Is Threads Safe?

How To Delete Threads Account Without Deleting Instagram?

The wait is finally over! Meta’s Threads hailed as the Twitter Killer, has been officially launched. And, social media users are in a frenzy, trying to explore all the new features Threads has to offer. Amid this chaos, are you one among the few users wondering ‘is Threads safe?’. We applaud your concern and appreciate your responsibility. Stay with us to learn more about Threads and put your concerns to rest.

Cyberbullying, privacy concerns, and security threats have become a part and parcel of social media platforms. All users should take caution especially when they are exploring newly launched social networking apps, even if the pioneers of social networking like Meta develop it. While most users are frantically looking for ways to download the new Threads app and explore its features, other users who are concerned about their privacy, try to find the answer to ‘is Threads safe?’, before they sync it to their Instagram account.

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Meta is known to take the privacy and safety of all its users, very seriously. They have developed a secure platform, with future prospects of decentralizing the platform. Nevertheless, it is advisable that all users take the necessary precautions to protect their personal information while downloading new apps.

You must be stuck in a dilemma trying to decide if you want to be safe or give in to your temptations and download Threads along with all your friends. Just hold on for a little while. We assure you that you can put all your doubts and concerns to rest when you are done reading this article.

Is Threads Safe?

Of course, Threads is a perfectly safe social networking app that you can use to stay connected with your friends and followers. However, before you complete the installation process you should understand what you are signing up for, and take some necessary precautionary measures to add an extra layer of protection. 

Most users are concerned about the list of permissions that Threads requires permission to access, at the time of installation. While many users have safety and privacy concerns, you might find solace in Meta’s official statement that claims future prospects of decentralization of Threads. This will reduce the chances of unauthorized access and data breaches, that you may be concerned about.

Why Are Threads Users Concerned?

Concerned users have taken to various social media platforms to voice their concerns about the insane amount of information and data that are required to be linked to their Threads account. Is Threads Safe? seems to be their primary concern.

You might agree with them when you see the entire list of data that may be collected and linked to your identity on the Threads app. App Store reveals a detailed list of permissions that all users must grant access to. It includes,

Why Are Threads Users Concerned?

Is Threads Safe For Kids? 

Yes, Threads is a safe platform for all kids who are above 13 years of age. This age limit could be raised to 18 years, depending on the country’s statutory limitations.

All users are expected to be respectful to everyone and maintain a positive attitude on the platform. Any post or Thread containing Nud*ty or se*ual activity will be immediately removed or banned from the platform.

Wrap Up

Excitement tends to cloud one’s judgment, especially when they have been highly anticipating it for a very long time. Such is the case with Threads. Millions of users from all over the world, went berserk when the official announcement to launch Threads was finally made. Only after experimenting with the new app and exploring its features, did they have the time to be concerned about the possibility of safety and security risks.

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