Is Magic School AI Free? Magic School AI Subscription

Is Magic School AI Free

Got your Magic School AI subscription yet? If not, then you must be hesitating thinking about whether is Magic School AI free or not. Well, if that is what is holding you back from subscribing to this amazing AI assistant, let us help you answer your questions. 

Most of the AI tools that are launched in 2022 are available for free trial. Why? Because, none of these AI tools are perfect and they need human interactions to learn and develop accordingly. The same goes for the Magic School AI tool. But, is Magic School AI free like other AI tools? 

Well, the Magic School AI free version is available. For now, any users around the world can subscribe for free to this smart AI assistant. However, like ChatGPT and other AI tools, Magic School AI is also going to launch a paid version with better features. 

As announced by Magic School Founder & CEO Adeel Khan we can expect that a paid version of Magic School AI is going to be available soon for $10 per month. However, its also being said that the Magic School AI free version will also remain available along with the paid version, this will provide more users and consistency in this high competency technological niche. Experts and their review on Magical AI, seeming quite positive, which reflects that this is going to last and survive the uncertainty of this AI era.

Is Magic School AI Free?

Yes, for now, the Magic School AI free version is available. 

Anyone around the globe can subscribe to Magic School AI using an email ID. The free version comes with more than 20 tools that can help teachers create assessments easily with just a few clicks. All you have to do is place correct prompts in simple English! 

How Much Magic School AI Will Cost?

As mentioned above, all Magic School AI subscribers can now enjoy the free version only. However, as announced by Magic School Founder & CEO Adeel Khan, it is expected that the Magic School AI paid version is going to launch later this year. 

How To Get A Magic School AI Subscription? 

It is super easy to get a Magic School AI Subscription. Follow the quick guidelines below and subscribe to Magic School AI easily:

Step 1: Open Magic School AI’s official website.

Step 2: Click on the Sign Up Free button at the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

Is Magic School AI Free

Step 3: Type your email and password to create an account or just click on sign up with Google/Microsoft.

Is Magic School AI Free

Done! You have successfully subscribed to the Magic School AI app. 


Now that we have revealed that Magic School AI free version is available, you should rush to create your free account. It’s high time to try this new AI assistant app. But, will this AI tool replace the teachers? Or, will this AI tool help the education system for good?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Will AI Replace Teachers?

It is hard to assume how the future will turn out. However, for now, it can be speculated that AI is far behind in replacing teachers. 

Q2. Is Magic School AI Safe?

Yes, in terms of user privacy and security, the Magic School AI is safe. 

Q3. Who Is The Founder Of Magic School AI?

The name of the founder of the Magic School AI tool is Adeel Khan. 

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