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Humane Wearable AI

It is simply awesome watching the revolution of computers. The more powerful the technology became the more it shrunk in appearance. And, now we are talking about invisible technology! The Humane Wearable AI is the new game changer that is going to transform the way we interact with technology. 

Gen-Z are glued into the phone screen. Even the average screen time for adults is also growing day by day! It’s time to finally come to a solution to control the issue. Considering we’re more and more dependent on technology, is it hard to reduce screen time? But, what if interacting with technology becomes more touchless and just more sensible? Humane Wearable AI is on the verge of bridging this new change in our life. 

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Humane Wearable AI is a more natural AI technology that sees and feels everything that you do and helps you from going through mail updates to translating language or getting directions to a new place without looking at any screen! Also, Humane Wearable AI can help you with receiving a phone call and capturing moments.

Have you ever imagined controlling everything around you just with voice commands? The purpose of Humane Wearable AI is to let you more into the present, give your eyes a break from the screen and enjoy the company of a personal assistant all the time. From your daily agenda to your health, Humane Wearable AI is going to help you with all and you do not need to touch a screen to control it!  

Humane Wearable AI Release Date

humane wearable AI

Humane, the brainchild of ex-Apple employees Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, has given a live demo of the first-of-its-kind wearable AI assistant with a projected display and AI-powered features that intend to act as a personal assistant. During the Ted Talk, Chaudhri said, “It’s a new kind of wearable device and platform that’s built entirely from the ground up for artificial intelligence, and it’s completely standalone. You don’t need a smartphone or any other device to pair with it.”

We are all waiting long for the Humane Wearable AI release date. Since we got the first demo of the product at the TED Talk [Released: 21st April, 2023]. It’s been four weeks and the first look of the prototype has captivated us, but still, we are unable to know when the device will be released in the market. As we were going through the TED Talk by Imran Chaudhri, Co-Founder, Chairman, and President of Humane said, “We really believe that we’re only beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible. Embed advancements of AI, like in our device that’s actually built to disappear and allow experiences to come forward, and we open up entirely new possible ways of how you interact with technology and how you interact with the world around you.”

So we can assume that the product is still at its beta stage and needs more work to do. However, considering the prototype, it can be assumed that we can have the Humane Wearable AI in our hands by the end of 2023 or at the beginning of 2024! 

What Can Humane Wearable AI Do?

What Human Wearable AI can not do? Well, we are already introduced to AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Google Bard. It means the expectation bar is very high. However, according to the prototype introduction in TED Talk, it can be assumed that Humane Wearable AI is going to excel all of the benchmarks. 

The goal of Humane Wearable AI is to let us experience a screen-free world, where we technology is more human like a personal assistant that can be controlled by voice commands and does not need any screen to input prompts. 

According to the demo, this AI gadget can take care of all your emails and gives you a head start. Also, it can schedule your appointments and take care of your personal agenda. The AI gadget can also record videos for you, take notes for you, translate your command into any language with emotion, and use your voice! 

Also, you no longer have to search for nearby places, just ask the AI bot ‘I need to shop’ or ‘Find me a fine restaurant nearby’ or ‘directions to the airport’ and you will get a personalized answer. 

Moreover, now that we are using smart watches for better health monitoring, Humane Wearable AI can replace that too! As demonstrated by Mr. Imran Chaudhri, the AI gadget can recognize any food composition and suggest to you whether it is good for your health [according to the previous interactions with AI about your health needs].

Have we talked about managing calls? Well, yes that is too achievable! The AI gadget can receive a call for you and arrange your contacts and you no longer need a phone too! 

Humane Wearable AI Device

If you are curious, what does a Humane Wearable AI device look like – it is a small box-like earbuds container with a minimum power button and can be easily carried in a pocket. The one prototype used by Mr. Chaudhri in the TED Talk looks like an earbud container and comes in Black color. 

Humane Wearable AI Projector Price

People on the internet are curious about the Humane Wearable AI price. However, the product is still not released. Also, Humane did not share any information or hints about the price tag of the product. 

However, we are already using AI assistants and Chatbots that have a reasonably high price bar. Also, Humane Wearable AI comes with thousands of amazing features and none of the current AI gadgets that are available in the market can match. Hence, it can be assumed that the Humane Wearable AI will come with a higher price range. 

Moreover, the price range for the product is not going to be less than the latest iPhone as this screen-less gadget has already become popular as the ‘iPhone Killer’! 

Humane Wearable AI Assistant

Humane Wearable AI is the one fine assistant that we were waiting for a long. Well, the demo of the AI product gives us a taste of the SciFi movies. Experiencing the same is gonna be so cool! 

This super AI assistant goes screen-free so that you can access it while being present in other activities. When using screens are detaching us from the environment, using a Humane Wearable AI assistant will help us to live in the present more and enjoy technology as a part of our life. 

Humane Wearable AI Demo

Chairman and President of Humane, Imran Chaudhri has shared a demo for the Humane Wearable AI. It is found that we no longer need to monitor screens to give AI the necessary prompts. Anyone, with no technical knowledge or specially-abled people, can use this Humane Wearable AI device just with voice commands. 

The demo showed that the AI gadget can help you to receive calls, to manage your mail, and gives you heads up. Also, this smart AI assistant monitors your health and can guide you with food and exercise. Besides, any need for directions to an unknown place or translating speech can be done with this device. Mr. Imran Chaudhry shows in the demo that Humane Wearable AI works as a human translator who translates your speech into another language keeping your emotions intact in your voice! 

The demo of the product in the TED Talk was not only inspiring but also lucrative. This is the technology of the future where technology is going to be touchless, yet super interactive. 


It is time to redefine the human-technology bond. The introduction of the Humane Wearable AI  is a huge step forward where we can believe in experiencing more personalized help from AI to enhance our life and productivity. It’s time that we admire artists playing with technology and making our life better every day! 

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