadvantages of using crypto-friendly banks are:


  • These are user-friendly banks.
  • They can be more reliable.
  • These banks offer better security.
  • Customers can earn great interest rates.


  • There are risks of hacking.
  • It is quite complex to use such platforms.
  • Users may suffer from liquidity struggles. 

These were the pros and cons of choosing crypto-friendly banks. Let us see what the top crypto-friendly banks are.

Best Crypto-Friendly Banks

Crypto-Friendly Banks

Here are the best crypto-friendly banks that you can try out. Let us know which banks are included in this list.

  1. Ally
  2. BankProv
  3. Nuri
  4. Wirex
  5. Revolut
  6. Changeinvest
  7. USAA
  8. Barclays
  9. Bankera
  10. Royal Bank of Scotland

Let us discuss the top 5 crypto-friendly banks in detail.

1. Ally: Best With US Crypto Exchanges

Ally Bank is a cryptocurrency-friendly bank in the US. Users can buy or sell cryptocurrencies through Coinbase. Customers are allowed credit to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from exchanges.

Country: USA


  • It has easy integration with Coinbase.
  • Good interest is offered on invested money.
  • No minimum deposits are needed.
  • It doesn’t need any monthly fees.


  • It is only available for United States citizens. 

2. Nuri: Best For Saving In Bitcoin

Nuri is one of the most popular crypto-friendly banks. It offers simple crypto bank accounts for managing users’ everyday banking and trading crypto. Customers can store traditional currencies, Bitcoins, etc. all in just a single account.

Country: Germany


  • You can invest in cryptocurrency directly from your bank accounts.
  • Users can open a free bank account for daily payments and savings.
  • You can cash out or deposit coins anytime.


  • It only supports Ether and Bitcoin.
  • It is available only to European residents.

3. Wirex: Best Support For Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Wirex is among the best crypto-friendly banking services for purchasing and selling crypto users based in the United Kingdom. It offers Mastercard allowing users to spend around 21 traditional and cryptocurrencies in real-time.

Country: United Kingdom


  • Users can purchase, store, and manage their crypto and traditional money.
  • You can add funds using a debit card, credit card, or bank transfer.
  • You can send 21 digital and traditional cryptocurrencies.
  • Enjoy unrestricted access to borderless payments.


  • It is not accepted at various locations.

4. Revolut: Best For Cryptocurrency Investments

Revolut has services available for people in Europe and the UK. It is among the well-known crypto-friendly banks allowing individuals and companies to deal with crypto using their digital bank accounts. 

Country: Europe and UK


  • Simple to use.
  • It includes a built-in crypto exchange.
  • It supports both SEPA and SWIFT transfers.
  • Supports up to 30 currencies.


  • Due to security reasons, customer accounts can be frozen
  • High charges for the built-in exchange.

5. BankProv: Best For Crypto Businesses

BankProv is among the best crypto-friendly banks known to offer full-service USD banking products for cryptocurrency natives and related businesses. It is the 10th oldest bank in the United States. It recently entered into the cryptocurrency space and offers fully-insured USD backing solutions for cryptocurrency businesses, crypto-backed loans, custom API banking solutions, etc.

Country: United States


  • Personalized account onboarding.
  • Fully insured USD deposits.
  • Crypto-backed lending options.
  • Supported platforms are iOS, Web, and Android.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Crypto-Friendly Banks

Certain features must be looked for before choosing crypto-friendly banks. We have covered these features while choosing the right banks for yourself.

  • Easy usage
  • Better security
  • High reliability
  • Reasonable fees
  • Earning interest as an additional feature
  • Rewards
  • Availability
  • Supported coins or cryptocurrencies

You can even search for other additional features and these factors while looking for the right crypto-friendly banks.


This post includes all the relevant details about crypto-friendly banks. The number of people incorporating cryptocurrencies into their daily lives is increasing. It is expected that more banks will come up and accept cryptocurrencies as a part of their future business model. The need of the hour for banks to accept crypto is due to its huge demand and popularity.

If you are looking for crypto-friendly banks, this post will help you find everything about these banks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do Banks Accept Bitcoin?

A. Yes, many Bitcoin-friendly banks allow users and companies to use crypto services like Bitcoin. Many banks also accept the funds that are obtained from crypto transactions.

Q2. What Are The Best Crypto-Friendly Banks?

A. Many crypto-friendly banks are available. Some of the best ones are ALLY, Coinbase, NURI, Revolut, and many more.

Q3. Are There Any Risks Of Not Using Crypto-Friendly Banks?

A. Yes, there are a few risks involved when dealing with banks that are not crypto-friendly. 

Q4. Which Canadian Banks Support Cryptocurrency?

A. Some of the Canadian banks that support cryptocurrencies are TD Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, National Bank of Canada, etc.

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