How you can keep your privacy on social media using invisible text

It is not very uncommon to know about Facebook profile hacking incidents nowadays. Moreover, no one would laugh at the fact that social media privacy leaks really exist.

With that said, most of us don’t take precautionary measures to keep our privacy on social media intact. That’s why we fall prey to social engineering and other malicious activities.

Techniques like reversing your name text or making it invisible may help you keep your social identity safe and sound.

It’s like killing two birds with a single stone. You may sound cool as well as protect your profiles. 

Let’s dig deep to divulge some amazing insights.

Invisible characters; what do they mean?

The thing which exists but we cannot see is invisible to us. By the same token, invisible characters are those which you cannot see but computers understand.

The computer is a digital device that understands instructions translated into a machine or binary code. 

Since invisible characters are actually Unicode, a system of characters that fall outside the ASCII character set.

It encompasses a lot of obscure and uncommon characters from different languages you can use to write characters. 

Unicode also includes several invisible characters you can use. These invisible characters take up space but you cannot see it.

How invisible text may help you protect your profiles?

Everyone on social media wants to feel cool and different from others. People use different ways to express their social media names. 

Some use fancy fonts, some reverse their text, and some use invisible characters to hide their names.

There are various ways how empty characters protect your profile from malicious acts:

It protects you from social engineering:

Hackers employ different techniques to interact with social media users. They would first investigate their profiles and develop a persona of that individual.

 They would either message and interact with him or use different interesting offers to get an action from the individual. 

Invisible character helps you in this matter because the perpetrator can’t find any information around which he can manipulate you. After all, you have already kept your information confidential and safe.

Saves you from blackmailing:

You may see various cases in which the culprits create fake profiles of the victim’s name with her pictures and extract some hideous information or perform some acts that they want.

The perpetrator may blackmail you or ask you for money for deleting the fake ID. However, if you use empty characters, you can save yourself from these acts, as the hacker does not know your real name.

How you can get these invisible characters?

There exist numerous invisible character tools to help you get some blank text. You can simply click on the website go to the characters and copy them. You can paste those empty characters into any text.

The computer will read the text and give move the cursor to the right. But you won’t see the text with your eyes.

What are the other functions of invisible text?

If you have seen your friend messaging you an empty text, you can tell how awesome it looks in real. Moreover, most people want to boast on the internet to express themselves as different from others.

They find different ways to grab others’ attention. Therefore, they use invisible fonts to show their uniqueness. 

They entertain themselves and their friend by removing their names with empty characters. 

In addition, people get amazed by your empty messages and may feel curious about your text of what you are saying under the garb of invisible characters.

Another important feature of these fonts is that you can use them to rename your online gaming profiles and may write empty character in place of the real names.

This saves you from cyberbullying and also keeps your profile anonymous from other gamers.

No one can look up to you because you have hidden your name thus no one can search for you. Moreover, it also seems cool to use a nameless ID or social profile.

Final words:

Social media usage has usurped the whole internet primarily because it is a kind of addiction. The fun attached to it gives a dopamine rush and attracts people to keep on using it.

However, social media has some marvelous advantages, like interacting with friends and remaining in touch with family and loved ones.

Moreover, you can make friends with people far off your area across the world. You can learn about their cultures and history.

Moreover, daily updates around the world help you remain aware of the news and circumstances. Nevertheless, that does not mean social media does not have any downside. 

While using social media, your social identity and privacy are always at the stake. Thus, you can use invisible text to save your social privacy.

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