Interesting Researches About Video Games Benefits for Students

The debate on the effects of gaming on students has been inconclusively discussed for many years on various platforms like social media, TV, radio, schools, and communities. Originally, many stakeholders believed video games negatively affect students’ academic performance but none of their opinions had been scientifically proven. 

Recently, many independent researchers, academic, and government institutions have engaged in scientific research to help them understand reality better. Here are some of the researches and their outcomes. 

Video gaming helps restrain trauma

According to doctors at the emergency unit in Oxford, UK, video games can help restrain trauma. This is regardless of whether they are video games for students or other types of video games. The doctors randomly picked 71 patients who had arrived at the emergency department due to road accidents and divided them into two groups. 

The first group had thirty-seven patients and the second 34. The first group was asked to play a specific game, while the second group was asked to log in to the activities they regularly did. After twenty minutes, the group that was playing a video game had significantly shown improvement from their traumatic experiences by at least 62%, while the other one didn’t show any improvement. 

The doctors concluded that playing video games can help reduce trauma. Students who might be undergoing trauma can play video games to reduce its effect and help them spend more time in their studies. 

Video games have long term learning benefits to students

Many researchers have conducted studies on the negative effects of video gaming on student learning and concluded that over-exposure to video games could negatively affect a student’s learning patterns. 

On the other hand, other researchers have conducted studies on the positive effects of video games on learning and concluded that video games positively affect learning by improving cognitive abilities, improved memory, and better brain health in the long term. They have, however, recommended that not every game can positively help in long-term learning benefits. 

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Video games can help improve memory capacity

The University of California conducted a study in 2015 and it was published in the journal of neuroscience. In the study, 69 subjects were involved and they were divided into three groups. The first group played one type of game for fourteen days. The second group played another type for the same period and the third group played nothing. 

The results showed students who played video games performed better on tasks that required memory skills compared with those who didn’t play any game. The explanation was that video games provided the brain with positive stimulation, which helped improve memory. They concluded that video games helped improve memory capacity. 

There is a link between increased brain matter and playing video games

Researchers from Max Planck Institute, Germany, conducted a study in 2014 and it was published in Molecular Psychiatry. The study involved twenty-four participants who were put under an MRI scanner and played a video game for at least half an hour daily for two months. 

They observed an increase in brain matter in all the participants, specifically in the right side of the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex, and cerebellum. They concluded that playing video games has a link with the volume of brain matter. Students with better brain matter can grasp concepts and principles better. 

Video games can help students become more innovative 

Some video games are very complex and require students to think critically to win and detect their tricks. As they work harder to understand the tricks and win, their cognitive skills become enhanced and they can apply the same skills to do better in education. 


A lot of research has been done on both the good side and bad side of video games on students. Conclusions about the good side of games have been massive and many researchers have made recommendations to students to set aside time for video games to help improve learning. Most of the studies have concluded video games help improve memory capacity, cognitive skills, creativity, reading skills, and general brain development. 

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