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Hey, Gamers! What’s up? Have you heard the latest update about Jalen Kitna Discord? Well, if not, we are here to tell you that. In this article, you’ll find about the official Jalen Kitna Discord server.

Jalen Kitna is actually a football player who is arrested on charges related to child ****** abuse material that he allegedly shared through the social messaging platform Discord.  According to Kitna, after seeing the other Discord user’s response, he realized he shouldn’t have posted it. As soon as the news broke out, Discord users started to search for Jalen Kitna Discord server. Let’s know about it.

To join the Jalen Kitna Discord, you need a permanent server invite. Click on the server invite and check out the “I am human box”. Now you have joined the Discord Server, just verify your server and follow the rules to enjoy the Jalen Kitna  Discord server to the fullest. 

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Jalen Kitna  Discord 

Discord is a free communication platform that launched in 2015. It is a popular way to talk and share text, photos, and videos online. It’s similar to Skype, WhatsApp, and Slack and is especially popular among gamers trying to organize and chat during online video game sessions. Jalen Kitna Discord is like any other Discord server in which you can play games and interact with other players through instant messaging, chatrooms, voice calls, video calls, etc.

How To Join Jalen Kitna Discord Server?

Joining the Jalen Kitna Discord is easy if you have to join discord servers earlier. If not, the first step is to create a discord account and then click the invitation link Discord to join the server. Follow the steps below carefully: 

To join the Jalen Kitna Discord server > Discord Account > Login > Link > Accept Invite > I am Human box.

To join the Jalen Kitna Discord, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open your Discord Account 

Step 2: Login into your Discord Account

Step 3: Click on Accept Invite

Step 4: Check on the I am Human box

Step 5: Congrats! You have joined the Discord server 

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Jalen Kitna Discord Rules

Posting Rules/Regulations:

– Keep your Discord name and avatar free of inappropriate language/images.

– No excessive profanity and vulgarity toward others.

– No harassing, flaming or trolling others.

– No NSFW content

– No racist, derogatory, or threatening comments toward others.

– No spamming (text, mentions, reactions, voice channel hopping).

– No self-promotion (outside of designated Channels)

– No advertising of other applications or websites

– Avoid controversial topics (e.g. religion and politics).

– Be helpful and respectful. Provide constructive feedback rather than antagonizing one another.

– Stay on-topic and keep discussions to their respective channels.

When using voice chats, keep noise disruption to a minimum.


Breaking any one of the above rules will result in either a warning or a straight-on Mute.

At three (3) warnings, a seven (7) day ban will be placed.

Upon returning to the server, breaking one rule will result in a permanent ban.

Posting content that is NSFW, illegal, and/or violates Discord/League of Legends T&Cs (TOS for NA) will result in a permanent ban without warning.

if you’ve been Punished and think it was done unfairly, please DM @Ku

– By joining this server, you agree to follow the rules that we set for the server itself

– Discord’s official Terms of Service and Guidelines also apply to this server.

Jalen Kitna Discord Server

As you have read about the rules and punishments, the Jalen Kitna Discord server is not available right now, as it is deactivated by Discord due to a violation of the rules and regulations of the Discord server’s policy.

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To Sum Up 

Discord is like a king of gaming platforms, that lets users interact with each other through instant messaging, chat rooms, voice calls, video calls etc. within a community. In this article, we talked about the Jalen Kitna Discord server. If you want to explore, here are some more discord servers,  Roblox discord server, condogames, Path to Nowhere discord, etc. Keep following Deasilex

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What Is Jalen Kitna Name?

Ans. Jalen Kitna is basically a football player who made his debut with Florida Gators football. Right now, he is suspended from the team.

Q2. How To Join Jalen Kitna  Discord Server? 

Ans. To join the Jalen Kitna  Discord, you need a permanent server invite. Click on the server invite link and check out the “I am human box”. Now you have joined the Jalen Kitna  Discord Server, just verify your server and follow the rules. However, the Jalen Kitna Discord server is deactivated due to a violation of the rules and regulations of the Discord server’s policy.

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