Instagram’s Standalone Boomerang And Hyperlapse Removed From App Store And Play Store

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Just after we heard the announcement that Instagram is removing IGTV videos from its platform, here’s another removal announcement made. You must be well aware of the standalone Boomerang and the Hyperapse features on Instagram. Sadly, these features have been removed from App Store as well Google Play Store.

Damn it!! Now how will we be able to tag our friends into funny and crazy boomerang videos on Instagram app? But the thing is why was this action taken? Why is Instagram revolving around IGTV and other features related to it? Is there some reason behind removing these features, or is simply based on user interest?

There must be a lot of questions going on in your mind right now. To answer them all, here is a short descriptive post where we’ll be talking about why is Instagram’s Boomerang and hyper-lapse removed from the App Store and Google Play Store? Stick to the post till last to know all about Instagram Boomerang Hyperlapse App Store Google Play Store removal!

Instagram Removing Boomerang And Hyperlapse

As tweeted by Matt Navarra, Instagram will no longer be entertaining its audience with the Boomerang app. That means Google Play Store and Apple Store won’t let you download Boomerang or Hyperlapse apps anymore.

On 28th Feb 2022, Instagram decided to shut down the IGTV video app, making it clear that it wants to focus more on the in-app offerings.

The Boomerang app was first released in 2015. This feature became so popular among people that from time to time, we saw the feed posts flooded with these short, loop videos known as boomerangs.

Users can easily post these Boomerangs to Instagram or Facebook. But now that the App Store download for Boomerang feature is gone, you can still make Boomerang videos from the Instagram app itself. This feature is available in Instagram Stories. 

Whereas, the Hyperlapse feature came into being in 2014. This feature lets you create professional-like time-lapse video clips. Although there’s no shortage of apps for editing pictures and videos Hyperlapse had its own craze.

Now when the Hyperlapse app is removed from App Store downloads, hopefully, soon we get to see this feature within the Instagram App itself.

Why Is Instagram Removing Down Hyperlapse And Boomerang From Play Store And App Store?

Why Is Instagram Removing Down Hyperlapse And Boomerang From Play Store And App Store

The main reason that comes out to be behind this take is the popularity of Instagram in-app features. Since the Boomerang feature is available within the Instagram app itself, users prefer to use it from there only. After all who likes the extra efforts of downloading an app, when the feature is simply available within the Instagram application?

Does That Mean That You Can’t Use Boomerang And Hyperlapose On Instagram Anymore?

No, absolutely not!
So, what if App downloads for Boomerang and Hyperlapse has been removed by App Store and Google Play Store? You still get to use Boomerang and Hyperlapse features.

You can either use the Boomerang mode from the Instagram app or use a video editing app to do the same.

Final Thoughts

No doubt Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps. Be it a teenager or a 50-year-old, everyone loves this friendly platform for staying in touch with daily happenings, entertainment, and relaxation (Oh yes! And for scrolling through endless Reels as well!)

What’s your take on the removal of Boomerang and Hyperlapse from the App Store and Google Play store? Do comment down below and share the post with your friends!

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