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After the “following” tab disappeared from Instagram, users had trouble checking someone’s Instagram activity history. The photo-sharing platform has long turned from an ordinary social network into a developing business platform. Millions of Instagrammers from different parts of the planet visit it every day. They rate posts, post their content and also get approval from the audience.

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In this regard, it became necessary to track Instagram activity history to gauge the popularity of published materials and the blog as a whole. But do you need any third-party tools for this? How can you keep track of what or who your followers or competitors like or follow? We will try to analyze the answers to all these questions further.

Why Track Instagram Activity History?

Instagram is built so that users rate the content (through likes and comments) they watch in their free time. Instagram algorithms analyze the number of shares, likes, followers, and other essential points to understand audience preferences.

People can “Like” posts on specific profiles (even those they are not subscribed to). The more often this happens, the more publications of these accounts will be in the recommendations. The same rule applies to your content. You can have an audience of thousands, but if the posts’ activity is low, it isn’t easy to get into the recommendation. The data about who liked or commented on your posts will be essential to:

  • Understand what content followers like
  • Analyze what is better to publish less often
  • What posts the followers of the competing accounts have liked or followed
  • Understand the right time to publish posts

This can help you businesswise because you will understand your competitors better and adopt the right strategies to stay ahead of the game. 

How to monitor someone’s Instagram Activity History

Until October 2019, Instagram had a tab named “following” right in the notification bar. It allowed you to view information about the activity of all Instagrammers you follow. There was data on who your friends like, the posts they comment on, and who they subscribe to. This feature disappeared, so finding a solution to seeing your friends’ activity on Instagram has become more complex.

The developers of the photo-sharing application explained the removal of the “following” function because it violated the personal space of Instagram users. And most people did not know about this option at all, so it was considered superfluous. But because of this decision, owners of commercial accounts and ordinary users were outraged. This option made it easier to track competitors’ actions and gather target audiences.

When the function disappeared, users started looking for third-party programs to help them view their friends’ activities. Some of the most popular apps or tracking tools include:

  • Insta-spy (Zengram) – An effective utility that allows you to view the rating of account activity, unsubscribe from specific users. Also, here you can find data about your friends, posts liked, and their subscribers.
  • Popsters- Another method of obtaining data is by subscribing to Zengram. It is available both for a day and for 12 months. The program allows you to view someone’s Instagram activity history. Also, here you can collect interesting posts to the owner of the profile, track comments, and the number of likes.

Will the Followings Tab Return to Instagram

The developers have officially confirmed that the function has disappeared completely and irrevocably. Not all people knew that their activity was being recorded. Instagram CEO Vishal Shah said another reason for removing the option is to simplify the user menu.

Keeping track of competitors’ Instagram activity history will help you understand what needs to change or improve. Which headings to add and which ones are better to remove? 

Snoopreport: The Ideal Instagram Monitoring Service

Thanks to Snoopreport, you no longer need to check Instagram activity history in the news feed. You need to enter a username and, in a week, get a report with all the user’s actions for that week. The accuracy of the data provided by the service is 95%. Snoopreport is beneficial not only for regular users but also for social media marketing specialists (analysts, ad customizers, etc.). 

There are many charts available here that are not available in the official Instagram app. In addition to standard information about likes, subscriptions, and comments, the utility determines the interests of users, the time to complete an action. With its help, you can no longer think about seeing the posts you like on Instagram.

First of all, the Snoopreport service will be helpful for marketers and analysts. It provides many metrics that are not available on the Instagram app. In addition to the usual data, such as likes, likes, comments, and subscriptions made by users, reports display the user’s interests, the time taken to perform actions, hashtags of liked posts. 

Snoopreport also allows you to download Instagram activity history in chronological order in a CSV report. More metrics are available: geolocation, like yourself, signatures of liked posts, and much more.

Image 2. @jerrysltaz’s interests on Instagram provided by Snoopreport

The convenience and versatility of this data are that it can be analyzed in different planes. For example, evaluate the effectiveness of a specific publication, look at the relevant topic or format, and see the data on the profile as a whole.

The service may also be of interest to regular Instagram users: parents can monitor the actions of children to prevent them from interacting with suspicious accounts; users can learn about the interests of friends and loved ones and get ideas for gifts, or you can just follow your favorite celebrities or bloggers.

To start monitoring your Instagram account, you need to choose a subscription plan. They differ in tracking a different number of accounts – up to 2, 10, or 100.

After completing the payment, you need to enter your Instagram username and select a profile from the list. After that, monitoring will start automatically, and you will receive daily and monthly reports with users like subscriptions, comments likes, tag cloud, etc. 


Every Instagram user loves to post photos and videos and view the accounts of their friends, loved ones, celebrities, brands, etc. Each time you open the app, you browse the news feed to see what you follow are doing. 

In the application, you can see the posts that other users have published and their likes and new subscriptions in the news feed. This is possible using various third-party tracking tools since the ‘following’ option is no longer available on the app. 

In 2021, Snoopreport is believed to be the only legitimate and functional tool for tracking Instagram activity history on the market and trusted by tens of thousands of users worldwide as a very reliable and accurate tool that enables you to see what someone likes on Instagram. 

Image 3. Sample report on what someone likes on Instagram 

It is often used in conjunction with Insta stalker tools and Instagram tracking tools to provide a comprehensive 360-degree perspective on the interests of a particular Instagram user or group of users. 

This Instagram activity log serves as an unprecedented source of information on user behavior, enabling better communication strategies for individuals and companies around the world. Use Snoopreport if you want to track Instagram activity history.

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