Instagram Candid Challenges: What Is It And How To Do It?

Instagram Candid Challenges

Instagram has always been a popular application for its great features. Well, now it has decided to add on a new feature. Though it isn’t completely confirmed that will this feature be added or not, it seems to be an interesting one. It is the Instagram candid challenges. To keep the users engaging, after the AR filters, it is trying out the all-new Instagram candid challenges.

We have got many social media platforms these days such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and more. However, Instagram is almost every time at the top when it comes to attractive features. Well, again to engage more users to its platform, Instagram has decided to add the Instagram Candid challenges to its platform. It seems to be something similar to the BeReal platform.

What are these Instagram candid challenges? This is a new feature that Instagram is adding and it seems to be similar to the BeReal application. As per this feature, users will be able to show a more real version of themselves to others on this platform. As the word candid suggests, the idea behind this feature is to catch you off unprepared. Just like users get a notification at different times a day, the Instagram candid challenges will also be working similarly.

Are you looking for more details related to this? Well, this post will help you get all the details related to the Instagram candid challenges. We will help you find all the relevant information regarding these Instagram candid challenges, what is it, and how you can try them. So, without further ado, let us get started and find out about this Instagram challenge.

Instagram Candid Challenges: What Is It?

Have you still not heard of the Instagram candid challenges? Well, it is among the most interesting features that you might have ever seen. The candid picture challenge on Instagram takes a different but not completely new approach to share a user’s day-to-day life on social media. Instead of usually sharing the best pictures of yourself, you need to share a random picture as per this challenge.

This new feature of Instagram is quite similar to the BeReal application. Instead of sharing your most carefully curated pictures, you can share a real version of yourself by capturing some random pictures. Users of Instagram when they receive a notification at any time of the day have to capture a picture within a specified time. You will need to click pictures from both cameras of your device. The content that is shared via this challenge will appear in the stories tray.

You must now be excited and confused at the same time regarding how to use the Instagram candid challenges features on the application. So, let us read further to know how you can use this feature.

Instagram Candid Challenges: How To Do It?

Instagram Candid Challenges: How To Do It

As the Instagram candid challenges feature seems to be an interesting one, this has increased the craze in people and they are looking forward to knowing how to use this feature. Well, this might also be working in a way similar to how the BeReal application works. You also need to click a candid or a random picture of yourself or something else from both cameras of your device.

You will be getting two minutes to capture your random picture from both cameras of your device. Once you capture the pictures, they might be shared via the stories stray. Well, the feature is under testing at present. It has not been yet introduced to the people for using it. However, it is expected to be soon available for the public. So, be ready to try out these super-cool Instagram candid challenges.


Here ends the post on the Instagram candid challenges. In this post, we have provided you with complete details related to the Instagram candid challenges, what is it, and how you can do them. So, are you all excited to try out these challenges? Share your views regarding this Instagram challenge with us in the comments section right below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family and help them in knowing about these super-exciting Instagram candid challenges!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Instagram Candid Challenges?

A. The Instagram Candid challenges are something new that is presently under testing and will soon be released for everyone using the Instagram application. This is a challenge similar to the BeReal platform wherein you will need to take candid pictures of yourself and share them with others. As per reports, your pictures will be shared in the stories tray and you will likely be having just two minutes to click these pictures. 

Q2. Is The Instagram Candid Challenge Similar To BeReal?

A. Yes, it seems. The Instagram candid challenge until now seems to be somehow similar to the BeReal application. Just like in the BeReal app, you click two pictures within two minutes times, the Instagram candid challenge will also require users who are trying out the challenge to take two candid pictures of themselves within two minutes. So, until now, it seems that both are quite similar.

Q3. Can I Try The Instagram Candid Challenge?

A. Yes, you can. Until now the challenge is not out for everyone and is under testing. When it is released, everyone who has the Instagram application and an account on Instagram will be able to try out this super-cool challenge.

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