Is Microsoft Copilot Safe?

is microsoft copilot safe

After bringing AI into Bing, now Microsoft has announced to launch of a new AI feature for all its apps. Microsoft Copilot, an AI application that will be integrated with the Microsoft 365 apps to boost the performance of these apps. Is Microsoft Copilot safe? This is the question in the minds of all Microsoft users currently. Will it be safe to allow AI to handle all your Microsoft 365 apps?

When it comes to the online world, we know that nothing is safe here. All your data is not completely safe. Now with the introduction of AI, the threat has increased, as AI stores all your data. This has created concerns among the company owners if it will be a good idea to give AI access to all your Microsoft apps and is Microsoft Copilot safe to use?

Verified Answer By Expert

Yes, after looking at the results of the trial and the experience of the experts who have tried out the Microsoft Copilot, it can be said that it is completely safe to use. But it will be too early to judge.

The best thing you can do is to use Microsoft Copilot for work that does not include any confidential information. And for important and confidential data, you can manually do the work without depending on AI.

Is Microsoft Copilot Safe To Use? 

Microsoft Copilot Safe
Is Microsoft Copilot Safe?

Yes, Microsoft Copilot is safe to use. This comes from the fact that Microsoft has been providing security and service to various companies and organizations all around the world. All the apps of Microsoft are completely safe. Also, Microsoft Copilot will integrate with all the apps of Microsoft 365 and the security app, so its safety matters the most.

How Safe Is Microsoft Copilot? 

Microsoft has been handling the company’s data for a very long time now and has made its name for the security it provides in all its projects. Microsoft provides the most comprehensive compliance and security controls in the industry. We can say Microsoft Copilot will be the one of the safest AI that you can use. Microsoft Copilot combines Large Language Models (LLMs) with your data to generate next-level content for you. Microsoft Copilot will be rolled out for Windows 11 in June and then we can find out how it works and is Microsoft Copilot safe for companies and organizations.

What Are The Potential Risks And Threats Of Microsoft Copilot? 

We know that no system on this Earth is perfect. There are drawbacks to every system. There are some potential risks and threats to using Microsoft Copilot. It will also help you to find out is Miscosoft Copilot Safe?

1. Business Email Compromise

As we know a lot of companies are using Microsoft 365 services to run their business, so if there is a potential risk or a threat with the Microsoft Copilot, then their business can be at risk. There is a lot of confidential data being sent via emails and there are chances that the emails can be compromised if the Microsoft Copilot is not found to be safe. Experts are recommending avoiding using Copilot services till Microsoft Copilot Safety is ensured.

2. Privacy Concerns

Microsoft confirms that the Copilot will be integrated with all the apps of Microsoft 365, so if Microsoft Copilot is not found to be safe, then there will be a privacy concern because it will have access to your data on all the apps you are using.

3. Misuse Of Data

If Microsoft Copilot stores your data for bot training purposes and then due to a data break the data is leaked or stolen, this data can be misused and the company or the organization can suffer a huge loss due to this issue.

4. Can Be Used To Generate Harmful Or Misleading Content

As we know that Microsoft Copilot can be used to generate content from your emails and other files. But it will not be a good idea to completely rely on the Copilot to generate content till Microsoft Copilot Safety is ensured. It can generate harmful or misleading content as well which can be dangerous for your organization.

5. Biased AI

As Microsoft Copilot is a brand new feature of the Microsoft company. So we don’t know how it generates content. We will recommend checking the work of the Copilot before accepting. The AI can generate content that shows the negative side of something when we want to see the positive side. AI is completely based on data and training models. So, it’s necessary to make the changes when it has generated content for you.

6. Misinformation and Disinformation

When you use Microsoft Copilot to generate a report from the email or to take important points from it, the AI can take some points that are important from the AI point of view. It can skip some important points that can be beneficial for the organization. So, you have to check manually that the report generated by the AI has all the important points that can be profitable for the company.

7. Spam And Phishing

With the introduction of AI in generating content, there are some security features that can now detect AI-generated content and mark it as spam or phishing. So, if you are sending an important email, it can directly go to the Spam and the user won’t be able to see it. This can be  a loss to the organization. You have to keep this thing in mind even if Microsoft Copilot safe

8. Hate speech and harassment

Although no AI will generate hate speech or harassment, if you are asking Microsoft Copilot to generate a doc or write an email based on some content that has derogatory or significant provoking speech parts in it, then it will result in hate speech or harassment. AI relies on the type of prompts we provide, if it is good, AI will generate a good report and if it is bad, AI cannot change it. Always check your content before giving access to the AI.

9. Cybersecurity threats

Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Copilot will also be available as a Microsoft security feature. Now if the Microsoft Copilot is compromised, then all the security is compromised and your data will be at complete risk. So use the Microsoft Copilot very carefully and avoid giving access to confidential files and data.

10. Ethical Concerns

Although there seem no ethical concerns with the Microsoft Copilot. It is giving a trial to different companies and the response from the companies is very positive. Also, a lot of other companies are eagerly waiting for the Microsoft Copilot feature to be added to their Office 365 apps. But we must not forget about the online hacks and data breaches happening all over the world. It is also good to remain safe by limiting the access of AI tools to your confidential data.


When you are running an organization or a company, it is not recommended to use a single company’s tools to secure all your data. If the company data is breached, then all your data will be at risk. It is recommended to use multiple companies for securing your data. If you follow this rule, then you don’t need to ask is Microsoft Copilot safe or not.

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