Is FitBit Charge 5 Water Proof? Latest Updates 2023!

Is FitBit Charge 5 Water Proof?

Keeping a track of your health is important, but keeping a track of the device’s health which you are using to monitor your health is even more important. Let’s see is FitBit charge 5 water proof or not! 

FitBit is a fitness tracking watch which keeps an eye on your health stats and keeps you updated on your activity levels. FitBit is a popular watch brand who has released a model as “Charge 5” which is capable of tracking one’s fitness, has an ECG reader, capable of pairing with another device etc. But we are here today to see is FitBit charge 5 water proof or not or one can wear it under water or not!

Is FitBit charge 5 water proof: The Charge 5 from FitBit is not water proof but is water resistant. Once can easily dive right into water with it and can take showers while wearing it. It is capable of tolerating water up to 50 meters of depth in water for a short period of time. To know more about its water resistant property, read more!

This article gives you everything you need to know about “is FitBit charge 5 water proof” and its water resistant property! If you are thinking of buying one, then we will suggest you to go through this article at least once so that you may avoid any losses! 

Is FitBit Charge 5 Water Proof?

FitBit is a smartwatch brand which has multiple in-demand watch brands running through the market. But recently their Charge 5 model is managing to be a trend because of its features including ECG reader, phone pairing, fitness tracking, news and update alerts etc. The only thing that is yet to explore about the watch is to know is FitBit charge 5 water proof or not! 

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Let’s cut to the chase, FitBit Charge 5 does not come with waterproof property, instead it has a water resistant nature! Which means, one can wear it and go swimming and showers and do everything which does not cross the depth of 50 meters under water that too not for a long time! This watch can tolerate this much only. If one is keeping all these factors in mind and doesn’t spend too much time wearing them underwater then their Charge 5 FitBit watch can go a long way without being damaged by water. 

Before diving into water or taking your FitBit Charge 5 watch for a shower with you, you need to understand all about the Charge 5 watch’s water resistant properties. You will get all you need to know about as you will read the below sections so that you may know is FitBit charge 5 water proof in every fine detail possible.

Is FitBit Charge 5 Water Resistant Or WaterProof?

Is FitBit Charge 5 Water Proof?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that water-resistant does not mean it has to be waterproof. Actually, most of you consider that water-resistant products are waterproof but unfortunately, they are not! It’s important to remember that if a user is getting confused between water-resistant and waterproof, which may cause them huge losses really quickly! 

To dissolve this confusion we would like to make it clear that waterproof objects can drown in water without getting damaged or getting affected due to water. It will still be entirely dry with no water droplets in their system after taking it out of the water. Also, waterproof objects and devices usually test negative for moisture tests.

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Whereas, water-resistant devices like watches are not waterproof. There is a test that is used to be conducted on devices to find out what amount of water pressure a device can stand when drowning in water. This test is carried out in labs with a pressure test. The device is kept under water of 10cm for at least an hour and is kept under static water pressure.  

Now we hope that you are clear what’s waterproof and water-resistant.

Can You Swim And Shower While Wearing FitBit Charge 5?

Is FitBit Charge 5 Water Proof?

Many of you users have also asked if they can do underwater activities while wearing the FitBit Charge 5 watch. Moreover, swimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercises to build muscles. So, if you want to wear your watch while taking a shower or want to swim underwater, you can go for it up to 50 meters of depth! 

Once you are done swimming or showering, you need to remove the FitBit Charge 5 and let it dry outside water because according to what we read in is FitBit charge 5 water proof, the Charge 5 watch is water resistant and not waterproof. So, there are minor chances of your watch getting affected by water.

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Also make sure you let the watch dry completely from dial to straps! Because a wet watchband can cause friction and start deteriorating with time! And that’s why you should dry the watch properly!

To know more about smartwatches, you need all these articles. Just hover over here and find your needs!

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, we would declare that FitBit Charge 5 is not waterproof but does come in water-resistant properties. One can wear FitBit’s Charge 5 and do activities involving a decent amount of water for a short period of time. But users need to make sure that the watch is not gulping any water in it as there are many chances of it getting damaged. Other than this all is good and you have endless options to wear the Charge 5 in water!

If this article on “is FitBit charge 5 water proof” has helped you even a bit, the do let us know and also drop any query or suggestion that you have in the comment section below! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Wear My FitBit Charge 5 In The Shower?

We would suggest you not wear your FitBit Charge 5 while showering. However, you can wear it under the shower but make sure you are not getting it exposed to hard soaps, shampoos and conditioners for long as these can damage the watch for a long time and can also cause skin-related issues.

Q. Can I Wear My FitBit Charge 5 While Swimming?

Most of the devices from FitBit are water-resistant up to 50 meters and not waterproof. These are made in such a way that one can wear it and go swimming and showering up to 50 meters for a short period of time and not more than that!

Q. Is Charge 5 Fully Waterproof?

JBL Charge 5 is IP67 Waterproof and dustproof so you are free to take your speaker anywhere with you.

Q. What Does Water Resistant To 50 Meters Mean?

50 meters means that the device is water resistant up to 50 meters deep in the water for a short period of time and can tolerate activities like swimming and cold showers. Hot showers are harmful for the devices like FitBit Charge 5 and can make it take water droplets and moisture into the device.

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