Instagram Twitter Trolling | What’s The Mocking For?

Being completely different social media applications, Instagram and Twitter work as good rivals. Both of them want to prove themselves a better platform than the other one. This sometimes also leads to trolls. After all, trollers wait for such spicy news. A similar thing has been found happening on Twitter’s platform where Instagram and Twitter are trolling each other. Here is everything that you need to know about Instagram Twitter Trolling.  

Which is better, Instagram or Twitter? You can answer this question but the answer will obviously vary from one person to other depending on their requirements for a social media platform. 

Recently, Instagram announced the new Chronology feature on Twitter to which Twitter gave a mocking reply of a GIF saying “Groundbreaking”. As soon as Twitter took this step, Instagram didn’t waste any time before responding with a trolling reply of a screenshot of the “Edit” option on their posts. Isn’t that really funny?

Trolls are very common on social media platforms, but this time it looks like Instagram has done great damage to Twitter by winning over the troll. Let us know more about the Instagram Twitter trolling and what was its outcome? After all, it’s a troll game between two big fishes. Seems Interesting!

What Is Instagram’s New Chronology Feature?

Instagram has re-introduced the chronological feed feature for its users. Don’t know what this feature is? This is basically a feature that lets you view the posts on Instagram in chronological order. 

Presently, the recent posts and the older ones get mixed due to Instagram’s default feed which creates a lot of mess. Not only this but also the suggested posts that are shown from the accounts that you don’t even follow, add up to the mess. 

With help of the Chronological feature, you will be able to change your Instagram’s default feed settings to the chronological feed.

How To Switch To Chronological Feed On Instagram?

Here are the steps that you can follow if you want to change your Instagram feed settings to chronological order. 

  1. The first thing that you need to make sure of is that your Instagram app should be updated to its latest version. 
  2. Launch the updated Instagram app on your device.
  3. On the top left corner of the screen, you will see the Instagram logo. Tap on it. 
  4. A drop-down menu will appear showing two options; one is the “Following” option and the other is the “Favourites” option. Tap on Following
  5. The settings will be changed and you will now be able to view the latest posts at the top and the older ones after that in chronological order. 

If you are unable to get the drop-down menu by tapping the Instagram logo, then the feature has probably not been launched in your location yet. You will wait till you get access to this chronology feature. 

What Is Twitter’s Response To Instagram’s New Chronological Feature?

As Instagram tweeted about the new chronology feature on their platform for the users to get to know about it, Twitter replied to the tweet with a GIF of actress Meryl Streep mentioning the word “Groundbreaking”. This indicated that there is nothing new in the feature because the feature earlier existed on Instagram and now Instagram is re-introducing it on their application. 

What Is Instagram’s Response To Instagram Twitter Trolling?

Instagram Twitter Trolling became the news of the e-world when Twitter mocked Instagram’s tweet about the chronology feature on Instagram. So, how could Instagram sit behind and let it happen! Instagram didn’t miss the chance and gave an unbearable reply to Twitter that stunned the audience, no need to say Twitter as well. 

On Twitter’s mocking response with the word “Groundbreaking”, Instagram trolled Twitter by replying with a screenshot of the Edit button that is available on Instagram’s posts but not on Twitter. A lot of Twitter users reshared Instagram’s trolling reply to Twitter stating that Instagram won here. 

Twitter has never allowed users to edit the tweets even though a lot of Twitter users have requested to introduce this feature on their platform but never got any positive response from Twitter. It was only when Elon Musk bought the most shares of Twitter and tweeted a poll asking the Twitter users if they want an Edit button that Twitter announced that it has started working on the Edit button for allowing Twitter users to edit the tweets that they have already posted. 

This basic feature to edit posts is available on almost every social media platform but Twitter. This gave Twitter a strong point to troll Twitter to which Twitter didn’t find any supporting reply to counter back. 

Wrap Up

That’s all for the Instagram Twitter Trolling.

Twitter and Instagram both have played their cards at their best to troll each other. Instagram announced about an old feature that it is again launching while Twitter has been trolled about a feature that it never introduced. Who do you think won in this mockery?

Tell us in the comments what do think about Instagram Twitter trolling and keep reading our posts related to your favorite social media platforms. 


Q. What Is Instagram’s Following And Favourites Feed?

This is a new feature introduced by Instagram which will allow you to see posts from all the accounts that you follow and the posts will be displayed in chronological order. If you select the Favourites option, Instagram will let you add up to 50 accounts and only their posts will be shown in your feed in chronological order. These favorite accounts can only be those you follow. 

Q. How Many Times Can You Watch Instagram Story?

You can view someone’s Instagram story as many times as you wish within the period of 24 hours after the story has been posted by the Instagram user. 

Q. What Is Shopping Feature On Instagram?

Instagram lets brands display ads for their products in the shopping tab of their page. There they can display the image of the product along with its price and if someone wishes to buy the product they can click on it and will be directed to the main shopping page of that product. 

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