Fortnite Central Bot | How To Invite?

Fortnite Central Bot | How To Invite

What is the point of being a Fortnite fan, if you do not invite Fortnite Central Bot in your Discord server? This official Fortnite Bot helps Discord users have all the latest Fortnite-related knowledge in advance.

For instance, Fortnite is launching Fortnite Lego on Dec 7, 2023; and this news was first released by Fortnite Central Bot and not just any Fortnite Discord servers. So, if you are spending a lot of time hoping on Discord, it’s time to invite the Fortnite Bot and stay one step ahead of any Fortnite fan. 

To invite the Fortnite Central Bot to your server, log into your Discord account and then click on the Fortnite Central Bot invite link [you can find the link below shared in this article]. Then choose the server where you want to integrate the bot and confirm! Done! 

Playing Fortnite Lego is going to be one of the craziest things in the next couple of weeks. Only some testers and content creators have early access to this game. However, Fortnite Central Bot and the official Fortnite Discord server are continuously feeding the users with the latest knowledge on this gameplay. So, if you do not wish to be left behind, get this free bot now! 

What Is Fortnite Central Bot?

Fortnite Central Bot is officially launched by Fortnite. This is the official bot that keeps the Discord users updated with the latest Fortnite news. So if you want your precious Discord members to keep updated with Fortnite news and related updates, then you have to add this bot to your server. 

Fortnite Central Bot Invite Link

We bet it is hard for you to find the official Fortnite Central Bot ink among all the fan-made Fortnite bot and server links that are scattered around. However, we have done the hunting job for you! Let’s find the Fortnite Central Bot link below, click on the link, and invite the bot to your server. 

Fortnite Central Bot Link – Click To Invite

How To Add Fortnite Central Bot Server?

Integrating the Fortnite Central Bot will surely increase your server engagement. Then why wait to add this free bot to your server? Let’s find the quick guideline below to add this popular bot to your Discord server. 

Step 1: Open on a browser and log into your account. 

Step 2: Click on the Fortnite Central Bot link that we have shared above in this article. 

Step 3: Select your server.

Step 4: Confirm your selection.

Done! Now, refresh your browser and enjoy using the Fortnite bot on your server. 

Fortnite Central Bot Features

Considering the Fortnite game is going through lots of moderation, it is hard to keep track of all of the updates at the same time by a single Discord moderator. However, adding this simple free bot on your server will no longer need to engage a moderator to illuminate the users about Fortnite updates. There are more benefits too, let us share the Fortnite Central Bot features for your convenience: 

1. Share official information on different aspects of Fortnite. 

2. Help to check bad players and bad game ratio.

3. Latest AES keys for the current build of Fortnite. 

Fortnite Central Bot Command

Following is the list of Fortnite Central Bot commands that you can find super easy to remember and use whenever necessary: 

1. /ratio – Bad player + bad game + ratio

2. /botinfo – Get the information for the bot

3. /cosmetic – Cosmetic search commands 

4. /newcosmetics – Get the new cosmetics for any updates. 

5. /aes – Lists all available AES keys for the current build for Fortnite. 

Fortnite Central Bot – Announced Fortnite Lego

On Nov 13, 2023, Fortnite Central Bot first disclosed the Fortnite Lego game on their official Twitter page as well as on Discord. They released a Fortnite Lego logo which was further shared by the Fortnite content creators on Twitter. 

As officially declared, Fortnite Lego will be available from Dec 7, 2023. There is no early access given to regular gamers except to some selected testers and content creators. Some Discord servers and bots are claiming to offer free early access to Fortnite Lego, which is not reliable and not recommended to try. 


Fortnite Central Bot is one of the most trustworthy Fortnite bots that you can rely on. Integrating this popular bot will surely increase your chances of increasing Discord server engagement. So if you are a Fortnite fan, don’t waste time and add the bot now! Do not forget to share your experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is There A Fortnite Bot For Discord?

Yes, Fortnite Central Bot is the official Fortnite bot available for free. 

Q2. How To Play Lego Fortnite Early?

There is no early access shared by Fortnite to play Lego Fortnite early. You have to wait till Dec 7, 2023 to get access to Lego Fortnite. 

Q3. Is Lego Fortnite Free?

Yes, gamers who are already playing Fortnite, can upgrade to Lego Fortnite without spending any additional charges. 

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