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The Importance Of Refresh Rate In Phone

You cannot deny the fact that mobile phones have fully replaced Television sets. You gotta agree with me on this! But, love for the movies and TV shows is still the same. This means the audience is shifting to their mobile devices for streaming movies. So, why not get a phone that has got the best refresh rate to make the video experience better?

Well, the refresh rate of the display not only describes the video experience but also the scrolling is also made smoother. So, what do you think will be the perfect refresh rate for your new device? We have explained every aspect of the display screen requirements in the post below.

A 60 Hz display is enough for gaming but, the higher the refresh rate the more clarity you will get in the motion video on your device. As of now, the latest gaming phones are dealing with the 90 Hz and 120 Hz refresh rate screens.

We know you are having a lot of queries like which will be the best rate, are there any drawbacks of the screen with high refresh rates and many more. Well, worry not we have answered all your queries below.

What Is Refresh Rate On Mobile Phones?

Importance Of Refresh Rate In Phone
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The refresh rate of a device is defined as the number of times the screen of the particular device updates itself. This update of the screen is measured in Hz (Hertz). 

We know that the definition given above is too technical and if you are a newbie then you might not get it. Well, fret not! We will explain it to you in simpler words as well.

We know that the screens are dynamic which means they are always moving. Ever wondered how moving videos are displayed on the static screen?

Here is a human-eye fact! If a photo is changed within 1/16th of a second then the picture will appear to us moving. This method is used to create a sense of motion pictures in filmography. The higher the speed of photos getting changed the more clarity we will get on screen.

Well, this was just a rough idea of what a refresh rate is how a motion video is created.

In scientific terms, “The frequency and speed at which the content is refreshed on the screen is known as its Refresh Rate”.

If we combine the explanation above and the scientific definition of the Refresh Rate then we can say that “A refresh rate is a frequency at which the screen updates itself in a single second”.

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Are Hz (Hertz) And FPS (Frames Per Second) The Same?

Many users have this doubt and often ask about the similarity between the Hertz and the Frames per second. Well, worry not, we are here with the proper explanation about both of them that will clear your doubt. But before we move on to the proper difference between the both, let us have a look at the definition of these two terms individually. This will answer 90 percent of your queries.

Hertz: It is the SI unit of Frequency and one hertz is equal to the one cycle per second and when it comes to the mobile screens then if your device has an “X” Hz refresh rate it means that the screen will refresh X times in a single second.

Frames Per Second: As we already told you that if you move images at a very high speed it creates a sense of motion picture to the human eye. Well, coming to the definition of FPS, it is the rate at which the frames (Pictures) are changed on the screen within a second.

So, we can say that Hertz and FPS are roughly the same and both are used to monitor the screen’s refresh rate.

Most Common Refresh Rates In Mobile Phones

Importance Of Refresh Rate In Phone
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Refresh rates are an important aspect that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a new mobile phone. Because it is the entity that will decide the user’s experience in the video sessions on mobile phones.

Not only the video experience is increased but having a higher refresh rate screen will also make the scrolling and gaming experience better. Well, that is obvious, Smoother the screen is, the better will be the user experience.

Talking about the type of Refresh rate that we get for mobile phones is 60 Hz, 90 Hz, and 120 Hz. 

60 Hertz

Starting with the 60 Hz, it is the least refresh rate that the mobile companies are offering in the devices. Well, this is not the least we also have the 30 Hz display but, an unsaid standard has been set by the companies. This standard is the minimum 60 Hz will be available for all the latest models.

As we defined above that 60 Hz rate means that the mobile screen will be refreshed 60 times in a second and that is considered to be a good rate.

90 Hertz

Moving ahead from the 60 Hz we have the 90 Hz refresh rate. As we said this means that the moving screen will be refreshed 90 times in a second.

A screen refreshing 90 times in a second!! You can imagine the quality of the video experience and the smoothness of the screen. Obviously, it will cost you more but the gaming experience will be unmatchable. If you ever get a choice to choose between 60 Hz or 90 Hz, we suggest you always go with the 90 Hz rate.

120 Hertz 

This is the maximum refresh rate that mobile devices are offering right now. Well, this is expected to change in the future as gamers are shifting to the new gaming phones. You will find the 120 Hz rate mostly in the gaming phones that are launched recently.

The companies are designing the phones in such a way that you get the maximum screen quality for a good gaming experience and the phone still comes in the range of the common man.

120 Hz offers you an experience that is double the 60 Hz and almost 4 times the screen experience offered by the 30 Hz display.

We have talked about the importance of having high refresh rates on mobile devices. But, do you know that there are a few drawbacks of using the high refresh rates as well. Yeah, I know this might sound absurd but there are a few limitations of using the high hertz screens as well.

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Drawbacks Of Higher Refresh Rates

Well, the first drawback that comes to mind is the cost. The higher the refresh rate of the mobile phone, the more the cost will be. If you have enough budget then this won’t bother you much. 

Another major drawback is that the phone with a higher Hz rate will consume more battery. The more refresh will put more stress on the battery and hence the battery of the device will drain out soon.

Our Suggestions For The Phones With High Frame Rates

If you were reading this article to get the idea about the refresh rates because you are buying a new phone soon then for your help here we are with the list of the best phones.

SamsungASUSOne PlusXiaomi
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5GSamsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5GSamsung Galaxy Note 20 UltraSamsung Galaxy S20+Samsung Galaxy S20Samsung Galaxy S20 FESamsung Galaxy S20 FE 5GSamsung Galaxy A72Samsung Galaxy A52Samsung Galaxy F22Samsung Galaxy A22 5GSamsung Galaxy M32Samsung Galaxy M12Asus ROG Phone 3 (144 Hz)Asus Zenfone 7 Pro (90Hz)Asus Zenfone 7 (90Hz)OnePlus 9 ProOnePlus 8 ProOnePlus 9OnePlus 9ROnePlus 8TOnePlus 8OnePlus Nord 2OnePlus NordOnePlus Nord CE 5GXiaomi Mi 11 UltraMi 11X ProMi 11XXiaomi Mi 11 LiteMi 10iXiaomi Mi 10 5GXiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5GXiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro MaxXiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

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Wrapping Up

We hope that now you are clear with the types and the importance of the refresh rates in mobile devices. Well, you also have to keep in mind that Refresh rate is not the only thing that is to be considered while looking for a new mobile phone. You also have to consider its battery life, the reputation of the brand, the processor used, camera quality, and a lot more.

Refresh rates are just an aspect to be considered. If you found this article informative then do share it with your friends and if you still have any queries then do ask us in the comments section. We will be happy to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is 120Hz Better Than 60Hz?

If we talk about the video experience on mobile devices then obviously 120 Hz is better than the 60 Hz display. It will give you almost double the video experience. The only drawback is that the 120 Hz display will consume more battery. 

Q. Is The 60Hz Screen Refresh Rate Good?

Yes, a 60 Hz refresh rate is good for gaming. If you have a limited budget then a 60 Hz display is not a bad choice.

Q. Is A Higher Refresh Rate Better?

A higher refresh rate would put less strain on your eyes and the video experience will be better. The only drawback of a phone with a higher Hz rate consumes more battery. The more refresh will put more stress on the battery and hence the battery of the device will drain out soon.

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