10 Best Weekly Planner Apps For Android And iOS!! Stay Organized!!

Weekly Planner Apps

No matter what you are currently doing in your life, time management is an important aspect of it. Whether at work, at school, or staying at home, managing time becomes a big challenge when you have so much on your plate and no set plans on how to do it!!! But we care for you and your busy life schedule. Therefore bringing to you the best weekly planner apps for android and iOS, so that you can stay organized!!

Sometimes we are stuck with so many tasks in hand that we end up feeling anxious about how to do all these things on time. But isn’t it a great idea to set a daily or a weekly planner for all the important tasks that need to be completed on time? This can be a great practice to meet deadlines and to maintain a healthy life and work balance. Speaking of punctuality, why don’t you try some alarm clock apps to be on time!!

Talking about the best weekly planner apps for android and iOS, there are so many factors that we should be taking care of while choosing what suits best for our needs. Like whether the planner app has an inbuilt notes section, does it come with alarm timers so that you can do the tasks on time, and many such things!!

So, ready to live a much-organized life with the best weekly planner apps? Cover up your mess and be ready to manage your documents and declutter your workload as these calendar apps will make your lives much easier than ever before!! 

Best Weekly Planner Apps For iOS

Who said iOS users can’t enjoy the liberty of using an amazing weekly planner? Here are some of the top picks of weekly planner apps for iOS to try right now and lead an organized life!!

1. Woven – Calendar And Scheduling Weekly Planner

Best Weekly Planner Apps: Woven
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Want to manage all your work tasks, personal plans, and every other thought in one place? Woven is one of the best weekly planner apps for iOS that weaves all your needs together!!

You can sync your photos, take notes with templates, built-in maps, add links, set group polls, and much more using this amazing app!!

In short, woven is a productive calendar app that does much more than any other standard calendar app.

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2. Fantastical – Calendar And Tasks

Best Weekly Planner Apps for iOS: Fantastical
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One of the most distracting things about calendar apps is that they don’t offer you input in natural language. Well, this issue is overtaken by the Fantastical calendar app!!

This is an amazing app for all iOS users that comes with an innovative split!

Fantastical supports natural language. Using this app you can input an event along with the address, URL support from iCloud, and many other amazing features.

3. Timepage By Moleskine Studio

Timepage By Moleskine Studio
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Don’t wish to use the same old boring looking calendar apps? 

Then try something classy and much fancier like Timepage!!

Ahh!! You get endless features in this calendar app. When you add any event to your planner, the app instantly reports you with the weather report for that day.

Timepage is a classic planner that provides you with the heat maps of a particular day. It also shares the best possible route to reach your destination along with the maps, transportation facilities available, and much more!!

4. Calendars 5 By Readdle

Calendars 5
Image Credits: Readdle

For all those who need a multi-tasking weekly planner, here is the one for you!! 

Calendars 5 is an amazing planner that meets all your scheduling and task management needs in one place!!

The best part is, Calendar 5 supports a natural language, so it becomes easy to navigate!! Another good fact about this planner is that it fetches your iOS data like google calendar, to keep you updated with native reminders!!

The calendar organizes all your monthly, weekly, and even daily agendas, all on one page so that you can easily view what you have scheduled! 

Oh!! How can I forget to mention the best feature of this app? Well, to talk about it, It sends you SMS alerts for your important daily appointments. Isn’t it amazing!!

In short, Calendar 5 is all that you need to make your life plans much easier and organized!!

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5. Simpliday – All-In-One-Calendar-App

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When you decide to use a calendar app on your phone, what features do you wish to have in that app? An app that gives you timely reminders of the important to-do tasks? Or an app that keeps all your tasks compiled in one place?

Well, you don’t have to look for these features in two different apps when you can get them and many more in a single app!!! 

Yes, Simpliday is specially created to make your days simple!!

You not only get daily task reminders but you even get them all organized at one spot!! And the best part is, this app connects to your email which makes it, even more, easier to navigate the app!!

It’s flexible, robust, and simply impressive!! With the added features of drag and drop and file integrations, Simpliday is surely one of the best weekly planner apps for iOS users!!

Best Weekly Planner Apps For Android

Just like iOS users, here are some of the top picks of best weekly planner apps for android users to try right away. Have a look.

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar
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From the various amazing apps and tools offered by Google, Google Calendar is one of the best gifts to the users!! Do you know what’s the plus point? It is a fact that both Android and iOS users can use this app!!

This calendar allows you to organize, schedule, and set alarms for important tasks. You can store the information separately into daily, weekly, and monthly orders in the calendar. 

The calendar app is totally free to use. You can enjoy all the features of using google calendar for free. You can also switch to its paid erosion for more advanced features!!

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2. Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner
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Microsoft has developed some really cool apps and tools to make our lives easier like this one!!

Microsoft Planner is one of the best weekly planner apps for Android that you’ll come across on the internet. This weekly planner allows you to set your work tasks, organize different tasks all in one place. 

You can easily manage your daily tasks on your phone. You can even categorize the tasks according to the assigned person, assigned status, and much more. With Microsoft Planner, all your plans and set targets remain in one place instead of getting cluttered around. 

3. Trello

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Another free planner app to take advantage of is Trello!! You can plan your daily, weekly, or monthly tasks using Trello. The best part is this app runs on both Android and iOS devices. 

You can manage a big team project easily using Trello as it allows you to write an epic screenplay. 

Another bonus that comes with this app is the customization feature. You can customize your tasks according to their urgency, time by which they should be completed, person, and many other things. 

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4. Edo Agenda

 Edo Agenda
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Edo Agenda makes it damn easy to manage your workload. You can take notes, set targets to meet certain tasks, and have a check at the calendar as well, all in one place. 

You can also schedule your future plans or tasks so that you don’t miss out on any important event. 

You can capture ideas of the projects and organize them on Edo Agenda to manage tasks with ease. 

Also, you can use this app as a shared calendar, a daily, and even a weekly planner, which makes it everyone’s favorite!! 

5. Todait

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Another weekly planner suitable for both Android and iOS users is Todait!!! 

Try it today as it’s free!!!! 

Also, Todait has the support of advanced AI that helps to organize your tasks in such a way so that you can meet your set targets effectively. 

Your tasks get divided into the best possible manner automatically!! 

Isn’t it amazing that you are getting everything organized automatically? You just have to make sure that you are completing what’s important!! 

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Wrapping  Up:

Aren’t these weekly planner apps for android and iOS just amazing!!! You can use any of the above-mentioned planners as per your needs. You can customize and use the planners and lead an organized life!!

If you found these apps helpful then don’t forget to share the post with your friends and family as well!! Stay tuned for such amazing apps and tools!! Until then Happy Planning!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Best Calendar Apps:

Q. Is There Any Calendar App That Can Be Used By Both Android And iOS Users?

Yes, there are so many calendar organizers available for both android and iOS users like Moment Diary, Daybook, Google Calendar, Microsoft Planner, TimeBlocks, TimeTree, etc.

Q. Does Google Have A Planner App?

Yes, of course, Google has an amazing planner available in the form of Google Docs. It makes your daily planning easy. You can easily share, edit and schedule your document with others. 

Q. How Can I Make My Own Planner?

1. To make your own planner, Launch Canva. Then sign in using your Google or Facebook account.
2. Select a template.
3. Explore features.
4. Personalize it even more. 
5. Save and share.

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