Instagram ‘Chat Theme’ Keeps Resetting | How To Fix?

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The chat theme feature on Instagram is a great feature that can add some personality and make your chats more interesting. But recently, users have been complaining that Instagram ‘Chat Theme’ keeps resetting and disturbing the smooth flow of communication for several users. So, it is important for us to resolve this modern mystery!

While some users complain about the chat theme option not showing in Instagram after update, many say that Instagram ‘chat theme’ keeps resetting. The most common reason for this issue that causes the Instagram chat themes not working 2023 Android issue is believed to be a bug or glitch on the app. 

To fix Instagram ‘chat theme’ keeps resetting, you can restart your device, check your internet connection, check the Instagram app’s status, update the app, clear cache, log out and log in again, uninstall and reinstall the app, and contact the Instagram customer support. 

Whether you are facing the Instagram chat themes not working 2023 Android issue or your chat theme is continuously resetting, we have got ways to resolve the issue. So, let’s see what’s the solution for the issue of Instagram ‘chat theme’ keeps resetting again and again.

Reasons Why Instagram ‘Chat Theme’ Keeps Resetting

It has become quite common that many Instagram users are facing issues with the chat theme on Instagram as it keeps resetting. Additionally, several users are even unable to access the Instagram chat theme feature though they can reply and react to Instagram chats. So, here is the list of the most common reasons why Instagram ‘chat theme’ keeps resetting. 

  1. There is a minor bug or glitch in the Instagram app.
  2. You are using an outdated version of the Instagram app.
  3. You have a weak and unstable internet connection.
  4. The cache has been stored in the Instagram app.
  5. There is some issue with your Instagram account.

How To Fix Instagram ‘Chat Theme’ Keeps Resetting?

Along with the chat theme resetting issue, many users have been facing the Instagram Chat Themes not working 2023 Android and iOS issues for the last few days. As the reasons for both issues are the same, so try the fixes that have been mentioned below to get rid of the Instagram ‘chat theme’ keeps resetting issue.

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

The most important thing that you need to do to fix Instagram ‘chat theme’ keeps resetting issue is to check your internet connection. If you have connectivity issues or you are using a weak and unstable network connection, then you shall switch to a stable one immediately to solve the problem.

Fix 2: Check The Instagram App’s Status

It is even possible that the issue of Instagram ‘chat theme’ keeps resetting is arising because of some server-related issues. Chances are there that Instagram’s server is down, so to confirm that you can visit websites like DownDetector. If it is, then wait for a few hours for the issue to be resolved.

Fix 3: Update And Restart Your Device

The most effective way to fix Instagram ‘chat theme’ keeps resetting is to update your device. You can navigate to your device settings and check for any updates pending on your device. If there are, then immediately update your device, and restart it to eradicate any bugs and glitches caused by the outdated version.

Fix 4: Update The Instagram App

Timely updates are necessary to stay away from unwanted bugs and glitches. So, it is recommended that you visit your device’s App Store or Play Store and check if there are any pending updates for your Instagram app. If yes, then update the Instagram app to the latest available version. But remember, sometimes the chat theme option not showing in Instagram after update issue is experienced by users. So, you can restart your Instagram app to solve the problem in case you face any.

Fix 5: Clear The Instagram App’s Cache

Apps do store data in the form of memory packets or cache, this sometimes piles up and creates troubles. So, it can cause issues like Instagram ‘chat theme’ keeps resetting, and to fix the problem, clear all your Instagram app’s cache. Don’t worry as your photos or videos won’t get deleted if you clear the app’s cache.

Fix 6: Log Out From All Accounts And Log In

Another thing that can be tried out to fix Instagram ‘chat theme’ keeps resetting is to log out of all your accounts on Instagram. Then, you can log in to your Instagram account again, and access the Instagram chat theme as the issue will get resolved by now.

Fix 7: Uninstall And Reinstall The App

If nothing is working to fix the problem and Instagram ‘chat theme’ keeps resetting on your Instagram app, then try uninstalling the Instagram app from your device and then reinstall it, and then access your preferred chat to see if the chat theme is set or if it keeps resetting.

Fix 8: Contact Customer Support 

Even if you try all the ways that have been mentioned above to fix the chat theme keeps resetting issues on Instagram you are unable to resolve the problem, then you can contact the customer support team of Instagram. You can explain your entire issue to them and wait for their response. They will help you to get rid of the chat theme resetting issue.

Wrapping Up

Instagram has rolled out a number of cool features for its users. The chat theme feature is among the most popular ones that allow users to change their chat’s default theme to their preferred one and make their Instagram chatting experience even more wonderful. However, this feature is not working very well and users are complaining that Instagram ‘chat theme’ keeps resetting. So, if you are also facing the same problem, then try your hands on the fixes that have been mentioned to solve the issue, and let us know in the comments which way helped you to fix the problem!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Enable Chat Theme Option In Instagram?

A. To enable the chat theme option on Instagram, you can navigate to the Instagram app, and swipe left to open the DM section. Then, open your preferred chat, and tap on the profile name icon. Then, tap on the Theme option, and choose your preferred theme.

Q2. How Do I Fix My Instagram Theme Glitch?

A. To fix the Instagram theme glitch, you shall connect to a stable network connection, and update your Instagram app to the latest version.

Q3. Can Instagram Chat Theme Change Automatically?

A. Yes, it has been noticed by many users that Instagram changes the chat theme automatically.

Q4. Why Instagram Chat Theme Not Working Android?

A. Instagram chat theme is not working on Android due to some glitch or bug on the app. A poor internet connection is another reason behind the chat theme not working on the Instagram issue.

Q5. How To Fix Instagram Chat Themes Not Working iOS?

A. To fix Instagram chat themes not working on your iOS device, you can connect to a stable internet connection, update the Instagram app to the latest version, or check if the Instagram server is down or not. 

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