Instagram Is Finally Letting Livestreamers Add Moderators!

Instagram Livestream moderators

It has been more than 5 years since the Instagram Live feature was launched. All these years, many Instagram influencers have been using this feature to have a live interaction with their fans and followers, which helped them connect to each other in a better way. But there were no options to prevent the live streamers from their haters. But, now, lastly, the Instagram app has added on a feature known as “Instagram Livestream Moderators. ”

With the help of this new moderator tool, the live streamers will control the comments on their Instagram live stream. Do you also love to live stream on your Instagram handle but are afraid of some users who keep posting hateful comments during your Live? Then you need to know this. Instagram is now providing the users with a feature wherein you can assign a moderator during your Livestream. 

The Instagram Livestream moderator you choose will keep checking on your comment bar while you are interacting with your followers live. Let us know about this option in detail. 

What Is Instagram Livestream Moderator Feature?

What Is Instagram Livestream Moderator feature

The newly launched feature on Instagram is made for those people who go for Livestreaming on Instagram. What this feature basically does is, it allows the user to choose another Instagram user as a Livestream moderator who will take care of what kind of comments are being posted during the person’s Livestream. The moderator will have the power to report any hateful or profane comments. The moderator can also kick out any viewer from the Livestream or turn off the comments for any particular viewer. 

What Is The Need Of A Moderator?

What Is The Need Of A Moderator

Now the question arises, why assign moderators to a Livestream? Well, you must have seen that even the most lovable Instagram influencers have haters. Such people spread hate among the other followers and sometimes also lead to an online ruckus. Many times, these people comment during the live streams and their comments sometimes include words that are unacceptable. In order to prevent this, the Mods will play their part. The selected Instagram Livestream Moderator will be able to report the irrelevant comment as soon as it is posted in the comment bar of the stream. Or if they wish, they can also remove specific viewers from the Livestream or turn off their comments. 

This feature is really necessary for the livestreamers on Instagram, but unlike Facebook, Instagram was lacking this feature for so long, but now, the wait is over. You can set moderators on your Instagram Livestream just like you did on Facebook. 

How To Assign Instagram Livestream Moderator?

How To Assign Instagram Livestream Moderator

The option to assign a moderator during Livestream is only available after you start streaming. It is very easy to assign a moderator to your stream. You just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the Instagram application on your device. 
  2. Start the Livestream on your Instagram handle.
  3. Then click on the three dots that will appear in the comment box.
  4. From there, you can choose a moderator from the list of suggestions that will appear, or you can also directly search the username of the person you want to assign a moderator. 
  5. Tap on the username you have chosen, and that person will become the moderator for your stream. 

Once you have done this, a popup will appear on the screen of the person you assigned as moderator followed by a warning visible to the viewers that will notify them that a moderator is managing the comments in the stream. The moderator can leave this position at any moment, and presently, there can be only one moderator assigned in the Livestream. 

Wrap Up

Making the Livestream moderator feature available on Instagram is a necessary step that has finally been taken. Now Instagram users can freely start streaming without being afraid of those who are looking forward to causing trouble to them; all because of the Instagram Livestream Moderators. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Set Moderators On Instagram Live?

You can set moderators on your Instagram Live stream by tapping the three dots on the comment box and selecting the username you want to assign a moderator. 

Where Can I Find Instagram Live?

If someone Livestreams on Instagram, then you can easily find them at the top of your Instagram feed (if you follow them) with “Live” mentioned over there. You can tap on the ring and you will enter their Livestream. If you don’t follow that person, then you will have to visit their profile, and from there you can tap on their profile picture that has a colorful ring around it and watch their live broadcast. 

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